The Craze- Straight Women of All Ages Experimenting With Other Woman. Why?

So What's With This Craze?

There is a HUGE rise in 'straight' women experimenting with other women. It seems that women of all ages are dabbling with the role coined bi-sexuality. Today, it is hard to find a female who at one point has not kissed, fantasized, or even dated another woman. I was told by one gay female that she barely knows any women who did not have a "gay" encounter during college. Is it possible that with gay and straight on opposite ends of the continuum that bi-sexuality is actually the "norm"? Years ago alcohol was the "excuse". Today no excuses necessary. It is quite possibly the latest thing to do!

Who Is Doing It and Where?

I know several gay woman. Each one of them told me, this Summer, on separate occasions that they were dating "straight" woman. It sounded so funny to me, " I am dating a STRAIGHT woman. "Not so straight I thought" at the time. Now, none of these ladies know each other and range in age from 21 to 45. I thought to myself how odd. This can't be an accident. I immediately got the idea to write about it. Over the past several months I have been following up with all these women on what is going on in their lives. I have spent hours talking to them on their observations and feelings on this shift in society. I have posted on the Internet questions as to find out what is going on.

It seems that this is a trend all over the country. I have been told that young girls are kissing other girls when boys aren't around just for the fun of it. College campuses are filled with girl on girl experiences. Even if a girl is not "otherwise" likely to experiment she will do it anyway just to "do it". This of course opens up a whole new topic of what the boys think about that. Girls are likely to do it because it will make them "more" popular with the boys. The online personals have a large cropping of women seeking first time experiences and woman offering themselves to these straight women.

Women in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s deciding to cross the line. Why? No drunken college excuses now. Apparently on any given night a gay woman will find a plethora of straight, attractive, woman looking to see what it is like. These woman are often and likely to have boyfriends, engaged or even married. Straight clubs often offer a Gay night. Apparently, droves of woman go for fun just to see happens. Many places you can walk in and think you are in a fashion magazine. Beautiful feminine woman who are breaking the stero-type.

Using my 3 friends as examples this is what I found: Friend 1: went on a few dates with a girl who went on a vacation. When she got back she called my friend to go "out". While out she sprang this on her, "Well, when I was away I got married! My husband doesn't really mind since you are a girl." She, also, recently was hit on by a woman 27 years her senior who is a widow with 3 kids.

Friend 2: Is working at a school with a straight girl who has been dating her boyfriend for 2 years (I have seen this girl looks os young and almost like a child). My friend strikes up a friendship with the straight girl and before you know it real feelings develop and a relationship slowly begins. During which point the boyfriend proposes and she gets engaged! Bam! The relationship between the woman increased sexually to a total reciprocal relationship. Still engaged and in love with two people....different genders. The fiancé does not know "everything' but is not concerned because it is only a girl.

Friend 3: A seasoned lesbian. Starting at a very young age straight women have been the majority of woman that have liked her. In fact, she told me she has only dated 4 fully gay women. This does not please her she has other difficulties with this-saved for another Hub. She is currently being heavily pursued by a much younger "straight" girl with a boyfriend of 3 years. This young woman is buying her gifts, calling her and texting her daily. She spends hours at her job just watching her and is excessively jealous. All while having a long distance boyfriend. All this prior to even one date. Finally my friend caved and went out with her explaining, "I have done the straight thing and I am really not into it and you have a boyfriend now anyway." Still all starry eyed gifts and calls continue.

Note: All three of the woman I know all like "femme" girls.



This is really the question? It seems that the younger girls are doing it because they can and it is intriguing to try something new. Again the boys like it. The media plays it up as a fun option. The Katy Perry Song we all know, I Kissed a Girl and I Liked it has really set a standard in the bars. Boys can be more threatening than girls, simple. A girl can offer the communicating side the boys may not. Plus, there is no friendship like your sisters. If a boy hurts you go to the girlfriends?

Now the most interesting area are the older more experienced women in there 30s and 40 plus. I hear that once again the communication between women is so much stronger than it is with men it weighs heavily on this. Mid-Life Crisis another major factor. MLC hits woman at different ages it is not just 40s anymore. There is an air of self confidence a woman achieves later in life. She is more aware and brave sexually than maybe in her younger years. A feeling of really knowing what she wants and when. Maybe by an older age it is just a stone unturned or something to add their Bucket List. Why not? Many woman want the power that sleeping with another woman can give them. Oddly, I hear that when a straight woman decides to experiment she may call all the shots sexually and is the aggressor. From my research I have found that many of these straight women will have no problem with sexually stimulating their lesbian partners but never let the lesbian touch them. They may feel if they don't derive too much obvious pleasure they really didn't "do it". They are faithful to their ideals, boyfriends and husbands? The are able to continue.......

Whatever the reasons are it is surely on the rise and shows a major change in society, sexuality and stero-types.


What Now?

There are many things to be considered with this new craze. How does this effect the dynamics between men and woman as well as girls and their friends. How does this impact the lesbian community? Lesbians are now having to deal with many new issues dealing with and falling for women who like men. The sexual experience between women is vastly different between women and men. How is that addressed? How are couples satisfied? How is heart break avoided?

I will continue to research this and address these issues in furture Hubs.

Straight Woman Have you Experimented?

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Georgina_writes 7 years ago

interesting. I personally think sexuality is a fluid thing for alot of people, it's just that society likes to categorise in black and white. Social structures are less rigid now than say twenty or thirty years ago, so maybe that's what we're seeing??

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 7 years ago

Maybe women are more sympathetic to another womans needs.Where the curiosity factor kicks in and they say she cares how far can I go?

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 6 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

This is a good hub here. Some good questions. Before gay and Bi-sexual, there is bi-curious. A loose term for describing those people who are curious about the same sex. Sexuality is fluid, as Georgina said. There are lesbians who date straight women, and there are straight men who are hooked on gay women. Its very topsy turvy. I don't analyze it so much any more, it just wrecks my head.

I told someone earlier how I saw 2 women snogging in Mc Donalds one day and no one batted an eyelid.

Scarlett Black profile image

Scarlett Black 6 years ago from New York Author

Thanks all for the comments everyone. Cheeky Girl loved the "snogged" term I didn't know what that meant until about 5 months ago. Also, love the McDonalds story. I bet if it were men it would have been a differnet story? Fluid is the word! Someone once told me years ago, "You never know who will float your boat."

Alana 6 years ago

i believe they are "Dream on" as i am one of them. my question is, when you know you have reached a certain age around 38 wouldn't it be weird to start flinging yourself on 20 year old woman who is only interested in your jokes not sexually. well thats what my girlfriend of 13 years is doing and acts like i dont know what i am talking about but she keeeps behaveing like a school child around her, the young one just wants the attention. the whole thing is hard to watch so i leave. any advise?

Scarlett Black profile image

Scarlett Black 6 years ago from New York Author

I think that the attention goes both ways. I am sure it feels good to have a younger woman "seemily" interested in a woman heading toward middle age. Soemtimnes it is just fun. However, the fun leaves when it is hurtful to soemone else. You should not have that happening. Be open about this you have a 13 year relationship talk about this. I see the younger girl and the older woman all the time it seems to be a trend.

K9keystrokes profile image

K9keystrokes 6 years ago from Northern, California

Found your hub very interesting and unsettling.

