The Royal Wedding – Britain’s spectacle to the World

Can there ever be an African princess?

Ahh! Prince Wills and Kate are getting married. Whoopee! We all love a Royal wedding involving a handsome prince and beautiful princess. Certainly, William and Harry the sons of the much adored but tragic Lady Di has been a breath of fresh air in relation to the stuffy pomp of their older family members. I can never forget the Queen’s belated and cold response to Diana’s death and as for her hubby the Duke of Edinburgh, there are few words left to describe his notorious lack of political correctness.

In the multicultural society that is now Britain alongside its colonial legacy, it strikes me that the position of Royal family member remains predominantly devoid of colour and I mean any colour. While the UK is not a republic, it does have a Prime Minister and democratically voted political parties which run the country. Surely the days of appropriate blood lines are no longer relevant. In any other social circle such inbreeding would be scorned upon and it must be a logistical nightmare finding cousins far enough removed from each other as not to challenge the laws of nature.

While I appreciate their role as retainers and protectors of the country’s long and proud heritage and that tradition as strict governance is adverse to interference, it cannot be ignored that the Royal family is inherent of a number of foreign invaders with the Vikings, French and Roman’s being the most notable. The last 70 years has seen a modern equivalent of these historical ethnic fusions from all corners of Britain’s former Commonwealth yet, very little of this new populous have been integrated into the ‘blue blood’ classes. Britain portrays itself as a modern, inclusive democracy where strict laws govern discrimination against race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, disability and any other thing you can muster. Yet it appears that the pinnacle of this country’s class system, the Royal aristocracy, fail to embody these beliefs. The fact is that today, the Royal family’s main business is to sustain a Disney-like attraction for the UK tourist industry. In which case, the continuation of only employing close family members is surely an unethical practice.

William is definitely a well groomed young man having the charm and smile of his mother although the only discernable feature attributable to his father seems to be that balding head. Harry on the other hand is definitely ‘my man’. Again he has that likeable personality that made his mother so loved but with a slightly rebellious edge more akin to a notable close friend of Princess Di… I am sure you are aware of the rumours. Pictured drunk falling out of a late night club, caught wearing a Nazi uniform at a fancy dress party (presumably he was misled into seeking ideas from his grandfather) and always ready to join the troops in battle, he comes across as a mortal human being befitting of a modern day prince. Could he be the first Royal to break the mould? I will not be holding my breath. His mother’s growing affection for a member of the Al Fayed family seemed to be an unwelcome infestation in Royal circles and their growing angst culminated in her early departure from this life. When you consider that despite so-called independent inquires concluding that her death was accidental, many people continue to believe it was predetermined by powers that exists above our general laws. Certainly, since that devastating event, it has been back to business as usual in Royal terms with the reassertion of their key rule – exclusivity.

While I will probably be drawn in by the regalia and romance of Will and Kate’s wedding, the Royal family remain slightly tainted in my view by their failure to be reflective of modern UK society. I have no hidden agenda nor do I have any personal grievance against our Royals, there is no harm in the magic and aura of their existence. I have heard many overseas visitors express their envy at not having the same in their countries. However, if Britain truly believes in an integrated harmonious multicultural society without ‘glass ceilings’ then surely this has to be reflected at all social levels including the very highest echelon - the Royal family. While this might horrify staunch traditionalists, I believe the cohesive impact on British society would be immense as would its diplomatic standing across the globe.

Can there ever be an African Royal princess?

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Jefsaid profile image

Jefsaid 5 years ago from London, UK Author

If only, just for the entertainment value...

PrairieGayCompanion 5 years ago

A very interesting blog. It begs the point of how much damage the exploding head of Prince Phillip would cause is Harry were to present a girlfriend of color.

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