The Traveling Leaf

After my last post things have been pretty quiet. There have been the usual "ding-bat" text message, emails etc. She is still not allowed on the property but continues to try and find her way back in to control the household that she was once a member of.

Last Thursday we arrived home from work to find that there was no hyper little dog to greet us. It was the ex's day to pick up her son. Not only did she take her son but she alos took the younger of the two dogs that lives with us. One of the dogs that she left in 2008 after she cheated and left

A few text message were exchanged and she once again has taken something from this house that doesn't belong to her. She was advised that there will no longer be unsupervised pick ups or drop offs. She turned this into a custody battle and adivsed that the boy stated that he wants to live with her full time (lie) and how that is going to cost his father. I don't get why money seems to run her life. That's all she seems to care about. It seems that she had a child with the man that I am now inlove with just so that she would have security.

The dog was returned the following Saturday when the boy came home.

She picked up her son again yesterday. She went against our wishes and showed up at the house when we were not home. If she can get out of work early just to defy her son's Fahter's request then she can get out of work early enough to pick the boy up at school on her days.

This is the email she sent after she got home. This is how she is utilizing her time with her son.

I have xxxxxxxxx. I retrieved him from your house and remained well within my liberties by parking on the street so as not to touch your property. However, I feel compelled to notify you that we did take something from the premises. Well, we actually didn't know that we took it. When we got to our house, I was getting out of the car and I noticed a leaf on the side of the door. Now I know my leafs and this leaf was clearly a Scarborough leaf. And to expand even further, I am almost certain that it was a leaf that fell from a tree that hovers on your property. Therein lies my dilemma. I have something that I inadvertently took from your property and I just want you to be assured that I have every intention of returning it to you. I cannot commit to returning it in the same condition as it was just before if flew from your lawn on to my car door. This I regret. If you'd like, when I return the leaf that is clearly yours, I will include a leaf that is clearly mine, as a trade and as an extension of good faith. Please let me know if this is acceptable. Hopefully we are able to work through this tragic circumstance without having to involve Scarborough's finest.
Thank You.

This email is clearly harassment and when it's proven to be harassment by "Scarborough's finest" hopefully she'll stop.  "Scarborough's finest" as well as her town's finest have been contacted and have contacted her in the past.  She obviously didn't take it seriously.  Maybe she will when charges are filed against her.

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hair bender profile image

hair bender 5 years ago

This woman has to be my husband's ex-wife! By all means, turn her in! Sometimes these crazies need a kick in the butt to realize that this is called harassment!!!! ALWAYS save EVERY message be it text or phone so that you have a record to show to the court. That will be your best defense. Also, keep a log of every time you pick your son up and drop him off. It may seem petty but that is what courts will look at.

needadvice1981 profile image

needadvice1981 5 years ago Author

The state I live in is useless when trying to prove harassment or wrong doing with a "mother". All of the emails, text messages and other documents are worthless.

And where this situation is no laughing matter, I found your comment to be hysterical. So, thank you.

hair bender profile image

hair bender 5 years ago

I have never understood the fact that a person who has a uterus and can give birth is the automatic better parent. There are so many more and better qualified parents that are of the male persuasion. Men often get the worse part of a divorce-they are the ones ordered to pay support for children and even if the children are not living at home but in college and living on their own. I know of what I speak. My husband was ordered to pay child support until his son was 23 as long as he was in college. There was never any wording that made it that he had to live at home. But who got the money? The ex-wife who financed many of her long distance relationships trips. In fact, our child support went one month for our son to go to Puerto Rico for Christmas. How is that support? Make sure you have an excellent lawyer because the woman will shaft the father in a heartbeat! Glad my comments could bring some levity into your life. Keep your chin up and live the best life that you can. That WILL burn her butt in the end!

needadvice1981 profile image

needadvice1981 5 years ago Author

I don't want to take her biological rights away from her but I really would like to prevent her from caring on the way she does. I don't want the child to be runied by the behavior. The child's father and I are very happy and it does bother her... secretly I LOVE that it bothers her but on the other hand why does she even care? I guess it would help if I also had her sickness so that I could better unserstand her. She created the situation that she's in. She didn't want to be married, she left, moved in with one of the men she was "with" when she was married and is now engaged, again. This is what she wanted. So what's the deal?

I just keep a smile on my face, love the man I'm with and do all that I can for the child.

Your comments have been great and are really appreciated.

hair bender profile image

hair bender 5 years ago

I sometimes wish, too, that I had her disease so I could understand but that would make me no better than her. It bothers her because she threw away a good husband and father and she thought no one else would want him. WRONG!!!

If I had followed my heart, I would be the first and only wife of my husband but I have him now.

Just keep smiling because you know that you are his true mate!

hair bender profile image

hair bender 4 years ago

Just wanted to check in and see how things are going. haven't seen any new post so maybe things have calmed down?

needadvice1981 profile image

needadvice1981 4 years ago Author

Thank you SO much for checking in. Things have not calmed down at all. We are now expecting what will be my first child and she has yet again found a way to try and make it about her.

How are things on your end?

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