"Lesbians beware!" would be my response. Those who look to fall in love and desire women only, are at best being lead astray. Many battered hearts are thrown to the soil as fun loving samplers impersonate who they are not. It may be "just for fun" to some, but it is rather an emotional war zone for the rest.

Has it become such a place we reside in that to find true love we must first risk our self awareness? This may well cause a ripple effect within the boundaries of trust, on which all love must be based.

By all means find yourself! But be mindful of your actions and how you handle those who assist in that search. They may be searching for who they are and you could potentially throw a wrench into the works of their life...

Cool hub! Great topic.

Scarlett Black profile image

Scarlett Black 6 years ago from New York Author

Absolutely true. I have seen several lesbians become completely heartbroken by this. I have, also, known 'straight' woman who truly fall in love with another woman but over time it becomes an issue and is a mess. I,also, know gay woman who only sleep with straight woman (sounds funny) in that case they know very well what they are getting into. Thanks so much for your response.

Heart's Desire profile image

Heart's Desire 6 years ago

Nicely written article that poses some relevant questions. I think it's such a shame that society forces these labels upon us. I am called a lesbian because I am physically attracted more to women than men. However, I have in the past derived a great deal of pleasure from sex with men; I simply cannot develop the necessary emotional attachment it would take to be "in love" with a man. Sexuality is indeed fluid, it can take different forms and take us by surprise, it can be magnificent or heartbreaking. In the end, however, sexuality is sexuality, and if more people would just open their hearts and minds, I believe bisexuality would become the new "norm".

Speaking from personal experience, I have had intense relationships with two women who considered themselves "straight". The first pursued me; the second I pursued (and to this day I don't know why!!!) And while both relationships ended with me being left heartbroken, I have to say that while it lasted, it was incredible, so very worth it, and I'd do it again if given the chance! Although I've been in a very loving, monogamous relationship for over 25 years, the mind does wonder and wander occasionally. Know what I mean?

Scarlett Black profile image

Scarlett Black 6 years ago from New York Author

Heart's Desire, thank you so much for the thoughtful response and your honesty. Labels labels labels if we didn't have then what would I write about? Writing is "good for releaving my tension."

Ladybug 6 years ago

You people are sick. All this another attempt by the homosexuals to indoctrinate and brain wash the youth of this country. Just because there are lots of people doing this doesn't make it right! It's a way to make it seem normal. It ain't normal...won't ever be normal...and one day you will stand before God Almighty and be judged on it. THen you can say..."well EVERYONE

oh lady bug 6 years ago

I was amused that after so many great and real comments, you get the random religioso. Ladybug, if you choose to have a close mind and accept all that is fed to you, that's your deal. But don't be calling other people sick. No one is forcing you into our world of "sin". Each to his your mind, you are right, so in that case sleep well knowing you're going to your heaven or whatever the f. But philosophy, quantum mechanics, and open minds tell of much greater truthes encompassing all you are bogged down by. And at the end of the day, love is love....beyond your social conditioning, or our will to surpass ours.

Scarlett Black profile image

Scarlett Black 6 years ago from New York Author

I, too, was a bit surprised at the comment as the "flow" of other comments and thought how did this hit that radar if you are so against it? However, I posted it because an opion is an opinion. We all have our right to them. Social conditioning is the key. Without it, I believe things would be very different. We are conditioned with everything we do down to the food we should eat, medications we should take and beliefs we "must" have. Love is love. Thanks.

Relief in Writing. 6 years ago

So, I write these sort of poems sometimes, to myself, a sort of therapy for what I'm feeling. This I wrote as I was falling for a straight woman, knowing not to, especially when she's one on a spectrum of super straight...whereas others you can sense may struggle but are eventually willing to be open to their feelings. It's nice to share something so raw anonymously...and that I feel many here can relate to.


If you know the parameters

And the point of no return

The edge of the cliff

And the heartbreak that ensues

Why trip and hang on to the edge surrounded by thin air?

Before your inevitable fall to the ground

Masochism for the emotionally charged

And a longing yearning to be fulfilled

But why look for fulfillment in a room of disappointment?

To what end does one's subconscious search for?

An exit strategy needs conjuring.

And not by the forefront but the soul of one's mind.

Patience is the word to preach

Not for the journey down the rabbit hole

But to persevere and fight against falling

Falling in love, falling off that cliff.

Falling….and hitting the ground in pain.

Patience and perseverance against the pain of unrequited love.

Evic 6 years ago

I am a straight woman who has for the best of the past 2 years been fantasizing about other women...infact I am going crazy just nursing this desire because I actually am into guys more. but the appeal and desire to seduce another equally straight beautiful woman is killing me...

Scarlett Black profile image

Scarlett Black 6 years ago from New York Author

Relief in Writing thank you for sharing the poem. I understand your comment on spectrum of 'super straight' there really is such thing. Thanks again.

Scarlett Black profile image

Scarlett Black 6 years ago from New York Author

Evic, unless there are reasons to "not" persue your feelings why not do it? It might be easier with someone not "equally straight" or is it not aas appealing then? Thanks for the comment.

hellen 6 years ago

Question to all who are attracted and or have sex with other women: does that make you feel really satisfied or you feel there should be more to it that you hoped for? Thanks

Scarlett Black profile image

Scarlett Black 6 years ago from New York Author

Hellen- I think when 2 people have chemistry (which is hard to find) the "feeling" of wanting more is simply not there. I don't think gender makes a difference. Thanks for the comment.

luvn828 6 years ago

I am so glad to have found this post! Thank you so much. I have needed a place to share what is happening in my life! I can't share freely about it for many reasons, discretion for her moreso than me. So here is the story. I am a 26 yr old woman. I have always dated men, for the sake of "appearances". I started fooling around with girls at a young age with my best friend. After that I've stayed closeted n played the straight girl, so here's what's up right now. I have been sleeping with this woman since august. She was my really close friend and we started texting crzy stuff one night and that led to my first actual time. She knew I was into girls n wanted to try I talked such a good "head" game that she cudnt resist. It was my 1st time which she don't know but it was the best she ever had! My friend is 50 and married to a man for 30 years! We have continued our secret since and is still the most amzing experience everytime. I am now dating a guy as well. Oh ya and she is dating some1 else also. That was already happening when I started. I am addicted to her! She labels herself as a straight woman. I'm confused because how is that if we still are sleeping together and she loves it. Experiment is 1 thing but continued pleasure seems different to me. This is the best ever. I am very attached as she was my best friend prior to all of this. It is apparent to me that I have no chance at all in a real relationship with her. Which is what I really want. That or this to never end.... she keeps tellin me we r done after each time then comes back 4 more! We both agree its the best ever. Do I have any chance at anything lasting. Time will tell.please help me out with feedback! It is more than sex on my end I'm pretty sure I'm in love but refuse to admit that 2 her as I may scare her awy. Do I just stick 2 fun n games n separate feelings..... soooo confused!

Scarlett Black profile image

Scarlett Black 6 years ago from New York Author

The thing about women is that they are your friends and that can be great yet tricky at the same time. I would be more concerned as to why she is seeing someone else (3 people that's a lot of energy). Do you live in a place where you can not be openly gay or Bi? You are confused because it is confusing. As long as she is married, seeing another person and you it will go no where. What if you call her bluff and say OK you are right this is the last time and stay away a while. Maybe give her time to figure out what is going on in her life and you to. Dating a guy confusing for you.

