How Wearing a Sexy Thong Can Save a Marriage

Thongs Have Saved Many Marriages

For many years men have waited to here these very words, “I’m wearing a thong” spoken aloud by their wives or girlfriends. The married man witnessed the sequence of our spouses underwear change as the years go by. It all began when we started dating these women, the sexy thong would be a common occurrence in their wardrobe. It was part of the courtship, the dating custom. The anticipation of great things that may come.

In The Beginning It Was All About The Thong..

Once you have past the dating phase of your relationship and get married, that little piece of sexy underwear that would drive you wild would begin to show up less frequently. “Only on special occasions” she would say or “I’ll wear it when the right dress needs it.” Soon you found that the sexy thong would slowly become relegated to the bottom of her underwear drawer. Unfortunately, it was also being replaced by something that is known more commonly now as “Granny Panties.”

It's All About the Annoucement

Without a doubt, the most poetic sexy declaration a woman can make is “I’m wearing a thong.” This is of course is assuming that the woman making this announcement can wear a thong with some dignity and pride. It's not always how they look wearing a thong, it is however the attitude in which they give to wearing the thong. Sexiness will come through no matter the body type. It is all about the positive attitude.

Buy The Thong Designer a Beer

The goal of every man should be to find the fashion designer who created this gift that gives us so much satisfaction and shake his hand, or buy him a tall frosty beer. This designer should be told that millions of red-blooded men would forever treasure his creation. What man would not have wanted to take credit for such a simply designed piece of clothe that would have the impact that it does on the male population. For when this simply designed article of clothing is worn by the right woman, incredible things begin to happen to your relationship.

He Must Be a Great Designer

Why do I assume that a man designed the thong? Because no woman in her right mind would have designed a piece of clothing that would ride up her ass. Just ask any woman and they will agree that though the look is very sexy the comfort is not nearly so.

As men, we continue to wait, hoping for the right time. For we know that it is the enduring man who will be soon be satisfied. For he knows that when the moons align, and good karma is on your side, you might hear this from across the room by a beautiful woman, “Honey, I’m wearing that sexy thong tonight.”

© 2009 Mike Burnside

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Anath profile image

Anath 6 years ago

My new boy certainly goes mad whenever I tell him "I am wearing my leather thong"...

mb2456 profile image

mb2456 6 years ago from Southern California Author

It's great to hear from a female enjoying the benefits...

Rose Ella Morton profile image

Rose Ella Morton 5 years ago from Beverly Hills, Michigan

A Thong is a Thong any will do the job. I would like to know how do you clean that leather Thong? Maybe a candy thong might be helpful.

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