The 5 Types of Men That Make Women Run Away Fast! Do NOT Be These Guys.......

Discover What Women Find Least Attractive About Men

Ok.....Guys.....WHATEVER you do....DO NOT be like any of these
five losers below.

1. The Shadow: Being too needy, clingy or following her every move

The Shadow makes a woman want to jump off a bridge.
He never leaves her side and always stands really
close to her. The Shadow calls her a zillion times a day and
NEVER hangs up the phone first.

After the 20th conversation of the day, the Shadow will ask her "Will you call me when you get home"? And finally, probably worst of all, The Shadow is the guy who asks any of the following. I warn any woman reading this right now that the following questions will make you CRINGE in disgust. "Am I your type" or "Do you think I have a chance" or "Do you like me".........

Don't Be A Shadow. The Shadow is a WUSS. To Women, especially hot women, anything wussy may as well be kryptonite. Being a wuss is definitely high on the list of how to not get girls.

She will run away from you faster than you can say, well, whatever it was that you were going to say. No one likes clingy. End conversations first. Tell her you're busy and you MAY be able to do something later.

2. Teddy Too Nice: The guy who always asks "Why is she dating a jerk like that"?

Teddy Too Nice is a nice guy. When it comes to women, Teddy Too Nice is WAY too nice. No matter how nice he trys to be, its not going to have any affect on how attracted a woman feels towards him.

Thats just how it goes.

Teddy's too niceness is more likely to get him a one way ticket to the "Friends Zone" than the End Zone. And Remember Teddy, Theres no action in the Friend Zone. EVER!!!

Tone down the overt niceness, be a little more edgy. You don't have to be a jerk, but you do have to stir her emotions. Tease her a bit, get her playfully mad at you. That is what can spark attraction and chemistry.

3. Mr ILUV U. LONGTIME(a cousin of Fast Eddie):

ILUV falls INLUV way too quickly. And he lets her know it before the first or second date. Think of the guy who called the girl eleven times in a row in the movie Swingers. That guy was the King of how to not get girls.

Good looking women get hit on every single day. Probably hundreds of times a month. They hear the same things all the time. " I like you alot", "You're really hot", Can I take you out sometime" and blah, blah, blah. DISGUSTING. They hear this stuff like its a broken record.

When Mr ILUV U LONGTIME tells a girl that he likes her too early in a relationship she's going to do two things.

One, Realize that ILUV is just like his cousin Fast Eddie and all the other random
guys who hit on her every day and tell her the same thing. And two, introduce him to her voice mail. Yes, I said it, If you tell a girl you like her too quickly, you WILL end up dating her voice mail.

Soo.....Relax, be cool. Get control of yourself.

Put a pin in the bottom of your shoe and step on it anytime you're about to let a girl know how you feel. A "Take it or Leave it" attitude works
well in the beginning.

4. The Girly Man: Hans and Franz Worst Nightmare

Remember those 2 guys from Saturday Night Live, Hans and Franz? They couldn't stand girly men. Well, neither can women.

Real men like to play rough, they protect their territory. They stand up for themselves. They don't give away their power to a woman just because they like her.

Girly men ask women for permission before they do something. A girly man will try to get a girl to like him by doing anything she asks him to do. Any woman knows she can walk all over a girly man. This
is NOT attractive to a woman. However, it is very AMUSING to a woman. Kind of like a cat constantly catching a mouse and letting it go until the mouse doesn't amuse her anymore then she eats you :)

Don't be a Mouse.

Be a man! For some weird reason, most men don't act like men when they're around a girl they like. Guys......This really confuses and annoys the girls. Don't look for approval.

Forget about asking permission and stop kissing up to them. Lead the way.

5. Bob "I'll take you to the best restaurant in town" Johnson:

Knowingly or unknowingly, Bob "ITYTTBRIT" Johnson trys to buy a woman's affection with dinner and gifts. While most women will accept Bob's dinner and gift's, they will probably come down with
a cold at the end of dinner, say goodnight to Bob and end up meeting Janitor Jim out later that night.