Thanks for the post.

luvn828 6 years ago

What's made it tricky is that i have moved out of state since all of this started which makes my trips home extra special! The othey guy she is seeing is kinda of being played for money and shes honestly not sleeping with him. Im not naïve its been many long talks of ours. The guy im seeing is really good friends with him as well. It startes off as all of us double dating. Fun fun. But now ive moved away for the time being and honestly im kinda scared to cut it off now in fear of losing my friend. She has all control over the situation and knows this as well. I know i have no chance of her leaving the husband after 30 yrs! Where we live is very acceptingt. I have told no one about this for her discretion... not mine. Id shout it from the roof if up to me. She is so amazing, beautiful, sexy, smart, and on and on... along with bein the best ive ever had! Thanx 4 replyin. It means alot to me!

butterflycraze 6 years ago

I have experimented a little with a women. I would love to experiment again. I have a strong urge to have a threesome with a women and man. I have a friend that is willing to experiment with me. A male friend that was in relationship status before. We are now just friends sometimes with benefits. I would like to explore this more any suggestion on were we go from here. do you guys think this is a good idea.

Scarlett Black profile image

Scarlett Black 6 years ago from New York Author

butterflycraze- I can't think of any reason to not do that. Unless......your actions could jeopardize your emotions or those of someone elses. If everyone is free and clear along with up front and honest, live and have fun.

johnnymission profile image

johnnymission 5 years ago from Oakland, CA

As an FTM, I find this a totally annoying trend. In my experience, a lot of straight girls seek out other girls to make out with or whatever to get a rise out of a bio-guy or to experiment. The impact on the dyke community is really negative and is a great way to open up a small community to STD's.

James 5 years ago

You are not straight then are you. In college 14% of women have experimented from my findings. Now they are volunteers as that is alarm bells for a start because they have an ace card to play of what they will say. So you have to lop of the actual bi and lesbian women percentage. Even your poll has attracted horses for courses. Put out a certain question and it attracts a certain person for exaple. So your results end up being skewed. And besides most women ARE straight. It's just many women who are atually bi or lesbian prefer to go around claiming straight. So again its skewed. 10% of married men have experimented with men on one genuine site. in the kinsey studies (yes legit since i researched it) 30% straight men received a bj and 14% gave. Plus around 10% and more enter gay relationships for a shot period and then go straight again. These are the fndings but again you have to lop off the volunteers. You are living in fantasy land if you think heterosexuality can be manipulated whe it feels like it. It makes a mockery of what true orientation is. You are either straight or not otherwise there would be a breakdown of society if it could be messed with. And the evidence is it is NOT.

James 5 years ago

And btw on the craiglist pesonals there are loads of straght claiming men wnating to hook up with other men. So popular in fact a guy has made a website about it.

James 5 years ago

In fact those in college could be experimentig just once and realise they didn't like it as i have read. Besides you do not even know the sexual act that took place. With me as a male it was receiving oral which was common in my day. That is the more likely event. Giving is a very weird thing to do. I couldn't do it. I's hormones in your teens but also today with girls it could be a low self esteem factor considering the social pressure on women today. Once you cross that line it messes with your head forever. I am straight, perhaps technically bi. I was never taught right from wrong or brough up religiously yet the afte effects ain't plesant.

James 5 years ago

No sensationalism here. These are independent studies up to 1998. It's fascinating. On the 1994 it has 14.4 percent of men having same sex experience for just one example. Don't forget boys have testosterone and the male anatomy is a very playful and curious thing. Loads like to experiment but the difference with boys in comparison to girls is they won't tell you or admit it. They keep it underground but i know from experience how common it was. Men and women are human and some are naturally curious. It's common sense.

Scarlett Black profile image

Scarlett Black 5 years ago from New York Author

Johnnymission and James. Thank you for sharing your points of view. Very interesting.

dragonflywings 5 years ago

This is an important topic. I have noticed the increase in this. Women tend to be more flexible with their emotions and I believe find this an easier crossover then men. My thinking is that gay women may find a problem with this way more then the staight women? Idealy people should be able to be people. Humans can not account for who they might be attracted to. I will take the stance that women should experiment with other women at least once. Great job Scarlett!

shyone 5 years ago

I'm in a boat and with one now . She is married and has told her hubby goodbye and wants to end the relationship of course there are kids and this also is going to take time to resolve the relationship between the both of them.She is planning a visit up to see me very soon and I guess to try to figure in finding who she is of course some experimenting. I have very strong feelings but I'm holding back to see if she has feelings are for me . My question is what do I do ?? She has told me she doesn't want to jump from one relationship to other but I don't want her to feel that she goes to me and then wanting to go to another woman either just to test the waters with other women so I'm totally confused on this. I need some help with this please. Shyone

Scarlett Black profile image

Scarlett Black 5 years ago from New York Author

Shyone, I read an article where gay women were speaking about forming relationships with bi-sexual women. The general feeling was that the gay women were not interested in the women "experimenting." They did not mind forming relationships with bi-sexual women but really wanted to make sure they were actually bi-sexual. So, what do you have? Only you know what kind of bond the two of you have. She might be leary due to her situation. She sounds like she is reasonable considering what she has in front of her. Why not sit down and discuss it all. The great thing about women is the gift of communicating and conversation. Use this. Good luck.

anonymous 5 years ago

women are falling in love with there own sex today. very disgusting if you ask me. i never realized that we have so many lesbians out there more than ever before. where are the straight women for us straight men? and where are the good places to meet them?

very true 5 years ago

these women today are just low life pigs for being with their own sex. no wonder why it is very hard for straight men like me meeting women. look what they have become.

"very true" is very wrong 5 years ago

I highly doubt that the reasons why men like u today can't find girls is because they're all turning gay. U kind of just proved that ur not worth any girl's attention.

For others to judge is appalling. For all the hyperreligious posters, if God will judge us, let Him judge us. Not u. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Meanwhile, I am an incoming college freshman facing similar conflicts. While I am very interested in women, I am more interested in men and have a great boyfriend. Yet something is missing. If u would prefer people like me to remain unhappy and incomplete, keep it to urself. Don't bash or judge. U just make urself look arrogant.

very true  5 years ago

very true says for your information i do meet a lot of nasty women out there. they play games and i am not into like women that is your business.oh by the way i am a straight man who would like to find a woman that is normal today. there is not many of them around here where i live.i know other good men like me that have the same problem as well.they also feel as bad as i do because a lot of men today are very abusive to their women and i am a good man that would know how to treat a woman.yet you say you have a boyfriend but you are interested in women that is very confusing to me.if you really love your boyfriend try to make it workout. good luck

Bob 5 years ago

In many ancient cultures it was normative for Females to have mostly Female lovers.For men, it was boys for pleasure and Women for Babies. We will simply become more primitive again.

Scarlett Black profile image

Scarlett Black 5 years ago from New York Author

I love the comments. I appreciate all opinions and really like thinkers no matter what side of the fence you are on!!!!!

anonymous says 5 years ago

straight women wanting to be with other women, that makes me sick. you women out there that are gay must have been very badly abused by the men that you once lived with, and now you hate men. there are a lot of us good men still out there that would treat women very well if given the chance.the hard part will be for us good straight men to find good straight women today.

