Relationship is defined as a communication between two (2) people, that builds emotional connection between them.

Understanding and trust is the basic foundation of every relationship. It can be a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, father/mother and son/daughter relationship, boy/girl friendship, supplier-buyer relationship and teacher-students relationship, etc., No matter what kind of relationship you have right now, bear in my mind that all relationships undergo struggles and difficulties. The person involves might feel pain and anger, joy and laughter; suffer loss, and experience betrayal. No one is exempted in feeling those aforementioned feeling. It is up to you on how prepared you are to react on this emotional feeling.

This hub will point out the ten (10) possible reasons why most of the relationship now a day is going astray. The following enumerated reasons are applicable to all kind of relationships out there.

Possible reasons:

  1. Constant lying
  2. Saying of nasty words
  3. Being selfish and self-centered
  4. Being late
  5. Being stubborn
  6. Being too demanding and possessive
  7. Being nagger
  8. Being materialistic
  9. Constant jealousy
  10. Being Judgmental

Constant Lying

Lying is saying of untruthful things to other person. It is the number one reason why most of the relationships are not working the way it was planned to be. Telling of lies and invented story will weaken the bond of every relationship.

If you are constantly lying to your partner/friend/parents or whomever you have a relationship with, I am pretty sure that those individuals are losing their trust on you. Your credibility will be at stake and your relationship with that person will be affected.

No relationship will work if trust with each other is lost. We all know that trust is hard to regain again. It is not easily given to you. It is not like a lollipop where in you can get some if you request for it. You must really persevere to get back the trust of other people. So beware.

Saying of Nasty Words

Everybody has the right to say what is on his/her mind.  Expressing one’s emotion through words is acceptable. But be sensitive enough to watch your words. Telling of nasty words to someone is offensive. This can lead to a personal or social separation between you and your partner/friend/colleague.

Being Selfish and Self-centered

Relationship requires a two-way communication between two persons. There is no room for selfishness and self-centeredness. You cannot be concerned on yourself only. You need to consider also the benefits of your partner/friend/colleague.

If one person in a relationship is self-centered/selfish, the relationship will not grow. Misunderstanding will always prevail.  

Being Late

Punctuality is a really big issue in a relationship. If you commit that you are coming on this time, you must really come on this time. But unfortunately, this practice is not performed by most individuals. Some person still preferred to be late.  

Being late in a meeting/date will make the person irritated in waiting for another person. If being late becomes a routine, the person you have a relationship will be tired and exhausted. It might lead to a breakage on your relationship.

Being Stubborn

Being stubborn has a positive and negative effect to a person. If you are stubborn because you really want to prove something to a person then it is a positive point. But if you are becoming a hard person to deal then it becomes a negative point.

A negative stubborn attitude will be a ground for misunderstanding and fights to your relationship.

Being Too Demanding and Possesive

Being too demanding and possessive will only result to fight or even worst…separation from a relationship.  Most of the young couples tend to hold their partner too tightly, that resulted to suffocation in the relationship.

Did you know that an over possessive and too demanding person is really irritating. It only shows how insecure one person to another person. Why not try to be confident enough?  Give your relationship enough space for breathing. At the end of the day, if someone really loves you they really love you.

Being Nagger

Being a nagger is always correlated with girls/woman. Many will say that girl/woman talks a lot unlike boy/man. It is girl/woman nature and you can do nothing about it.

But please ladies around there, try to minimize your talking. Guys are easily fed up when you are becoming a nagger.

Being Materialistic

A materialistic person becomes happy when he/she achieves any of the following:

  • cash/check
  • jewelries
  • clothes
  • bags
  • shoes
  • cars
  • houses

Love and caring will not be enough to satisfy their longings for material items. This is one of the reasons why some relationship failed.

It is like saying that your money is not enough for him/her to stay with you forever.

Constant Jealousy

A little jealousy in a relationship is good. It only means that you really love a person. But too much jealousy in a relationship is disastrous. It only makes you feel insecure, coward and lower your self-esteem.

Boyfriend-girlfriend relationship always faced this kind of problem. It is not healthy. It only makes your affair weaker. So try not to be jealous. Be confident.

Being Judgmental

Being judgmental is the last possible reason why relationships now a day are going astray.

When a person tends to be faultfinder, other person will feel that they are losers. Your friend/lover will lose their confidence because you are always judging him/her harshly.

FYI (for your information), a relationship must help you improve as a person. It must show the best in you. It must not be the reason for you to stop believing in yourself. You will not need a relationship with others if this only makes you loser in the end.


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