When all Bob does is take her out to dinner and buy gifts, he is really saying that he doesn't think she will like him for who he really is. If Bob is a serial killer this is a good thing. If Bob is a good guy, not so good of a thing. The woman getting the dinner and gifts probably see's it as being a little insecure or manipulative on Bob's part.

A few women are interested in what you give them. But, to most women, it doesn't matter! What restaurant you take them to is not going to make them feel attracted to you. They are going to be interested in your personality and how you make them FEEL.

Don't be predictable, be INTERESTING. Let your personality come out. Chuck E. Cheese can be just as effective as Le Cirque.

SO, If you happen to act like any one of these guys above, stop it immediately. Lock them up in a deep dark jail in your mind and throw away the key. These guys definitely know how not to get the girl.

Realize that you can keep doing the same thing with women and probably get the same results or you can try something a bit different, maybe even a little out of your comfort zone...and possibly change
your dating life forever.


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Comments 19 comments

Cris A profile image

Cris A 7 years ago from Manila, Philippines

Thanks for the these great tips and advices. I'l make sure to have this printed and put in my wallet for good measure. Funny insights but oh so true. But hey, I always try :D

LondonGirl profile image

LondonGirl 7 years ago from London

great list!

1 and 3 always make me think, "control freak!"

Denise 7 years ago

I don't think it's unattractive when men are showing their interest in the way the list describes... There are much worse things than a guy who is "too nice", "too needy" or simply not that sure about himself.

Francine Smith 7 years ago

6. The Bikini Boy

The jock who thinks that by covering his dorm room / webspace with scans from Sports Illustrated, he gets to open Angel's Centrefold. Big turn off.

( Unless she is from Montana )

TylerCapp profile image

TylerCapp 6 years ago from Los Angeles, California

Two things: 1) Has your application of this landed you a decent girlfriend? And, 2) There is nothing bad about being too nice. Sure it may land you a bunch of hot girls in the friend zone but at least it's better than having a bunch of hot girls in the ex-girlfriend zone. Entertaining hub though. :)

tryone 6 years ago

Never overlook a jerk because many jerks at first just doesn't know how to approach certain females in society. Not that you should be disrespected but try to see through a mask that many in society wear because of fear of talking to people.

Anamika S profile image

Anamika S 6 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

Very nice! I have had experiences with the Shadow and Mr ILUV U before settling for Mr Right. There was this particular guy who proposed me half a dozen times within the first week of dating and who use to force me to meet him every day. The day i refuse to meet or lift his calls he would be at my door step.

Antoinette Acosta 6 years ago

I am a female and I look into the deep psychology with men and female attraction, etc. When men are too close , women cannot have the time to miss them and are too busy with coming up with excuses to have time to herself, then remember if she could like anything about you. However, do not become too distant, as this will cause her insecurity or to move on depending on which kind of women she is. Be sincere and sweet. Dont play games just give time away for the attraction/admiration to grow. #2 When you are too much of a nice guy, it is true you can appear boring. While we like men who are boring for facts that he can make us feel safe, it can definitely weaken attraction when you aren't being mysterious. Not a mysterious that makes the women stress out, but a mysterious that grows attraction with unexplained personality traits. A naughty side but not sexually. #3 The quick I love you does not have an effect of possession [unless the girl is the same page as you and is vulnerable or inexperienced] the i love you too fast, won't creep her out as much as put pressure on her. If she is not into you she might think you have issues or that she is really capable of having men fall for her. #4 We NEED respect in a relationship, also attention to noticeable details. However, while we like turns in dominance [some of us] sometimes its nice to just lay it down on the line but not in a sarcastic bossy insecure way. More of a leader type way and so she will feel like you are a man. Can you mix leadership alpha male with a dash of romance and a heap of aggression? Some women who do not get asked out for a night in town, may think the guy is being cheap or has money issues. Turn off. Huge. I am not saying bring a limo, but show her some class but always be you. If you have no class then of course find someone with similar traits who probably will not mind. All in all, A movie at home is a great idea, and can be fun with that special someone but remember first impressions are very important.

