The Wisdom of Friendship

The Ultimate Teacher

Life is the ultimate teacher, through trial and error we leave imprints left behind like bread crumbs. Messages are sent to us even beyond the breath of life. We can choose to embrace what is shown to us, or to forever ignore the messages that are given. Only we as individuals can determine how and when our mind will be open to the wonderment of life.

The Message From Beyond

Sabrina Tells All - RW Advancements
Sabrina Tells All - RW Advancements | Source

One More Laugh, Smile, Moment

By: Sabrina Delaney

* * * * *

One more moment

I long to have

Just a call away

Many things I had to say

* * * * *

I thought that we had time

We let it tick away

We kept putting things off

Just one more day

* * * * *

The days have ended

No more time to play

I look back with resentment

I did not make the time to say

* * * * *

I love you my friend

I have learned my lesson

This moment is for you

I have taken my cue

* * * * *

Moments, never to again delay

Thank you for the wisdom

The reminder to never put to bay

Something so very special in a meaningful way

* * * * *

Sabrina Tells All

Life Event and Wedding Planning - Capturing moments that last.
Life Event and Wedding Planning - Capturing moments that last. | Source

Celebrate Life and Reflect

There are so many emotions that at times we become overwhelmed. Some are provided within the moment and others are messages provided when it is too late to change what has happened. Do we choose to live with regret or to learn from the teachings of life? Regrets seem to never become resolved and complicate the clarity of what we need to learn.

When we embrace the teachings of life, we continue to grow through experiences that are messages sent to us. Is it a message in a bottle? Do we need the message to be physically sent to us? Are we open to the possibility that our message from within the bottle is invisible, yet sent to us directly? It is the bonds of love and friendships that may perhaps travel through a dimension we have not yet traveled. Can you hear yours?

- Sabrina Delaney - Sabrina Tells All -

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bingskee profile image

bingskee 3 years ago from Quezon City, Philippines

I choose to learn from the teachings of life no matter how challenging it would seem. :)

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