Complications of Romance

Deceptive Explanations

Deliberate Calculations
Deliberate Calculations

It's Complicated

The complications of searching for true romance Do I fall for him? is this true love? Perhaps an easy solution is to just close me eyes and let my mind wander. Sometimes the answer is so easy.

In My Dreams

In My Dreams
In My Dreams | Source

I Close My Eyes....

I close my eyes.

Black shadows; abyss.

Arbitrary nothingness

Settles quiet. Pure bliss.


Captivated metamorphose.

Stir restless.

Myriad of spectacular hues.

Showers of glistening rays that fluoresce.

A Dream

Within A Dream
Within A Dream

Take Flight

Arbitrary Nothingness
Arbitrary Nothingness | Source

In My Dreams...

You bewitched me.

Beautified bliss,

Conforming repetition

Night sky dance wild.

I close my eyes...

Arbitrary nothingness settles comfortably within.

Tapping dullness.

Constant fret, quiet complacence.

Incessant drumming continuous.

Like a dripping leak inside my head.

Incessant rambling.

A heartbeat within a heartbeat.

Tapping thunderclouds,

Redundant they repeat.

Night Sky, Dance Wild

Night Sky, Dance Wild
Night Sky, Dance Wild | Source

Deceptive explanations.

Deliberate calculations too often misled.

Perhaps I only imagined you,

There again I indubitably dread.

Tentacles. Arms extend.

Wrap profusely.

Dangerously tangled in my brain.

Control emotions mindlessly.

Fear, love. Perhaps I simply imagined you.

Convulsive extractions exit my brain.

Moonstruck. Visions future romance.

Kiss me again, I succumb, quietly insane.

A dream within a dream.

Ethereal bliss, sugarplum vision.

Arbitrary nothingness settles,

Complacent indecision.

Honk, Honk...

Mother Goose never prevails.

Wishing upon a star only happens

In fairy tales.

Wish Upon A Star

...only happens in fairytales
...only happens in fairytales

Bring Me To Life

Fear Love

Fear Love
Fear Love | Source

© 2013 Helen Kramer

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larbear02 profile image

larbear02 3 years ago from Santa Barbara, California

and that is the truth .

MissCue profile image

MissCue 3 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA. Author

Thank you, my friend!!!

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