Silent killer, so kind

Silent killer

Approaching peacefully

Like a lover

Hugging you softly

Embracing you warmly

With understanding and wisdom

Saying nothing

Just looking deeply in your eyes

Letting you enjoy your happiness

Watching you being so joyous

Observing your big smile

And shiny eyes of trust

Then as if nothing ever happened

You realize that all is over

Everything is gone

You are left with nothing

But the knife in your heart

Why? You wanna ask

Looking back in his eyes

Trying to understand his motives

You search for the answers

He doesn’t need to say anything

You hear it anyway

Cause you are bounded to him

By some secret law of connecting

So you hear him saying

You know is my nature

How could you think otherwise?

Is what I do all the time

You slowly understand

He has no joy in what he does, neither sadness and regret

Being part of the game

He is perfect in his purpose to be

So serious in a way

So mysterious

Charming into his arms

Where you find the peace and death

Rebelling makes no sense

So walking away

He’s too close anyway

You died, but you know you cannot die

Just relive the pain

You cannot change what was done

You cannot make another choice

The end already happened

Acceptance hopefully will come

You lost everything

Being offered strange, vast freedom

Whether you want it or not

It became part of you now.

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