The Big Rack

Living with The Big Rack.

I was reading a hub entitled, I have a Big Rack the article was about having large breast and the difficulty of finding a good fitting bra that not only lifts and separates but makes you have a flattering figure. I thought that I would take a different spin on the having a Big Rack.

I am one of those well endowed women and I have had all of the problems associated with being full figured. There are issues besides getting the good fitting bra there are the image issues. Ever since I have had breasts they have been large. Most of the women in my family including my mother are of an average size and didn't experience the same things that I did.

One of the advantages of being well endowed is that when I was underage I was able to buy alcohol and get into nightclubs easily. One time my mother took me and my cousins to Las Vegas when I was about twelve years old. We were all stair step cousins born a year apart except for the youngest in our group who is five years younger than me.

We went into the casino and the first to get tossed was the cousin that was a year older than me and his little brother who was five years older. Then the oldest one of our group who was three years older was the next to be ejected. My mother, my cousin who is two years older than me and myself were left.

We continued to play the slot machines until I won a huge jackpot. I know that it was big because all of the lights and bells rang all over the casino. When it came time for the casino to pay, that is when the game was up and they found out I was twelve years old. My mother tried to clam the jackpot but the eye in the sky was watching us needless to say we were all ejected without our winnings.

As I matured and my rack grew larger, I found that boys were not talking to me but they were talking to my rack. I would have to say "Hey fella, I'm up here, they can't answer you but I can. This practice still goes on today where I find men talking to the rack instead of talking to me.

I found out that men liked me women didn't like me as much. I never had many female friends and that could be one of the reasons why. When you are well endowed, women/ girls look at you as being easy. One of the reasons I think that this is because rumors were that girls who had larger breasts than their peers were considered promiscuous. They felt that you had to be having sex because your breasts were bigger than theirs.

I found out when I went to one of my class reunions that some of the girls thought that I was trying to take their boyfriends. No, their boyfriends wanted a woman with large breasts and I had them. I was not running for Miss Popularity, I was studious and an avid reader. I would read most of the time at lunch and recess instead of being with the cliques.

I was not any of those stereotypes of the large breasted woman. As an adult I have had people ask me "Does it hurt your back to have breasts that large?"

I reply "No because I do exercise to help strengthen my chest muscles to help support my breasts so I don't have the back problems."

When I was going to school I had one of my female professors tell me that I need to get a breast reduction because she felt that they were absolutely too big. I didn't get offended by this because I figured she was just jealous because she didn't have them.

Have my breasts effected my self image. Yes and no. They are outstanding they are the first things people seem to notice. When I'm at work I wear tent like uniforms to hide them so they don't get as much notice. When I go out then I try to wear clothes which accent them.  I don't let my breasts define  me.  I never wanted to be noticed for my breast size, I wanted to be noticed for my brain.

I went to a work function, a colleague's retirement party. Most of these people had never seen me out of the uniform. When I walked in the restaurant, everyone looked up as if I were the guest of honor. Several of the single men wanted to take a picture with me because they said they had never seen me out of uniform.

Full figured women especially in the breast department can play them up or down depending on the situation.

Society and the Well Endowed Woman

Sex, sex and more sex. T and A sells everything from cosmetics to male enhancement drugs. The bigger the better. The media when they want to show a sexy woman she has the nice round butt and the sizable breasts. This is what Hollywood had sold us on.

When you live in Los Angeles the image capital of the world you see women all the time who are going to the plastic surgeon to enhance what they have. Plastic surgeons advertise on billboards only $1999 to get your breast bigger and then the next sign wants you to get the lap band.

You can't pose for Playboy unless you have a minimal breast endowment level. No flat chested women there. Those women have the artificial big breasts that point like missiles. One of my favorite tales about the large artificial breast was about the eighty year old woman.

This woman had gotten breast implants about forty years ago she had the silicone implants. After forty years of wear, they started to leak and her breasts got infected. This woman had lost a lot of weight and was unable to stand up strait because the implants were to heavy for her to support.

Her doctor begged her to get the implants removed for her health's sake. The woman's vanity got in the way of her health. She told the doctor that she would rather die with the implants in than die with them out and look like a boy.

In this woman's case her self esteem and self image was wrapped up in her large breasts. She couldn't bear the thought that she would not keep her self image in death.

Large breasts, yes men like to look at them and women who are not as well endowed envie them. No matter what size breast that you have you should do your self- breast exam and have annual mammograms as your doctor recommends.  If you don't know how to do a breast self exam please follow this link it could save your life.

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dohn121 7 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

A very interesting read, mystixsprings. I think I know which hub your referring to before--It must belong to Davinagirl3! I read that one before and have read a lot of hubs here on Hubpages. I liked your hub and can understand all of the preconceived notions about big breasted women. I'm sorry to hear about you losing your jackpot, BTW! Thanks for sharing.

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