She Ain't Nothing But A Gold Digger


Is it wrong for a woman to want nice things? To want a nice house, a reliable car, nice clothes? Is it wrong for a woman to want to be a stay at home wife or a stay at home mother? To take care of the house, the plants, wash the clothes and dishes, cook for the man they love?




The bible actually states that woman was created FOR man and a woman’s place is under man. So why is it when you see a smart beautiful woman that doesn’t have a job dating or married to a rich man, people have the audacity to call her a “Gold Digger”? Or when they hear a woman say, they won’t date or marry a man unless he has a good paying job, she’s a gold digger?


To me, these smart women aren’t gold diggers at all, they are SMART women! It’s not so much about the money; it’s what the money can offer. It’s a littler something called SECURITY. It really ticks me off when women who want security get labeled as gold diggers because, to me, a gold digger is a woman who doesn’t want to do anything but mooch off of the first reach guy she can bag. Gold diggers use there looks and their body to trap rich men. A woman who will only date a financially secure man is not a gold digger by any means, she’s being selective. Its ok when men say they will only date women with a huge chest, or huge hips, blonde, brunette, ect. But when a woman brings up money, GOLD DIGGER! Yes, there are gold diggers people, most of them will be honest and say they are, but there are also smart women who want security with the man they love. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!


Kanye West’s song “Gold Digger” gave a lot of woman the wrong label and a lot of men the wrong idea. That’s not to say, the song was wrong, it was just people took it the wrong way. I personally need security to be happy, and let me explain…


I’m the type of woman to say, I don’t care about money and money can’t buy my love…

But honestly, money will keep my love strong. I need security in a man. Not just financially, but emotionally, physically, and mentally too. I don’t want to have a family with someone I’m not 100% secure with, and I actually won’t. When you bring children into the picture, money matters A LOT more. There’s nothing wrong with me wanting a nice big house, a nice back yard, nice things in this home and nice things for me to wear. What men need to understand is that being a wife is a woman’s job. Once a woman is married she should stay at home and care for the things there as well as her husband. If a woman wants to continue to work that’s fine, but you can’t fault a woman for wanting to do what she was created to do. I’m old fashion. When I am a wife, I am a wife. When I am a mother, I am a mother. I’m not going to have a “job” because being a wife and a mother is my job. Men have always been the prime providers. That’s why they say “The man of the house”.


Anyways, men…

Stop thinking that every woman that wants security is a gold digger.


And women…

Stop thinking you have to have a job outside of being a wife and mother.

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holly 6 years ago

i luv it when women says i can buy everythin but not my family...

edward, 6 years ago

ive seen nothing but guys here in small towns having kids and they don't act like they care about anything else,

totally boring people and no interests outside of playing with their kids and acting mousy around their wife,

or having nothing in life except for kids,

really sick,

mike1974 6 years ago

any person who is interested in how much money a person has is a total gold digger, i hate and have absolutely no respect for gold diggers and i don't give a crap what anyone thinks. that's my opinion and if anyone has a problem with it i really don't care!!!

mike1974 6 years ago

and contrary to what this article says i think its totally wrong for a woman to want a nice house, nice car, nice clothes and be a stay at home mother. to me woman like this are shallow. they don't care about the person they are with and i don't think they are smart woman!!! and anyone who wants a guy with a good paying job is a total gold digger and i could care less what anyone says. ive had too many bad experiences with the type of women i just mentioned and i think material things shouldn't matter to woman. woman should love a man for the type of person he is not because of material things, but unfortunately there are very few woman like this. if anyone disagrees with anything i just said that's fine but im not gonna change my way of thinking.

ii3rittles profile image

ii3rittles 6 years ago Author

Mike1974... it sounds like, to me, you were hurt over a woman or women who desired your wallet not your love. i'm sorry for that. the point of this article is to show people NOT all woman are gold diggers. i for one am engaged to a man. i do't work (because of a certain illness right now) i like nice things and want nice things. i also want my fiancé to have a nice job so he can support children when we have them. am i a gold digger? NO. he is currently unemployed and i don' love him any less. if i was infact a gold digger i would not even be with him. you have to understand that there are women who love security, and women who love money. there is a HUGE difference. most people can't grasp that money IS only an object used to get other objects. in my writing i am trying to explain and express that while security has to do with money, its not about money. its about not struggling to live a day to day life, not struggling to get food for your children, security (in this sence) is to not stress over money. i don't need to be filthy rich, i actually don't want to be. i just want enough money so me and my family doen't have to worry about food, clothing, school, ect. get what i am saying? and again, i am sorry if a woman or women hurt you over money. just please understand that not all women are like this.

