The Top 10 Questions to Ask your boyfriend (if you want him to run)


Number 10: Do you like my Butt?

-This is a classic. Who has not heard this question at least once or twice? The best advice I can offer is to say yes, but if it's about another girl, the answer better be no.

Number 9: Wanna go shopping?

-No one likes to going shopping with a woman.They take their sweet time on everything, and they have to ask your opinion on everything. Who cares? Its shoes?

Number 8: What do you say to your friend joining the fun, in bed?

-This is not a normal question, she maybe sitting you up in a trap. Becareful.

Number 7: If we were a celebrity couple who would we be?

-Oh boy, I would answer with some couple she admires, make sure the woman is beautiful, not just the man. This also could set you up to dry.

Number 6: Have you ever cheated on a girlfriend before?

-The best advice guys, is to answer no, even if you have. This question could lead to mistrust in the relationship from then on. She will also bring this up if she thinks you have cheated or to gain her point in an arguement.

Number 5: What would you do if you were around a bunch of starving blondes?

-Well, One must feed the hungry. :)

Number 4: How many people have you been sexually active with?

-Try and think of how many you actually have had sex with and divde that by two, then give her that answer.

Number 3:Can you help me understand a electronic device ?

-If you have no idea, dont try and act like you do. It just makes her more frustrated. Just send her to the electronic store.

Number 2: Will you marry me one day?

-I was asked this once. After only 2 months into the relationship. Man, I didn't know that I could run that fast.

AND NUMBER 1: Would you tattoo my name on your body?

-That's it. The is worst questions to ask your boyfriend.

.These are absolute no-nos. There are plenty of questions you can ask without scaring him away. As for you guys, the next time I'm on Hub I will teach you how to handle and react best to these annoying testing- questions. Until then, weigh out every answer. A wrong one could get you into deep....DEEP ..trouble.


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LizzyBoo profile image

LizzyBoo 6 years ago from Czech Republic

Hey dear!

I just so enjoyed your 10 questions!! Some of them are really cool and can spice up the relationship well. Thank you for sharing your work! Excellent!


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