The Pregnant Man - Right or Wrong?

The Pregnant Man

Thomas Beatie, the transgendered Oregon pregnant man, has been the center of attention across the media for quite a while now. Why? He recently gave birth to a baby girl with his wife Nancy.

Thomas, who was born Tracy, (see below) was a finalist in the Miss Hawaii Teen USA contest many years ago. 10 years after the Miss USA contest, Thomas decided to have a sex change or "sexual realignment surgery" as it's referred to these days. Shortly after the surgery, Thomas met Nancy and they decided to get married. Nancy, then a mother of two, no longer had a uterus but wanted to be a mother again. Thomas was then artificially inseminated from an anonymous donor and became a mother.

Although this story may sound strange the word "mother" is such a generic term. We now have birth mothers, genetic mothers and gestational mothers. There are egg donors and surrogates as well as sisters delivering their own nieces.

Whether you like it or not, you better be ready for more of Mr. Beatie, Nancy and their baby. September Films, an established specialist in factual entertainment, documentaries & reality programming, bought the rights to "The Pregnant Man", a documentary on Thomas's life from his birth to his child's birth. Keep an eye out for this one. It's almost as fun as John & Kate plus 8!

From what I have read, it seems that people are having a tough time with this one. Not because Thomas is a transgendered male that gave birth to a baby but because he has made his life a circus show. Transsexuality is a very real phenomena but is posing for nude pictures, doing talk shows and hiring press agents fair to the child's life in the future?

I'll let you, the reader, be the judge on this one. Exploitation or not?

Also, did I mention that he has a book coming out?

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camedmondson profile image

camedmondson 8 years ago from Hollywood

I hate that this story has gotten the "pregnant man" title. Your gender is determined by the junk you were born with. Until they're growing complete functioning sets of genitals in labs, dudes are dudes and chicks are chicks, no matter what you sew on or scoop out.

Tim Connor 8 years ago

So it's determined by fully functioning genitals Cam? I assume you mean gonads, actually, since genitals can be formed surgically, whereas gonads cannot.

In that case, women with hysterectomies? Or guys with testicular cancer who have gotten the snip? Or people born without fully functioning gonads? Or even better people born intergendered, or with indeterminate gender, such as one set of gonads and the opposite genitals.

epictruth profile image

epictruth 8 years ago from Frisco Author

Thanks for the comments guys. Maybe having a pregnant father or dad in the future won't seem to strange to the world. I've learned to expect everything that's unexpected in life.

livelonger profile image

livelonger 8 years ago from San Francisco

I disagree with Cam. If people really feel 100% natural in the opposite gender they were born with, they should be able to change it to whatever's possible surgically. Gender dysphoria is well-studied and exists even if we can not personally sympathize with it. I'm not sure who would think this man having a baby is wrong, and what arguments they would put forth. I would think only "transsexual purists" would be offended, but I think the biggest complainers are the religious. Don't they recognize him as a her anyway?

sschilke profile image

sschilke 8 years ago

epic truth,

I don't know what all the fuss is about. If "He" is giving birth to child, I guess "He" is really still a She.


talented_ink profile image

talented_ink 8 years ago from USA

I don't normally agree with sschilke(kidding), but he's right about "he/she". I also don't think that using the pregnancy for fame and fortune is fair to "his" wife or "his" child.

epictruth profile image

epictruth 8 years ago from Frisco Author

@sschilke - You are absolutely correct and I hope it doesn't seem like I am taking a stance one way or the other regarding the idea of a "Pregnant Man". Although he is technically a she I think the concept confuses and disturbs people. The only thing I have questioned in my mind is the motive or reasoning for wanting to drag your family through the mud. I always find publicity stunts to be a bit selfish and unfair and they end up hurting others. (In this case it will be his child/wife as talented_ink stated)

Thank you very much for your posts! I'm waiting for someone to tackle the idea that going public with his "story" was the right thing to do.

Ann Smith profile image

Ann Smith 8 years ago from Southeastern U.S.

I totally disagree with the way the media has portrayed this story. This is a woman who wants to be a man, but who gave birth with female parts that she was born with -- so it is NOT a man giving birth.

epictruth profile image

epictruth 8 years ago from Frisco Author

Ann - I agree with you. It's definitely getting portrayed in an unfair way but I guess my question is why she felt that she needed to make it a public matter and exploit it. Any thoughts as to why?

LyndseyLou profile image

LyndseyLou 8 years ago

I completely feel that if a person wants to change genders, it is up to them, but in this case it simply angers me!  She/He obviously changed from a she to a he for a reason, but make up your mind!  Either be a man or be a women!

Sibli Luaxessna profile image

Sibli Luaxessna 7 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

I agree 99% with Ann Smith, maybe even 100%, my transgender MTF friend also agrees.

This is a man in a woman’s body, until he is completely a man he is still in between techically the miracle of man birth has still not happened but we wish them well.

Thanks for the HUB

epictruth profile image

epictruth 7 years ago from Frisco Author

Good point. Thanks for your note. :)

eloise gilleylen 7 years ago

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sheena 7 years ago

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Gurmesa Awas 6 years ago

If he give brith child,he become "she"

From Ethiopia

deepakkumaarr 6 years ago

This is the first time i have seen a interesting article

Shila the Jesus freak 6 years ago

I personally think that people should have their gender changed because God made u a he or she for a reason. But people do what they want to now in days.

Shila the Jesus freak 6 years ago

I meant shouldn't have their gender changed

Ya Sera Cham 5 years ago

I hate such kind of person, any way i don't consider such people human, they are spirit and people i mean human being should not copy them.

Killarny 4 years ago

You guys are unnervingly idiotic, If He decided he was a man, then get over it and mind your own bloody business.

What they did, they did because they wanted a family.

legally, Thomas is a male, so stop all this "he's a she" nonsense.

It's their life, get your noses out of it.

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