The Gift The Man I Called Dad Gave Me

The Man I Called Dad

He was not the man who brought me into this world, he married my mom when I was 2, he was the only man I knew growing up as dad though. It was not his temperament or style to compliment or encourage. He was not highly educated but he knew everything he needed to know to be a good dad.  He was not compassionate, however he was passionate about so many things in life.

The Man I Called Dad

As a younger man
As a younger man
Later in life
Later in life

HIs Passions In Life

The man I called dad was passionate about God and His Laws. Insufferable of a wrong doing he was always quick to right a wrong, punishment was swift, he may not have know how to show the compassion, but he knew the passion of what it meant to do the right thing and why.

He was passionate about honesty, hard work, and nature. A day never passed he did not toil in the fields, planting crops, raising livestock, and interacting with nature. Making sure we always had everything we needed. We always had a roof over our heads, fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh milk and meat. This is what he did day in and day out, our needs were his labours of love.

The Legacy

His passions were not his gifts to us, it was however the legacy he left behind, the seeds planted in our hearts and minds to grow for future use. We were unappreciative of his passions at times, wanting something different, not always recognizing the true value of the passions he shared with us each day just by being there.

The Gift

siblings, mom and me
siblings, mom and me
neices, nephews, mom (& me)
neices, nephews, mom (& me)

The Real Gift

True gifts sometimes manifest in their own time and space, when you least expect them. At the time of his passing all of his descendants came together in one place (except 1 in military training). 10 children including me, 31 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. Mom assembled us all together and told us grandpa had a gift for all of his grandchildren. A stack of T-shirts was brought out from his closet and from oldest to youngest they were given an opportunity to select a T-shirt. The most sought after gifts were the ones with the grease from working on something, the ones with the paint from one of his many projects, the ones with the stain from wiping on it as he worked. He had left a gift of his labours of love and memories to be cherished and each grandchild wore with pride the stained, worn and tarnished t-shirts.

The other gift he gave was another that was there with us each and every day, so easily overlooked and taken for granted....each other. I appreciate my 2 brothers, 7 sisters and much more than 31 nieces and nephews as the numbers continue to grow.

I appreciate these gifts as well as the seeds he planted I am now seeing burst into full bloom within each of our hearts and minds. I appreciate the man I call Dad sitting here with me now, guiding me to share this gift of love and compassion. Thank you!

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Comments 23 comments

Gina 7 years ago

You have a wonderful way with words. Well stated! Thanks for sharing

Wayne's Aunt Jean Casper 7 years ago

Beautifully written. I know Wayne's loss of his own Dad (my brother) by drowning when he and his sisters were young was hard, because I was only 11 years old when I lost mine. Keep up your pursuit of the written word.

ripplemaker profile image

ripplemaker 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

Beautiful tribute to your dad :-) And appreciation with love goes a long, long way.

emohealer profile image

emohealer 7 years ago from South Carolina Author

Thank you for the kind words, it is a blessing for me to be able to share what is in my heart.

Mighty Mom profile image

Mighty Mom 7 years ago from Where Left is Right, CA

Hello emohealer, I am so glad you found your way to my Fatherless Fathers Day hub and introduced yourself. My father, too, did not sire me. I was adopted. So I understand what you are saying about him being the only father you ever knew.

I really relate to the values your father held dear. And our dads not being as compassionate as we might have wished. But in the end, you look back and see that everything they did was true to THEM and thus very, very valuable to us.

Love the t-shirt giveaway! Love your writing. You've got a new fan! MM

emohealer profile image

emohealer 7 years ago from South Carolina Author

Thank you so much Mighty Mom for sharing your common experiences as well as becoming a fan. Love your pen name by the way, that is awesome!

pat 7 years ago

A great tribute to my Brother. I miss him. You wrote it so well. Love you

emohealer profile image

emohealer 7 years ago from South Carolina Author

You're welcome Aunt Pat. Love you too.

LondonGirl profile image

LondonGirl 7 years ago from London

Wonderful hub - being a Dad isn't about genes, I strongly believe.

emohealer profile image

emohealer 7 years ago from South Carolina Author

Thank you so much.  You are right being a father is about the genes, (I found mine later in life and he is still here). 

 Being a dad is so much more, the words here only begin to give justice to the meaning

metaphysician profile image

metaphysician 7 years ago

Thanks for sharing this beautiful story of your life. Dad always be there!

emohealer profile image

emohealer 7 years ago from South Carolina Author

Thank you metaphysician for reading, I appreciate your comment.

green light profile image

green light 7 years ago from Orange County, CA

Beautiful! It has long been my desire to be able to pay tribute to the wonderful kind-hearted man I called Daddy!

Keep on inspiring others!

emohealer profile image

emohealer 7 years ago from South Carolina Author

green light,

Please follow that inspiration and pay that tribute to that wonderful man in your life, it is a gift that gives in every direction like the rays of the sun. Love and Light, Keep Shining so brightly and let your light be seen and shared by everyone!

ladyjane1 profile image

ladyjane1 6 years ago from Texas

great tribute and beautifully written.

emohealer profile image

emohealer 6 years ago from South Carolina Author


Thank You for finding this tribute to the man I called Dad. He was not my biological dad, but the amazing man who raised me and taught me about life. So glad you appreciated the tribute to a fantastic Dad.

HubCrafter profile image

HubCrafter 6 years ago from Arizona

Hi emo:

It is lovely to hear how you have transformed your father's passion into a compassion which you can use.

The rules and the rights are not hugs. But you have found in this need a place to give.

The Commandments were not meant as hugs either. They were a warning. Yet we cannot love a warning...even if it is true and for our good.

I heard about right and wrong from a father who had experienced such pain and hurt..that this gentle man could not say what was most important in his heart.

He loved me. I know this now. He's long since passed on. But I know the truth. He loved me but was unable to say the words.

And I loved him but as the years went grew harder to say. Excuses cannot cover or explain away the regret I have. It's resolved; the guilt and shame I knew while he's all been left at Jesus feet. I can't carry that burden anymore.

I love my father. He is no longer here to hear it. So I'll tell everyone and anyone who will hear. I love him.

I Thank God for a father's love.

shirley davis 6 years ago

A beautiful tribute to my brother. I saw him in a totally different light, until he passed, and I started thinking about things.He was different, but I guess it woud be pretty boreing if that were not the case. You wrote the article so well, it was beautiful. I miss hime, but didn't understand him. Love you, Aunt Shirley

emohealer profile image

emohealer 6 years ago from South Carolina Author

Thank You so much Aunt Shirley for sharing your thoughts here as well. Each of our perspectives are equally important and true. Noone in our family is boring, aint that great? I miss him too and once again isn't great we do not have to understand. I Love You so much Aunt Shirley and am so blessed to be part of the same family

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 6 years ago

We are lucky , are we not, to have known such love.Nice hub...

saddlerider1 profile image

saddlerider1 6 years ago

What a wonderful tribute to your Dad. He reads like a wonderful, caring and generous human being. You were so fortunate to have shared your life and his with you. Many don't have that luck. I wish my dad had loved me like yours did, he left when I was 10 and I never saw him again till I was 25 and we spent some time together, but my childhood was lost without him. Peace my friend and thank you for sharing your blessings.

ralwus 6 years ago

A most wonderful tribute. thanks for sharing it. CC

Fluffy77 profile image

Fluffy77 5 years ago from Enterprise, OR

This is so touching and beautiful. I have had some similar Hub ideas, but published only one so far. My elders are getting older and have many life threatening health issues now. You touch on so many of the things I deal with myself everyday, thank you for sharing this here with us, very much so appreciated!

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