The Many Tales of Pinky

Wondrously and Marvelously Made


Wondrously and Marvelously Made by God



I am somebody, I am somebody!!

My self-worth is not according to the worlds standards

My self-worth comes from God


I am created in the image of God

I am wondrously and marvelously made

Everything about me is the way God designed me to be


I will no longer be a victim to negative thoughts

I will no longer be a victim to negative words

Every negative thought and or word that has ever

Been spoken over my life out of ignorance I erase

From my heart and my mind


Because I am a child of God

I am a part of Gods promises

Which tell me


I am a chosen generation

I am a Royal Priesthood

I am a Peculiar people

I can do all things through Christ

That strengthens me.


I am “Wondrously and Marvelously Made by God”

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k@ri profile image

k@ri 7 years ago from Sunny Southern California

Beautiful and Lovely!

LPinky profile image

LPinky 7 years ago Author

Thank You Kari

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