God are you there? Yes! Why do Christians want to be Slaves?

Id like to explain this by telling you a story, a parable. No, not one of Jesus parables, a BL Tween parable.


That’s what a parable is, a story.

You are walking from the parking lot into the mall, you are checking for a text from a friend who is meeting you there. A man you do not know is watching you, why? He doesn’t even know, perhaps, you look familiar to him. He is about to turn and get in his car when he notices that you are preoccupied and a car is coming right for you. It is obvious the driver does not know you are about to walk in front of them. The man runs to you and pushes you aside just as the car is about to hit you. It hits him instead. Who is this guy? Why did he do it. You would have been killed! YOU should have been killed. You look over him and ask him why? With his dieing breath he says “Its what Jesus did.” then he dies. He just dies. Right there in front of you. You feel all kinds of emotions, shock, anger, fear, even gladness, because your glad to be alive. You are sorry for this man. He just took your place. Why did this happen. Why did he die and not you. You feel responsible for his death. You start to find out about this man. The man who gave his life for you. A total nobody? You want to know more about him. You find out about his family, his children, what church they go to. You want to do something for them. You pay to have someone cut their grass, you send pizza on Friday night. You pay the power bill. You order and pay for a game system, an XBOX, or a Play Station, maybe even a WII for the kids and have it sent to their house. You keep your ears open to what they might need. Any time you hear of a need you take care of it. Why do you do these things? Why do you spend your time, your thoughts, your money? Why, because the man gave his life for you. No matter what you do you cannot repay this selfless act, still yet you feel you want to help his family.


This is what Jesus did for us, all of us. He was lied about, beaten, spit on, whipped, slapped, harassed and hung on a cross to die. He gave His life for us. As Christians we serve Him, not because we are a slave! But because we want to! We really want to! We even call ourselves servants. But it is this kind of servant that we are, thinking about Jesus, willing to help others, wanting to help others, and we have a desire to do what is asked of us. God asks, will you do this? We can answer no, sometimes we do. No we are not punished. God will ask someone else. He will not make us do anything we do not want to.

He does not and is not going to knock you upside the head and force you to serve Him.


However, if we had done what He had asked we would have received a reward. God does reward us in so many different ways! Not just with things, or money, but sometimes it is. A lot of time its with things money can’t buy! He gives us peace, joy, happiness and so many, many others. The list would be too long for me to mention every one of them.

Suppose you were in a restaurant and you overheard the waitress saying she was having a hard time with money. She didn’t know how she was going to make ends meet? Then from deep inside you, you hear the mans voice, the man who saved your life. He asks you to give the waitress an extra tip, maybe a really big tip, like a hundred dollar tip. You can do it or say no. If you do give the big tip, the next time you go to that restaurant you will probably get special treatment! Every waitress will want you to sit at one of their tables! They will probably even bring you extra rolls!


Each of us knows the kind of person we are. We each know what is in our hearts, minds and thoughts. We each know that if our life, every thought, every moment, every action was displayed for the world to see, the shame we would have. Guess what? Jesus knows all of it and because we asked him to forgive us, that’s all we have to do is ask him to and mean it. Jesus will forgive us and he pours out his love on us. We are now forgiven and loved. There is nothing we can do to make him love us more! It is a free gift! He gave his life.

Remember, He was beaten, spit on, whipped, slapped, harassed and hung on a cross. He did not do anything to deserve this treatment. He was innocent!


Did you know His mother, Mary, could have stopped it all! Yes she could have! Here is how!

She could have said, “STOP! I WILL TELL YOU WHO HIS FATHER REALLY IS” then she could have said. Joseph.

She didn’t! She did not Yell STOP! She didn’t because SHE KNEW who is father was!

She knew she was a virgin, she knew she had never been touched by a man!

She knew that she could not possibly conceived a child unless it was a miracle from God and it was!

I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you. -John 15:15


Now because Jesus suffered through all of this, being beaten, spit on, whipped, slapped, harassed and hung on a cross, and because He did it willingly and gave it his all even to the point of pouring out His blood, he paid the price for us!

If we simply understand that, and ask him to forgive us and help us live our life he will.

I believe one of the main things He wants is for us is to love Him and to love one another as He loved us.

He knows all about us and He loves us anyways, that is an AWESOME GOD!


Know this! The man who gave his life for you, He is alive and well in heaven!

If you become a Christian He will be waiting for you to arrive, with arms open wide, when your time on this earth ends!

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"Quill" 5 years ago

Well written and we all need to look at HIm and what He has done for all...

Blessings and Hugs

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