She Loves Me; She Loves Me Not: The Dating Site Game

Join POF, more lies than a golf course

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do you need words?millions of members world wide they saynow if the girls all looked like this...even she probably doesn't!The proud owner, I wonder if he gets first pick?some may end like this...Markus claims they do
do you need words?
do you need words? | Source
millions of members world wide they say
millions of members world wide they say
now if the girls all looked like this...even she probably doesn't!
now if the girls all looked like this...even she probably doesn't!
The proud owner, I wonder if he gets first pick?
The proud owner, I wonder if he gets first pick?
some may end like this...Markus claims they do
some may end like this...Markus claims they do

POF does have plenty of Fish...but you need the right bait!

Tired of being alone after five years of the state, I decided to join a dating site and chose POF, Plenty of Fish, one of the world's largest, so we are told.

These rather strange agencies, products of the Internet, without which they could hardly function, have proliferated by 2015. Every taste, if not need, is now catered for and most nationalities have their niche where the men and women flourish, not unlike the whores of yesterday in the windows of Amsterdam brothels, or a line of Nubians in ancient Rome, waiting like spiders for the horny to tap on the door.

Because sex, of course, is what most dating sites are all about. You can hook -up right away - usually more common with the under 30's, or send a few emails first to "get to know" your choice. That you can't really get to know someone who has every opportunity to deceive isn't usually considered.

Most of the hopeful want to see a photo first, generally of the advertiser seen in their best light; often the light of some years ago. The complaint that the date looked nothing like his POF picture is one of the most common.

Some electronic introductions do end in a permanent relationship emerging, but I'll bet it's a small percentage. People, and, excuse me, especially women, seem to be looking for perfection from those who contact them - or whom they initiate contact, (women, of course, protest equally of the calibre and intent of the male contacts).

Many are quite specific in their needs from their proposed partners. Older guys usually look for younger women and mature (very!) women say often, "I am young at heart and might suit a younger man." Or a 70-year-old might add to her profile, "no one under 52 need apply!" As if teenagers were lining up to jump her bones - maybe they were!..The age of the toy-boy prevails.

Note: This article is loaded towards the male point of view, if the ladies don't like that, write your own with a female viewpoint.

In fact, few men actually say they want a younger partner whereas many ladies do. This is matriachal Britain where the female's is by far the most demanding voice heard.

I must be a snob, because I have refused about 100 women who have initiated contact and soon stopped writing to the females I liked the look of. I nearly always thank them for their interest; few females avail themselves of this courtesy and thank me for contacting them.

I have only been on one date from POF in 6 years! This was an attractive 60-year-old Venezuelan women who chain-smoked night and day, even, unforgivably, smoking at the table at home and stubbing her cigarette out in her unfinished meal, and leaving several times through a couple of restaurant meals to have a fag outside: girls (or blokes) this is so embarrassing for the non-addict left stuck at the table grimacing uncomfortable at a room of judges!. Then she continued to drink, finally changing into a baby-doll outfit and saying, "There, that should be easier for you!" Needless... it was seedless!!

Where on earth are people like this coming from? The "screw you" as they do just what they always have with no thought to your comfort: continuing to smoke and booze and never, my dear NEVAH offering to contribute to the bill. (OK, you do, sorry).

I'm sure this was bad luck and I was like a moth around a very well used candle. Sex was on offer but so banal and joyless I got the middle-aged droop and had to plead tiredness.

This was six years ago. Recently, I have "met" another woman online. I can't say much about her; not her name, locality or any details as she doesn't know I am writing this. I will say to those who know my background, she is not British nor Mexican, but she does come from another European country.

We have been emailing through the site (POF) for about two months. We are to meet in 6 weeks in a well known European city. I do know she is not looking for a late marriage, or in co-habiting - awful word), is in her sixties, wealthy (more a liability to me...the rich can hurt you!) and has an extended family.

This lady is smart and why me? 'Cause I have a pulse? Time will tell I suppose.

It is my last endeavour on POF, which she and I have come to dislike. Dating sites might work well for many, but not for us. So my next adventure if this fizzles is probably a cruise or a tour of the Amserdam, she isn't Dutch, you little Sherlock, you!

I don't really want or need sex any more at my vintage anyway, although there is a certain rubbery yearning from time to time! I am going equipped just in case and I sure hope these little blue numbers work as well as they did ten years ago when I hardly needed encouragement!

I also hope her English-speaking family members aren't relating the content of this article to her!! But, heck, what's life without risk and if she can't take a joke...!?

I have been told there are better sites, but I'll leave exploring the higher-priced agents to y'all.

I'd love to end this with the phrase "Happy Sagging," but Google would kick the ads if I added another letter...sometimes I really Hate them!

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tillsontitan profile image

tillsontitan 23 months ago from New York

Good to see you haven't lost your sense of humor. Nice to see a hub by you again.

I will say reading this makes me even happier than ever that I am still married ;). I can't imagine the risks and losers you have to wade through. She really put her cigarette out in her food!