Jeanine 5 years ago

I love this read... there is nothing wrong with people loving who they are attracted to... my of my Lesbian friends are in relationships because of the caring that goes between them, not the sex... with a guy, it's always about sex, sometimes about love, with a woman it's usually about companionship, sometimes love and the love making is tender and just taboo enough to make it exciting... I am a two spirit I don't have a dog in the hunt...I appreciate women and men... and could fall in love with the person I find attractive, I am not held by anyone elses belief... I enjoyed the read...

franko 5 years ago

women that want to just be with women is very sickening to me. i will never understand that, especially, as a straight man. i was married twice, and they both cheated on me which made me very upset. they did cheat on me with other men, not other women, as far as i know. when i was married at the time, i was a very caring, and loving husband. i never cheated on them at all, and i was very happy at the time. a lot of other men want to have a wife, and have other girlfriends on the side as well, not me. since there are now a lot of lesbians out there, it will be much harder for good straight men like us that are out there now that really do want and hope to meet the right woman to be with. there are a lot of us good men still left out there that can, and will be faithful, if given the chance. when i see other men out there that are very lucky to have families, it makes me very sad. a lot of times, i will break down and cry, because i always wanted to have a family of my own. i feel that god is punishing me for a reason i do not know. i do not like being alone, because this makes me more depressed. all i want is to meet the right woman, only one, and for me it would be like winning the lottery.

Married 5 years ago

I have been married to a man for 26 years and he wants me to experiment with a woman, now with that being said what kind of world would this be if we didn't experiment from time to time, if you think about it there would not be porn to watch, adult entertainment stores, toys and god forbid only the missonary position, sure most of us started out thinking that that is the way. Years ago it was believed that women were used for reproduction purposes only and once that was over they slept in seperate beds. All things change with time. Why ask why there are many things in life that if it were not for experimenting would not be. No one has all the answers but experimenting helps to clarify some of them. Getting back to my husband, I am not crossing off the idea of experimenting with another woman I am welcoming the experience when the time is right.

your sick as well 5 years ago

since you women want to experiment with other women, you should have not married a man. if you do experiment, you may fall in love with the other woman and want to get married to her. what would your husband say then, if you did not want him anymore?

married 5 years ago

to each his own, if we are so sick why are you even looking at these articles or sites, and reading these posts, seems to me you are the one sick.

anonymous 5 years ago

all you women that want women instead of men are losers. you women are just very sick diseased filthy pigs and you should go and have your heads examined.

so dam right says 5 years ago

you women that have to experiment with other women are garbage to begin with. you are the lowest form of pigs that god made by mistake. you should all burn in acid. i would have never thought god could create such filth like you women. half of you out there now are lesbians to begin with. you no good women are the reason why good straight men like us cannot meet decent straight women today.

straight girl here 5 years ago

This late trend of straight women experimenting with other women is just so sickening and sad. When straight men experiment with other guys, they do it because they want to, not for anybody's voyeuristic pleasure. But when it comes to women doing the same thing, I bet that 90% of them do it just because they have low self-esteem or, even worse, just for the sick visual pleasure of some men (and I'm glad that there's still decent men that don't encourage this behavior, as I have read in posts above). And stop deluding yourself. There will never be more lesbians or bisexual women than there were before. Homosexuality is a natural trait, like skin or eyes colour, and cannot be changed with the times. These "straight" women who play the bi-thing are just sadly misguided by television, publicity and music video-clips (there's even a name for it: "bisexual chic") Again, just another moronic trend born in the united States. I just hope it doesn't spread too much to other countries, and, as all trends in this world, dies and disappears soon.

so right says 5 years ago

to straight girl, i hope you are right. as a straight man that was married twice, i was a very caring and loving husband at the time that i was married to them. i was very committed as well, but both of them cheated on me. i never cheated on them. they did cheat on me with other men, not with women as far as i know. now being in my late fifties, it has become difficult for me to meet a good woman now. i go out a lot but now i seem to meet the very nasty women instead of the good ones. i do wish i was thirty years younger again, it would have been a lot easier for me than now because of the way they are today. i just hope to be at the right place at the right time to meet a good one again.

Hue 5 years ago

I'm happy to come across this article. As a man I haven't been able to fully grasp this women on other women thing. Sometimes you hear "straight" women say they find other women bodies more attractive, find women sexy and would like to have sex with them, fantasize about women, kiss other women etc. This article was long so I didn't read all he posts and hope I'm not repeating others, but where does this leave a good straight guy. Like why are women doing this and so attracted to each other? Sure there's fluidity, even men can respect other good looking men. Maybe straight men will experience fluidity, that's fine, but look at this huge boom that's going on with woman on woman. Are men not good enough? That's how I've felt in the past, but had to get over it. Why are women so into the same sex like so hard all of a sudden. Are straight women more attracted to other women then men? I don't undertsand this....

Scarlett Black profile image

Scarlett Black 5 years ago from New York Author

Thought provoking opinions and ideas are always welcome no matter which side of the fence a reader is on. However, there seems to be a rash of attacks that are completely malicious, ignorant,and bitter. I will not ever post degrading viscious comments so don't bother- your comment won't make it to this page.

how very much true 5 years ago

all the lesbians that are out there today, are pretty much to blame why us straight men cannot meet decent women now. as a straight man that goes out a lot, i seem to come across the very nasty women instead of the good ones today. it is even very hard to try to start a conversation with them, because they will walk away from me and even curse. now that goes to show you how rotten women have become now. what about us good men that want to meet a real good woman today? how can we, since they are like this now? i can speak for myself, because i am looking to meet a woman that is down to earth, very loving and caring, understanding, and very compatible, and i will treat her the same way. it really has become very difficult, meeting that special one now. i notice that once women's lib took over, the women have definitely changed over the years. a good forty to fifty years ago, women were a lot easier to meet and had a much better attitude than now. this is a problem that hurts me a lot. i am a very sincere man and i would have thought that this would be a problem today. but then again, times have changed. for me christmas does not mean anything to me, because when you are alone and single like me it hurts a lot. now the ones out there that were very lucky to have met the right woman for them and have children, should be very thankful for what they have. it is the men like us that have nobody for the holidays, really sucks for us. i always wanted a family as well, but so far that never happened. i will go out every single night not to be home by myself anymore, and hope that i will be at the right place at the right time to meet a real good woman for me again.

why is this? 5 years ago

women have definitely changed for the worse, i have to agree on this. their attitude has really changed very badly as well. there are a lot of women that i am attracted to, but they are very nasty when i try to talk to them. as a straight man, i myself was married twice at one time and was a very good husband. i was just too good for them. they turned out to be no good. in case you are wondering why i said this, they both did cheat on me and i never cheated on them. now it does hurt, being alone and single again. most of the men that i know are married, since they were very lucky to have met the right woman for them and have a family now. it hurts so much to see this, especially around the holidays. i always wanted myself to have met the right woman and have a family as well, and that never happened. the married couples that are out there now should go to church and really thank god for what they have today. it is the men like us that are hurting real bad now. there are many times when i am by myself that i will break down and cry, because being very lonely is sad for me now. there are so much more lesbians now, that makes it so much more difficult for the men like us that do want to meet the right woman today. i will keep going out, just hoping to meet a real good woman for me soon.

shortchick 4 years ago

people on here make me sick. its these ppl who make it hard for someone like me ( a bi sexual female) to come out. i can't change the way i feel. i am who i am. as my boyfriend says u play the hand ur dealt with. i cant change my feelings and neither can anyone else whose bi, gay, r=or a lesbian. so get ovver yourself.. seriously

absolutely right 4 years ago

more women are just into other women today, and i mean really into other women. go figure.

what is going on? 4 years ago

you women that are experimenting with other women, need to get a life. you are a bunch of losers, as far as i am concern. half of you must be lesbians in the first place. were you women so very badly abused by men at one time? is that the problem? are you looking for the attention, that other men are not giving you? you are very sick women to begin with, and need a lot of help. what is the matter, cannot make it with a man? reading about all these psycho women, just makes me sick.