mike1974 6 years ago

ii 3 rittles i appreciate your input and i respect it. i wasn't by any means saying that all woman are gold diggers. i was just talking out of frustration from being hurt by woman who dumped me because they realized i didn't have a lot of money. right now and probably for the near future i will be unable to work because of a mental disability so im very sympathetic to people who have any type of disability. i appreciate you making me understand that not all women are gold diggers. and now i think there is nothing wrong with woman wanting security so they can have a house, children and stuff like that. and if i offended you in any way i apologize. like i said, i was just talking out of frustration from bad experiences and i know not all women are gold diggers. thanks for the input and for making me feel better.

ii3rittles profile image

ii3rittles 6 years ago Author

no, you didn't offend me all! everyon has a right to their own oppinion and coming from your situation, i understand the frustration. i am sorry for your experience. i was oncewith a guy who "used" me in a sence for money. i wouldn't call him a gold digger but he knew i loved giving an buying people things and he took advantage of that. he didn't appreciate who i was or what i had to offer at all. so i left him and swore to never be with a guy like that again. you will meet someone who will love you for you, not all women care about money to the extent of a gold digger. those women tend to love money above anyone and i feel sorry for them, one day they will want true love and won't find it. thanks for your comments!

mike1974 6 years ago

ii3rittles after reading your article and feedback from my comments, i now totally understand that women who want security are not gold diggers. and i understand that gold diggers are woman that are in love with money and will use guys for their money and not care about them at all. the women who hurt me because i didn't have a lot of money were not interested in security. they came on like the sweetest girls in the world and when they found out i didn't have a lot of money they bailed on me. they we just total phonies and didn't love me for me or what i could offer them. these women were true gold diggers. and i agree with you, one day they are going to want true love and they are not going to find it. thanks for clearing up my confusion.

ii3rittles profile image

ii3rittles 6 years ago Author

No problem : )

katenka_lalo profile image

katenka_lalo 5 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

Great hub! I totally agree. I personally would never want to become a housewife, but if I knew I could if I chose to, I would feel more secure and happier. Money is never enough, but when you have little money, when you struggle to earn money to pay your bills and necessary things, you can't be truly happy, and love won't get you through it, either.

My friend once said, "The happiness of a couple dwells in money." And what she meant was that people who have money have less problems, less to argue about, and they can spend more time developing and enjoying their relationship.

ii3rittles profile image

ii3rittles 5 years ago Author

Thanks for the comment katenka_lalo! As much as I hate the concept of money, it is what it is. I just wish people would value what money can bring (security, food, a home, ect.), not money itself.

katenka_lalo profile image

katenka_lalo 5 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

I totally agree. Money is just a means, not the goal.

As long as it stays this way, it's ok. When it becomes the main goal, then that's a problem, and here gold diggers come into picture. As the song goes, "It's all about money, money, money..."

ii3rittles profile image

ii3rittles 5 years ago Author

Yeah. I hate to say it, but money can make the nicest people evil. When being rich is a goal, that is a problem. My goal is to be married to a loving husband, have children, 2 dogs, 2 cats, live in a nice home in a safe neighborhood and not have to worry about paying bills.

Amidius 2 years ago

Appalling...women (human beings) thinking that someone else has to provide (working for two basically) their own things in life..

What about a man wanting the same from a woman.? Or better what about (don't tell to anyone, but they call it 'relationship') achieving something together, anything we want to get in life..? What if i have a partner in a business and this partner is permanently on vacation (paid by me providing these resources)? Of course if there is no need for the two to work, it would be nice to see a man at work and wife with children at home (in Peter Pan's planet), but in principle how can someone be proud of herself in achieving something, if she actually received it for free from someone else, like an apple falling from the tree? Men will do it for love, some women won't do it at all,, probably reason that tie those women to those men aren't the right ones.

I don't want to bring here my personal experience, just the opinion i have got from it.

rulalenska profile image

rulalenska 17 months ago from USA

Thanks for this article. I had two husbands, both poor; I loved them for who they were. Lack of money--like, getting a parking ticket or needing new brakes on the car led to financial disaster--made each marriage hellish and ultimately destroyed both marriages.

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