Good luck on your upcoming date.

Voted up, funny, and interesting.

cathylynn99 profile image

cathylynn99 23 months ago from northeastern US

best of luck to you and your new friend. she most likely appreciates your brain.

WillStarr profile image

WillStarr 23 months ago from Phoenix, Arizona

Having a bad case of the 'blues' has an entirely different meaning these days, Bob, since it can mean a hospital visit!

I would hate to reenter the dating scene at this stage of life. In fact, I think I'd rather just go fishing.

Old Poolman profile image

Old Poolman 23 months ago from Rural Arizona

Interesting and insightful Bob. After reading this hub I doubt I would ever go mate shopping on the internet if the need arose. I would probably just get another dog instead, or go fishing with WillStarr.

I knew a guy who decided he wanted a Russian bride. He spent thousands on travel to Russia and met the girl of his dreams. She was well educated, spoke perfect English, and was drop-dead gorgeous to boot. Then came a long process of filing form after form, each of course requiring some cash from him. After a very long wait she was finally ready to join him here in the USA. He then sent the money for her airfare, waited patiently at the airport, and she never showed up. He had been scammed out of thousands of dollars without so much as a good-bye kiss. Yep, I think I would just get a good dog instead.

diogenes profile image

diogenes 23 months ago from UK and Mexico Author

Yes, Tiily...congealing egg if I remember!

If ya got a good un, hang on to him!


diogenes profile image

diogenes 23 months ago from UK and Mexico Author

Hi cathylynn...ain't much else to appreciate I'm afraid.

diogenes profile image

diogenes 23 months ago from UK and Mexico Author

I agree, Will.....sort of marking time while the dregs drain.


diogenes profile image

diogenes 23 months ago from UK and Mexico Author

Mike: You can become a mysonygist (can't spell it) easily in today's world.

Shift over on the bank Mike and Will


WillStarr profile image

WillStarr 23 months ago from Phoenix, Arizona

A guy down the street has an interesting arrangement. He met and married a woman who has her own house, and since they both prefer living in their own home, they trade weekends at either his home or hers.

diogenes profile image

diogenes 23 months ago from UK and Mexico Author

I've heard of aimilar arrangements before. Looking in, we never really know how the participants feel do we?

What fish do you catch in Arizona Will, rattlers??


aviannovice profile image

aviannovice 23 months ago from Stillwater, OK

(laughing madly) Fair warning, Bob, ALL dating sites are created equally, as well as most of the people on them. I have pulled myself off them all, while shaking my head in dismay. I was on several sites for a decade, but I have learned one thing: I really do enjoy my own company.

Genna East profile image

Genna East 22 months ago from Massachusetts, USA

I admire you courage in re-entering the dating scene, Bob. I am happy that I don’t have to go “out there” and navigate those strange waters. I would probably opt for fishing, instead. Good luck in meeting your mystery woman...I hope goes well. :-)

diogenes profile image

diogenes 22 months ago from UK and Mexico Author

aviannovice It's as they say about tourists from both our countries, "The nice ones stay home," I am writing to a worthwhile woman at present, but I am sure the illusion will only last until the first date.

Maybe the young do well hooking up on these sites?


diogenes profile image

diogenes 22 months ago from UK and Mexico Author

Hi Genna: Not sure you are right...courage? maybe the reverse is true, perhaps it takes real courage to face the rest of life alone or to really do something about it, like go abroad or cruise, etc. They are a sad bunch on POF, but I am sure it's an age thing and the young do better


Au fait profile image

Au fait 21 months ago from North Texas

Bobby, you have me rofl! So glad you went equipped -- guess that means you didn't leave it alone at home in the frig shivering . . . you are too funny, truly. Your first date with the chain smoker does sound disgusting. Did you get a lovely kiss from her at the end of the evening? Frankly, if I can smell them more than 5 feet away and it's tobacco I smell, no thanks. I try to be civilized, but I'm still tough.

Don't suppose men ever put photos with old light in them on there . . . only women do that, yes? With a name like Plenty of Fish, what could you really expect? They're selling fish for heaven's sake.

Well, I guess by now you must have met her ladyship in that European country you mentioned. How did it go? Well, I hope. I'd like to think you have a companion that is interesting and fun to spend time with.

Appreciate the humor. Quite funny. Hope all is well with you. Take care . . .

diogenes profile image

diogenes 21 months ago from UK and Mexico Author

Hi Misty: Thanks for warm comment. The Spanish women turned out to be a screaming narcissist! The Challen luck again! But at least I found out through our emails and was able to say "No thanks" before I spent a lot of bread on us.

On the weekend, my male budgie died so now his mate and I are wondering what's next!

Always good to see you...

R x

stricktlydating profile image

stricktlydating 20 months ago from Australia

I had no luck with POF either Bob, I meet more men though my sport and hobbies. I took up partner dancing. We have an Australia wide dating site here which almost every single gets on, it's worth checking out another site... You're a great catch for sure :)

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