YeaMeToo 4 years ago

I just want to know how to get this started? How would I know if anoher women is interested in expermenting? I have not had such luck lol

Scarlett Black profile image

Scarlett Black 4 years ago from New York Author

Yeametoo, I am thinking find like minded people. I would find a bar as lame as that sounds meet other people. Or online many many websites or if you have gay male friends they are always helpful. AND, I would look for a lesbian not a straight women looking to experiment. One that knows what she likes. Just some thoughts.

NativeLezbo 4 years ago

Hi, I just found this it...I too have been with a very large number of straight women.I have been with the same woman (who was married initially) for the last 10 years. It seems as though only straight girls like me, i have been with a small number,like five or six lesbians compared to +50 straight girls. I don't question but yes i know what i am walking into. They usually just want the experience and feel they can trust me with their emotions. I am in my early 40's and have always liked the older married women but was seduced by a 24 year old coworker recently, and now that i am back in school a lot of young girls come on to me. I actually enjoy my life.

Oh and to "what is going on?" with your absurd ignoramus comments....all these married women get along fine with their men, I am not their to break anyone up, I just bringing excitement, some emotion and a lot of attention to women that most men tend to are either a man or a women with your head up your arse... poor thing.

Scarlett Black profile image

Scarlett Black 4 years ago from New York Author

NativeLezbo- Love your name. Your honesty is appreciated. Once you are the lesbian that straight girls like then that is what you are and stay usually. To me that is a "type" of lesbian-(again) the one that straight girls go for and that never changes throughtout one's life. Many women I know seem to fight that image but it seems you have embraced that. 24 and 50+ wow :)

Cheshiersmile profile image

Cheshiersmile 4 years ago

NativeLezbo: Really 50 women? You need your own Blog.

Scarlett Black profile image

Scarlett Black 4 years ago from New York Author

LOL. Really blog us about that :)

what is going on? 4 years ago

too NativeLezbo, get a life. it is women like you that give us straight men a very hard time meeting straight decent women today. there is enough of you out there, that just makes it worse.

WookieWonderfuls profile image

WookieWonderfuls 4 years ago from London, UK

@what is going on? did you not read straight women are attracted to her not she's luring them in against their will! people actually choose who they sleep with believe it or not! I'm sorry you feel threatened by lesbians.

what is going on? 4 years ago

too WookieWonderfuls, where i am from, half of the women are into other women today. not men. that is why so many straight men like us are looking too meet a good woman today. we now have to compete with women for the same sex,go figure.

WookieWonderfuls profile image

WookieWonderfuls 4 years ago from London, UK

too What is going on...have you never heard how many complaints there are from straight women 'why are the good looking ones always gay?'

theres how many billion people in the world to choose from?

Tim 4 years ago

Seems weird to me (100% hetrosexual) unless I just don't see many guys at a whim trying homosexuality don't hear about them

fanitisizing about it.

Sounds sickening to me.

mike p 4 years ago

women that experiment with other women are just low life losers.

WookieWonderfuls profile image

WookieWonderfuls 4 years ago from London, UK

Is it the 'experimenting' part or the mere fact of two women pleasing one another or the lack of a winky that makes them low life losers pray tell?

anonymous 4 years ago

to WookieWonderfuls, are you lesbians? or straight.

Unbelievable 4 years ago

When a woman has been with a man for three years and has had a child with him then tells him that she is sick of him (no further explanation) leaves him and two weeks later is in a "relationship" with a woman that is just pathetic. There is a young child involved and the woman is just being a selfish bitch. Go have your fling. Experiment all you want, but don't leave destruction in other peoples lives. Be honest with yourself and with the people you are involved with and maybe there will be less heartache.

WookieWonderfuls profile image

WookieWonderfuls 4 years ago from London, UK

Lesbian. That's not the reason il stand up for it however, everybody has free will and as humans nobody is perfect so we don't get the right to judge! Who is anybody to say what women (or men) should and shouldn't do sexually? People are far to quick to point fingers and judge when it's really none of their business what others are doing in the bedroom...perhaps they're upset they weren't invited...I don't know

WookieWonderfuls profile image

WookieWonderfuls 4 years ago from London, UK

@unbelievable totally agree with that! No reason to leave your child. Having said that plenty of women run off with other men to. Running off thinking the grass is greener is wrong anyhow. I guess in a situation where it's a different sex it needs to be spoken about, agreements on child's best interest etc instead of just running because you can't stand and face the music.

straight man here 4 years ago

lesbians will always be the low life losers that are on this earth, i guess you women just cannot make it with a man, and would not know what to do even if you had one. what a shame, like i said such LOSERS.

WookieWonderfuls profile image

WookieWonderfuls 4 years ago from London, UK

Awww bless!im so sorry for your loss,the only justification for expressing such animosity to lesbians such as you have done is borne of rejection!i don't know which chick declined your winky preferring the female form but hey would you have preferred her to leave you for a more well endowed man?

anonymous says 4 years ago

are you women, the london lesbians?

true 4 years ago


My opinion 4 years ago

To the straight men frustrated about finding "good decent straight women" around these days, there are plenty. If your wife or girlfriend finds the urge to cheat on you with another male or female, you're most likely the one who isn't putting enough into the relationship in the first place, causing your partner to stray.

Anyway, I believe sexuality is fluid. Read up on the Kinsey scale.

franko says 4 years ago

hey, at least these women are good at something.

Danette 4 years ago

Well this is directed to the straight women critisizing lesbians/straight women sexual curiosity. There must be some kind of sexualy curiousity there because otherwise why would you seek out and read articles like this. The title of the article is very straight forward and leaves no room for ambiguity and as well is in a specilized area of the hub. Methinks thou doth protest too much!!

Another thought is about Uhaul lesbians. It must be hard on them when they find out their encounter was with a straight woman. JUST KIDDING!!!

Just for the record I am straight.

These women are all probably God fearing good Christian women. It's funny how when I was a kid it was explained to me that God loved everyone. It was only when I got older they started attaching conditions to this supposedly undcondition love.

Organized religon is the bigges proponent of hate in the world. I guess the term God fearing says it all. Who needs a God you have to fear.

And I do know good Christians who use love as a tool rather than spewing hatred and judgement towards everyone and using God as an excuse to propagate evil.

Disjointed thoughts I know but one thought just led to another so I just let it go!!!

