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Best messagaes for sharing

1.Everything happens for a Purpose, Our friendship was not an Accident. God wanted me to get the Best. But, Unfortunately .... You got the Best. Its OK Friend.

2.Girls are like Ferrari car. They are good to see & feel, But difficult to own & maintain. So, Keep Away.

3. Do not stand to much in front of Mirror... Even the Mirror will fall in love with you. Because you are so beautiful and sweet....... For more Jokes, recharge regularly.

4. I like Grapes because it is Boneless, and I likes you because you are Brainless. ha ha ha...Felt bad?? Come-on dude, Its just a Fact.. Not a joke.

5. Don't trust the people who change their feelings with changing in time. Instead trust the people whose feelings remain same when your times would be change.

6.Intel's new tag line for its fastest processor............... "Rajnikant inside..!!"

7. Compromising does not mean that, you are wrong and someone is right. IT only means you value your Relationship much more than you Ego.

8. Boy asked to God: Why she loves a Rose, which dies in a day. But doesn't me dies for her everyday. God replied: "wow, what a dialogue man."

9. Two thoughts decide the success in your life.(A) The way you Manage when you have nothing in hand, (B) The way you behave when you have everything in your hand.

10. "SIT & STUDY". These actions are performed by trained professionals under controlled environment. PLEASE DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME.


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