jkl 6 years ago

thank Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gl;o 6 years ago


P. 6 years ago

Maybe true all of the above, but I think Scandinavia (where I live) and North America are quite different. It's ok to be nice as long as you know how to flirt, have self confidence etc. Being an asshole will only you get you girls you wouldnt want anyway (maybe only for sex, but not a relationship). I think the "rude guy"-thing is a bit of a cliche and a myth.

Maggie Butler profile image

Maggie Butler 6 years ago from Little Ole' Iowa

Great advice. Made me chuckle..... hope to read more......;)

GVane84 profile image

GVane84 5 years ago from Orlando- Florida

I totally agree with all the things mentioned on the list above. I know how it feel to date one of the mentioned kind of guys or even worse when you found all that in just one person.It's just pure hell.

I know for my own personal experience that the worse one for me is the "Shadow guy" the one who always want to know where you are, what you are doing, who you are talking with, why you didn't answer his phone call # 38 of the day, etc, etc, etc.. You can end feeling really sick from this type of guys after just few days. I also believe that we women don't like a too nice, teddy nice guy. We all love the mix in between the bad boy and the good guy. We don't want everything to be so easy for us because remember like they said "what easy come, easy go" We want a guy who can make things interesting by being unpredictable and of course someone who know how keep the romance on and on in othe rwords we women don't want a boy we want a real man.

LoadOfShit 5 years ago

Yea this post is a load of bullshit. Women look for guys with cash, as for not being some needy dork who kisses her ass? Yea you won't be getting a second date. As for guys who are like hans an franz? A total turn off if you have large muscles and look like you do roids to a women. Only because she is so dense she don't know what a guy on roids actually looks like LOL! As I laugh about this knowing I clearly don't do roids but get asked that quite often. Also another material thing women must have is a guy who is tall, dark and handsome. If you're a black guy you will be at one point in their life a taboo they'd like for sex and vice versa black girls like white guys for the same etc etc. Don't be predictable? All women get annoyed by a guy who says hello or approaches them in his own way that could be different. Still it's not a love novel pick up line that only a women would recite. So again won't happen. Most importantly it's rare a women goes after what she likes. She'll settle for a fat slob or a chick with a dick that she can control. If you're confident, strong minded and simply strong. She thinks you get laid all the time and can't wait to give you a hard time. I settle for porn anymore. Shallow women aren't worth the effort when I can be done with the thought of sex in minutes instead of dragging it out for hours with her in bed. That can be enjoyable if the girl is worth it. Are they? Nope! Grow up ladies! Thanks and goodnight!

sunny 5 years ago

ugh... relationships are to complicated... you try everything so hard and still yet nothing gets better only worser:( im lost and dont know what to do or what i got myself into???

lg 5 years ago

yea its hard..ima nice guy deep down inside...I try to hide it due to these type of reasons

HaileyAdams profile image

HaileyAdams 3 years ago

I think some guys are the guys from the list because we made them like this, and they are just at lost when dating women. We don't know what we really want and confuse guys, fair enough right. Guys be yourself, don't change because of woman she will still be unsatisfied. )))

lacy 3 years ago

I agree. I just was hounded by The Shadow, who followed me everywhere, told me 50x a day how much he liked me and wanted us to be together...and stalked me. I finally had to sever all ties as I couldn't take it any more.

greggie w 3 years ago

You forgot the abusive know...the type that abuses women on a regular basis. or I guess that falls under the "unpredictable" category so that makes it acceptable. All too often you know family members, coworkers or friends (usually women) who put up with years of abuse...but hey...he's not Mr. Nice Guy, Teddy Bear or other, huh? What a great trade off. The next time you see one of these ladies or hear them complain just tell them: " picked him!" ;)

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