PS The man that is having a hard time finding a straight woman. You are looking in the wrong places. Coming to posted gay themed blog is a ludacris way to seek out women. Unless of course you were titallated by the titled and hoping for a blog about hot woman on woman sex. Are you afraid you won't measure up after a woman has been with a woman? As a straight woman just know we wouldn't fall for a neanderthal like you. Just YUCK already

how right says 4 years ago


Onkey 4 years ago

The only thng i can say 2 u is 2 follow ur heart,i m a lesbian my self its like i'm the only odd 1 in the family oh! My uncle have a gay woman she's older than me she doesn't live around were i live it hurd when our family get together because most of them don't like way we are.

Ant 4 years ago

Y'all women are so damn confusing lol

mike says 4 years ago


michael says 4 years ago


2loveu2 4 years ago

I have an issue. I was single for six years concentrating on school, raising my two kids and establishing a career. It was in 2006 when I met someone-soon after become my bestfriend- it may sound crazy to most people but I feel it was love at first sight. I’m not gay or ever been with a woman but for someone reason I fell in love that day and have been ever since. She’s not gay and has a spiritual beliefs it’s a sin. When I met her she had a boyfriend at the time. From day one-I thought of her as my Angel. I revealed my feelings maybe two months after meeting her (which thinking back now was a mistake because at that point I become open to rejection). For the last 6 years I haven’t missed a day showing or displaying my love for her. At first-I thought I had a chance for her to like me because over the years I was able to get close a couple of times. Also, things were said over the years that I felt lead me on to believe I had an opportunity. But things or I was always put on the back burner. During this time she begin dating a guy-although I felt I was over looked-my love didn’t waiver-I still stood on the side lines watching and waiting. I’m not jealous or get upset because she dates a guy. It just hurt because my heart loves her the most but yet I’m the least. It’s never been about getting her in the bed-for me it’s always been deeper than that. I just always felt even though not gay that I still could have gotten to point to be special- where I meant something- Where I had value.

In my mind, heart and actions I had her in every step and decisions I made. I put her and my kids first in everything I did-doing what you suppose to do when you truly love someone and you love them unconditionally. Being there for them, providing for them, making sure they're okay, etc...I always said it was a “we” and “us”because that’s how I saw us.

One minute it feels as if we’re getting closer next it feels like a drift especially, within these last 3 to 4 months. I will admit I haven’t been able to control my emotions over the years and me not ever dealing with a woman like this is no excuse. But I just feel she should have told me a long time ago she didn’t want to be bothered. Thinking back-mostly all my actions have been “gayish” as she would say. I just wished I could wake-up that day and take the text back revealing my feelings.

What advice would you give?

What steps would you take?

paul says 4 years ago

i know what the problem is, many of the women now are deciding to eat FISH instead of BEEF.

Bob 4 years ago

Its disgusting, visit my blog for further information on the subject matter

Scarlett Black profile image

Scarlett Black 4 years ago from New York Author

Least we not forget how many great looking men turn out to be gay and all the men who are married with kids cruising gay bars hidding their cars and getting blow jobs. That could be a whole other blog that is also out of control and that is everywhere. A very serious issue.

Scarlett Black profile image

Scarlett Black 4 years ago from New York Author

I read the blog of the gentleman whom I allowed to post and advertise here. Once is enough advertisement Bob. No one is questioning that women are engaging in this that is WHY I wrote the blog. You are attackful and obviously have not done your research as the women(especially young)are more open about there activities then men(fact research)and many and I mean many proclaim there actions are a direct result in the fact that men get off on it so much that they do it for their boyfriends and husbands. You will be hard pressed to find a porn movie where a man is not getting off on two women. How many women want to look at two men......not that many!!!!I feel no guilt Bob at the behaviour of my gender as what they do is not of my concern as long as everyone is an adult and consenting. And it is hard to research your male stats as these men are soooo in the closet they would rather die then let on what they do they hide behind beards at least women admit to it! Have your opinion and you are welcome to share. Mean comments are not necessary.

Butterfly 4 years ago

My husband and i have been speaking about experimenting and having a threesome since he wants to experiment with 2 women and i want to experiment with a female. we have had conversations about it and how it should not affect our relationship because its just to have a little fun and we both love each other. Since were still young we want to get these fantasies out of our systems before we start a family in a few years. And him and i watch threesome porn together as well and its true its always 2 girls and one guy because honestly 2 guys and 1 girl isn't very attractive.

scarletblackwrongassumption 4 years ago

scarletblack: women have more freedom to come out of the closet because it is much easier for them, not because they more courageous. i have to say to everyone i know i am fully straight but i am not. i am a bi guy and WILL never say my orientation because of the crap i will get from men AND women. so no don't come with this crap! a women could easily get away with it and that is why.

Scarlett Black profile image

Scarlett Black 4 years ago from New York Author

You really are angry and using my blog to wave it around. You have a lot of possibly good things to say too bad they are in hateful ways. Your Bi opinion written in a proper way could be of help to so many people. Yes, I do agree women do have that easier I would not ever deny that. I am not talking about the bi guy who knows he is bi and works with it. I am talking about the sneaky one that is hiding in back of clubs and cruising Home Depot. Go to almost any Home Depot in the morning andyou will see what I am talking about or gay male club. I have physically research this and interviewed many. Don't talk to me about crap. Really? Don't waste your time writing any other nasty things I wont post them. Feel free to share how you feel are experiences life. Again, I feel that could help many.

david says 4 years ago

they should have STAYED in the closet. any women that have to go with other women, is certainly a DISGRACE. these type of women are such a LOW LIFE, the way i see it. we have enough problems in the WORLD today, without them adding to it.

Butterfly 4 years ago

To David:

I don't see how its a disgrace at all and calling other people low lives makes you seem like a terrible person yourself. and i dont see how this is a problem. have you ever thought that maybe back in the day when it wasn't able to be out in the open these women were miserable with their husbands because they had to be with a man and couldn't fully express their feeling. and what's funny is that my husbands ex wife is with a woman now and he fully understands because love is love no matter if its to another woman or man, my husband has told me that it doesn't bother because he gets it.

DAVID SAYS 4 years ago

TO BUTTERFLY, everyone has a right to their own opinion, DON'T THEY? i was married at one time, and my wife left me for another woman. how do you think i would feel?, of course ROTTEN. it hurt me very much, since i loved her very much at the time, and was very COMMITTED to her. by the way, i was a VERY CARING AND LOVING HUSBAND, that never MISTREATED her in anyway. now that i go out a lot, there are many women into other women nowadays. i never realized that we have so many LESBIANS today. i am a STRAIGHT man, and now it seems i have to COMPETE with other women to meet another woman again. this is very DISGUSTING to me, like i have mentioned with my last comment. it hurts me to see so many other men and women that were very lucky to have met one another, and have a family now. i CERTAINLY would have wanted the same thing. the men and women that are very LUCKY to have each other, should go to CHURCH to pray, and thank GOD very much for what they have. it is us men that have NO ONE in our life right now, so you can see how very BITTER i am. i CERTAINLY cannot blame myself for what happened to me, that is for sure. the way i look at it, GOD punishes certain men like me, and makes so many other men VERY LUCKY. i CERTAINLY do not want to be alone and single for the REMAINING years of my life left, since there are not so many GOOD WOMEN to meet anymore. it seems that GOD FORGOT ABOUT ME.

