Seven Signs That Someone Is Into You

They will try to touch you
They will try to touch you | Source
They will try to make you smile and laugh
They will try to make you smile and laugh | Source
They will text or contact you throughout the day.  You know you've been on their mind.
They will text or contact you throughout the day. You know you've been on their mind. | Source

Seven Signs Someone Is Into You.

Their is nothing better then meeting someone and having those magical feelings of specialness floating around in your belly! You question yourself over and over again if they too have that same feeling of happiness for you. I am going to tell you a sure fire way to know if someone is into you. No one wants to interpret the wrong cues or worse be rejected after continued wasted efforts of pursing those magical feelings. This is a list of behaviors that signify an interest indicating that someone is into you.

1. They think about you often and send signals that indicate you've been on their mind. This could be a text or email telling you to have a good day in the morning. It really says something if you are the first person on their mind in the mornings or before they go to bed. They may send a funny joke they thought of or out of the blue make up something they "forgot" to tell you. It could even be multiple phone calls throughout the day. Someone who really isn't that into you wouldn't go through the trouble.

2. They go out of there way to be around you. That means invitations to lunch, coffee, or a visit to your desk often throughout the day. They will try hard to make plans to see you even when you or they are busy. Remember that someone really into you will find a way to be with you even if it's for a couple minutes.

3. They try to please you. When you have special feelings for someone you will go out of your way to make sure they are happy. They will most always tell jokes or say something witty to get your attention and to see you smile. They may get tickets to a movie you've been wanting to see. Or buy that book you told them they should read. Whatever the case they will undoubtedly try to please you. If they do something that is out of the ordinary for them that could be a sign.

4. They listen to what you have to say. Someone into you will want to hear what you have to say. They will not only listen, but hear you and remember things of importance. You may in casual conversation say you like the beach at night. Don't be surprised if you get a date to the beach at night. They may remember your birthday and send you birthday wishes unexpectedly. It could also be private messages on your favorite social network just trying to make conversation. If someone likes all your posted pics they are keeping tabs on what you post. That's when the cats out the bag and you realize they are really into you. It could be that you say something about craving chocolate. If you get your favorite candy bar then watch out this person has an interest in you!

5. They seem excited when you are around. Have you seen someone you hadn't seen for a long time that made you excited? When you see them your excitement level goes up. This is the same for someone who is into you. Just remember that displaying excitement for everyone is different. Raised eyebrows is a good indication of a person being excited. They may talk more, they may even be nervous. Pay attention to how they are responding to you. Watch body language. If someone is fidgeting and rubbing there fingers over an item while talking to you this could be a sign that they are into you.

6. They find a way to touch you. It could be a light touch on the arm, a playful punch or poke. Whatever it is they will try to touch you. They will also make eye contact. Not your normal eye contact, but the kind that makes your stomach twitch and churn. You may even catch them staring at you when you are not looking. That is the behavior of someone into you. Trust your gut. It will tell you the truth.

7. They tell you! Someone into you will tell you where they see your relationship heading. If they discuss a trip they want to take in the future and you are asked to go also that is a big indication that they are into you. Even after the first date someone into you will not want to leave without scheduling another date. They want to make sure you don't slip away without another commitment to do something else.

These are just some of the signs that someone is into you. Don't forget that someone complementing you all the time and on little things that most people don't notice is a huge indication that they have their eye on you!!!! Happy hunting........

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