Butterfly 4 years ago

David then go to church pray to god and try finding a woman from the church instead of looking for women out and about. But you dont have to put people(women) down just because of their preference, if you are bitter because of your wife then be bitter at your wife for her actions because cheating is wrong no matter what gender. but dont be angry and bitter towards women who like other women. would it had made a difference if your ex wife left you for another man? would that have made you feel better?

and yes many women and men are lucky when they find each other and in the U.S. 50% of them get divorced anyway. and for having a family not all of them get to have families either. like myself i am lucky to have found my husband who i love and is opened minded but i cant seem to get pregnant. you say GOD forgot about you, are you sure you didn't forget about GOD and his teachings. People judge even though God says not to judge your brothers and sisters because only God is suppose to judge.or something like that... on another note stop beings so negative about not finding a woman because sending that energy out isn't helping you, be more positive and stop worring about being by yourself for the rest of your life. just think that you will find someone. positive affirmation and it will happen.

DAVID SAYS 4 years ago

TO BUTTERFLY, i am a very sensitive man, with no confidence. so as you can see why this bothers me a lot. i have to say, i am not lying when i say i meet VERY NASTY WOMEN TODAY. i live down the SHORE, and many of them think that their SHIT DON'T STINK. even the STRAIGHT WOMEN today, have such a VERY BAD ATTITUDE PROBLEM. it is very hard to start a CONVERSATION with them, because they will walk away, and sometimes they will even CURSE at me. so as you can see what i mean, when i say that they have such an ATTITUDE PROBLEM. it seems that it is just my LUCK, to meet ROTTEN WOMEN. but now i just go out and hope for the BEST. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT.

Love2LickemGud 4 years ago

hi yall'

its funny how I have been trying to experiment in this I never thought I would want nor see my self doing such thing..But damn..fantasies are just too good to be true..I never thought that having to hit up GIRL would be so damn hard..I just eanna simply experiment and wala!

Any sugestions where would it be a hood place in LA to hit up some1 who is down to play???

thanks for ur support in advance!

Debbie G. 4 years ago

I am a totally straight (and married) female but I did have a same sex experience and truth be told it was enjoyable. I was at a picnic and happened to start chatting with another woman (also straight and married). When we went into the house after dark the party was still going. I remember seating was at a premium and this other women invited me to share a seat with her. There really wasn't room for two people but we squashed together as best as we could. We draped our arms around each other's shoulders and we realized because it was a hot day that neither one of us was wearing a bra. Feeling her breast pressing against mine was kind of a turn on, I must admit. At one point we leaned over and gave each other a brief kiss on the lips. After the day was over when we were gathering up our belongings we took each other's hand and again gave each other a brief kiss. After looking into each other's eyes for a few seconds, we leaned in and kissed very passionately to the point where we exchanged tongues. I had never kissed a woman like that before but it was exciting me. A few days later this woman called me at home, inviting me over for lunch so we could get to know each other. We had a nice meal and shared some wine. She asked me if I liked to dance and I said yes, so she turned on a CD and we danced. One song was a slow ballad. We put our arms around each other and pressed our cheeks together while dancing. After it was over we kissed with the same passion we had at the party. My new friend invited me to the bedroom where we could do whatever came naturally. We both removed our clothes and laid down. It didn't take long for us to become involved sexually. We both experienced several orgasms. When we showered (together) the love making continued. It was time to go home. That was the only time the two of us had sex although we have remained friends over the years. We both agreed it happened because we were curious about it. At the time we were both in our late 30's. I will say if it happened to me, I'm glad it was with this woman because we did it for the same reason.


you women are just so VERY DYSFUNCTIONAL TODAY. it really makes me sick to hear that women have to get it on with other women now. now that same sex couples can get married, it will be a lot worse, for us STRAIGHT GUYS that are looking to meet a NORMAL DECENT STRAIGHT WOMAN for us now. there are certainly a lot MORE LOW LIFE LOSER WOMEN out there now than ever before. it is VERY SAD, that many women can't make it with a man anymore. then again, GOD REALLY MESSED UP creating so much FILTH nowadays.

sameboat 4 years ago

recently realized i have very strong sexual feelings for a close girlfriend. we have been close friends for several months. However, i am married with two kids. She also has two kids and lives with a ma. However she recently told me she had been in a few realtionships with woemn which, for some reason, really turned a switch on for me. this woman is incredibly beautiful so maybe it is just her beauty, but I know it is not. I want to take care of this person and have a close relationship. Obviously my family is my first priority, to preserve the family, but still find myself on line to find people with similar feelings. Just finding it hard to process. At this point i feel like i need to commit myself to my kids and family life, but is this fair to my husband? I have not shared with him for fear he will not want me to see my friend anymore.

Minxann182 4 years ago

To everyone who thinks that this open sexuality among women is gross and that women today are garbage I say,"Go kick rocks."I am Men have had bath houses for centuries and "gentleman clubs". Open sexuality is nothing new in history it ebbs and flows due to societal restraints and releases. Careful, educated, open sexuality is beautiful as long as clear communication


to sameboat, and Minxann, you women are the REASON, why us GOOD STRAIGHT MEN can't meet DECENT STRAIGHT WOMEN ANYMORE. yes, i CERTAINLY blame women like you that are making it much more DIFFICULT for us men now. can't blame us men, for WANTING to have what is NORMAL NOW. then again, it is women like you that are GARBAGE ANYWAY.

preacher 4 years ago

I am a man of God and i must agree with ladybug what you homo's are doing is totally wrong. you think you should have the same rights as the straight people well you are asshole deep in the wrong on that. excuse my wording there. but the bible clearly states that homosexuallity is a sin and those involved in it will go to hell because you are sinning against god.

Absurd... 4 years ago

This person is absolutely ridiculous. He honestly has nothing new to say, and when he doesn't receive a response he makes up a new name and posts again... Supposedly giving himself some sort of reinforcements. Your wife left you for another woman... We get it. I'm sorry for your loss but something tells me it might be karma for your ignorant, illiterate, grammatically catastrophic, and perversely judgmental ways. If you find yourself a lonely old man who just so happens to make it to heaven, you just might want to thank all of us sinful, disgusting, garbage women who prayed for your sorry rear end.

As for the post, absolutely loved it!! It gave me so much insight in to an internal struggle I've been dealing with. I'm a 23 yr old woman, happily in love with a wonderful man whom I intend to marry one day. For reasons unknown to me I have been strongly compelled to experiment and explore my curiosity of the female form. I've been struggling with this for some time now, and I must thank you for this hub. It made me realize how many other people's feelings are involved and what it could mean to satisfy my own selfish fantasies. I vow to proceed with caution. But I know that I won't be able to resist temptation forever, and one day I hope to taste the sweet nectar of the forbidden fruit ;)

Ex-Straight 4 years ago

I'm a 40-ish woman, happily married almost 20 years, mom of two young kids, professional, financially secure, healthy--in a word, "normal." Hitting midlife a couple years ago, I thought, why not explore this part of myself that I've never allowed myself to follow? You only live once. I talked it over with my husband first, it was actually his suggestion that I try dating women, because he realized he couldn't satisfy this part of me and he wants me to be happy. He's not threatened; I'm not looking to ride off into the sunset with the women I date--who are also bisexual, married, and their husbands are fully aware of our relationship. Believe it or not, this arrangement has actually *improved* my husband's and my sex life---because I've been reminded, by getting to know a new (female) lover, that sex takes communication. And I get to experiment sexually with women. Yes, I have my cake and eat it too.

supergirl 4 years ago

Okay first of to all the men that come here crying and saying oh what's wrong with these low life women etc..HOW DARE YOU! If you really think about it, woman are better for each other then men are, because men can't grow up! Men in general don't help cook and clean and take care of young children, look at the media, men need to be babied! Also how many woman 1 in 4 girls are abused and sexually molested by (not all) are the pigs - please do not call us women names! A D**K is not everything you know!

Anyhow now that i got that out of the way...i'd like to state my issue, I always thought i was straight, I am inlove with a married woman, i love her so much i think about her every day for the past 7 years. I do not ever want her to leave her husband. I am happy to be with her on occasion if possible. Men fail to realize that being with another woman is more emotional for us girls/women its such a different experience, but I wish i could tell her...i feel so connected to her and i don't even talk to her... anymore, I wish i could make love to her not sex. But I also feel that i hate my body, i don't like how it looks...I am now in my 30's and find myself a bisexual...i just realized this. At night when i go to sleep i think of her warm breast in my mouth sometimes her lactating its so crazy! Is it possible if you think of someone all the time they think of you too? why do i love her so much and think about her all the time!

RIGHT ON SAYS 4 years ago


go figure 4 years ago

to ABSURD, what a loser you are. then again, NASTY WOMEN like you are EVERYWHERE now.

Tim 4 years ago men have to compete with bi-curious, lesbians, etc. To me it's no different if I came home to see my girlfriend or even worse my wife in the sack with either a man or woman. Essentially giving love or pysical attention to someone else. If a woman came and made passes at my wife in front of me I would treat her like a man. My wife is not my property she is my life partner.

confused says 4 years ago

half of these women now out there should have never been BORN in the first place. then again, GARBAGE is everywhere nowadays.

rob says 4 years ago

women experimenting with other women seems to be a big thing today, and with so many loser women that we have now, what a waste of humanity.

go figure says 4 years ago

women going for other women, and whatever happened to the good old days when women wanted men?.

Tracey 4 years ago

I'm not gay but my best friend is, she does lots of things I do, so I only think I give her something she like. Once a week we have what we call a lesbian night where I stay over and spend in with her. Sometime we go on a vacation and I am all hers at night. Must admit find her to be a great kisser. The only thing I won't allow her do is go inside my panties although I allow her to run her fingers around the edge.

SoVerySad 3 years ago

the new trend.

thisgenerationsux 3 years ago from nc

Its very simple why women are seeking out other women. Women are a bunch of narcissistic, heartless bitches who live for money and just adore a mans bad character traits. if a man is perverted, smartass, arrogant, mean, authoritative, or in a position of power that woman just loses her silly, worthless mind. but what happens is that about 2-3 years into it they start being abused either mentally or physically and the funny thing is that they act all shocked by it. so what happens is they get divorced and god forbid they actually seek out a good guy OH NO!! instead the dumb bitch immediately makes the blanket statement "i hate men they are all pigs" AND YET SHE IS THE ONE IN CONTROL. SHE IS THE ONE WITH A FUCKED UP HEART WHO WILL NEVER DESIRE A GOOD MAN. so what happens. just what you would expect. she starts going after women and you can see why the relationship didn't work out with the men because she acts the same way with the women. ever seen how butch and authoritative and smartass lots of lesbians are? why do you think that is? because most lesbians also act feminist and angry. i've seen it on a daily basis for crying out loud. every single lesbian i ever met had a bad father or stepfather in their life or had been treated badly by the MEN THEY CHOSE!!! so its less of a choice in my opinion and more of like a little kid pitching a hissy fit in the corner. thats what i think of every time i see a lesbian... i just think of some spoiled brat woman who didn't get her way with a man and just decides to wreck a womans life from now on. ahaha WELL GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!!!! the end. :)

thisgenerationsux 3 years ago from nc

what bothers me isn't that two women like each other. if 2 women are lesbians and dont have a problem with men then it doesn't even bother me. What im bothered by is how the women in this generation are all seeking out asshole men and money and refuse to go out with decent men. when they wise up instead of acknowledging their part in picking asshole men instead they get bitter and seek the first female they can find and all in the name of getting back at evil men who "are child molesters, have small dicks, stalkers, creepers, dont know how to be 'real men(whatever the fuck that means) " And when it comes down to it not all men are child molesters and perverts you ignorant damn bitches. Nowadays women have done everything they can to be as unfeminine as they can be and they seek out nothing but the worst in men and then complain about it later. YOU WOMEN ARE THE PROBLEM!! DONT LET YOUR FEMINIST BOOKS TELL YOU OTHERWISE!! I think some of the comments by men on here talking about "its so hard to talk to women now. you approach them and they wont talk to you or they walk away while cursing you " are spot on. Women do act like that constantly!! ive seen it repeatedly there is this stuck up and bitchy im on my period attitude nowadays and im fuckin sick of it. You women waste a mans time and energy and just sit around complaining INSTEAD OF PICKING A NICE MAN WHO DOESN'T HAVE ALL THE GLORIFIED 'MASCULINE' TRAITS YOU SO ADMIRE!!! YOU WOMEN COULD HAVE A GOOD MAN TOMARROW BUT YOU WOULDN'T MORE THAN LIKELY HAVE A MEATHEAD OR A MR MONEYBAGS AND GOD FORBID YOU JUDGE A MAN FOR HIS HEART. the guy who posted was right " god has created a new version of women in this past generation that is downright useless" Where are the feminine women who act like ladies and actually enjoy being a women?? where are the sweet ingrid bergmans of the world who wouldn't whine and moan"OMG I HAVE TO BABY A MAN!!!! I HAVE TO CHANGE MY OWN CHILDRENS DIAPERS OMG!! I CANT BARE TO THINK OF BEING A MOTHER OR A WIFE!!" instead men are left with bulldykes like the lady on Millionaire Matchmaker who has such a fucking bad attitude she is the exact epitome of how unnattractive and bitchy most women act like nowadays. Hell you have to find a woman from 18-23 nowadays because anything older than that is jaded, dating a prick, pregnant with 4 kids, or spends her time trying to fuck females. Its a beautiful world isn't it?!!!!!!

DudeGetOverIt 3 years ago

I swear I never realized, until now, that there were so many whiny, bitter, crybaby men out there this angry and blaming gay women for their inability to attract and keep women. Sounds like to me, if anything.. .you're the goddamn losers. Maybe when u can someday manage to attract a woman, then you can get a life and stop all the damn whining about how " GAY W OMEN ARE TAKING ALL THE CHIX !" That's absurd and you have nothing to support that bullshit, but the mere fact that you cant get a date. Sounds like a personal problem. Look in the mirror and stop hating on lesbians.

AbsolutelyTheTruth 3 years ago

well there are certainly much more women nowadays that are into other women, and i guess that many of you women out there that are Gay have been very badly abused by men at one time or another. the Lesbian population has very seriously gotten out control these days which it does certainly make it much harder for us straight men that are really looking to meet a good straight woman to have a life with, and why on earth would we ever blame ourselves in the first place? what did we do so Wrong?, and excuse me for being a straight man that would love to share my life with a woman.

Seriously 3 years ago

Boy it certainly sucks for us Straight Guys looking for a real good woman these days.

Sad But Very True 3 years ago

To Dude Get Over It, Your A Real Loser Yourself.

Truman C. 15 months ago

Ohhh STOP IT!!

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