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In this seemingly chaotic environment that we live in today, is there anything that can-be relied upon, draw strength from and keep unchanged? Such a possibility is alluring, to say the least. It would provide a meaning to life, the desire to keep going and an ability to lead. If you could wonder what it can be? It is "Inner Belief".

It is the inner belief that everyone should hold on to, against all odds. Before Mahatma Gandhi championed the freedom movement in India, it was a big dream for everyone but he made the big dream come true.Before he could make it a reality, it existed only as a belief in his mind. That it got converted into action through the unflinching support of many is a matter detail, very important though. But the key is "Where did it all start?" What is the seed that grew into a strong tree and gave fruit? It is the core belief that Mahatma had that he will succeed in his effort to make this nation truly free. If one has that kind of unbending belief, to the point of it being dogmatic, I believe anything can be "Willed into existence". I think anyone will disagree to this point. But here the question is how deeply committed one is to make that dream come true. More often than not, we find people being very touchy about what others think of them and hence lead "a life of compliance", compromising their inner beliefs in order not be accepted in society.


Such people can very easily be taken advantage of because they fall into a predictable pattern of low-risk factor, low-return behavior. They follow the herd and are content to be cohorts. If someone says they are no good, they feel worthless and depressed. They are too scared of failures to believe that they can accomplish something worthwhile. They live ordinary lives and are a part of the "also-rans". But it is the people who believe in their inner abilities and work towards their goals who accomplish their objectives.That gives them a meaning in life. They are too busy to be worried about what others think of them, they have a vision in life and have several worthy missions to realize it. They are the true leaders, and they are fewer in number compared to the happy-to-be-surviving lot but shape up the destiny of mankind through their convictions.


It only takes a moment to make that important transformation in one's life. To believe and lead than to waver and follow, it is our own mind and we can believe what we choose to. There may be a lot of hardships one may have to encounter along the way in being a successful, inspiring leader but the journey itself is rewarding because true leaders are happy by choice not by chance. To them happiness is a decision they take rather than a result of any event happening in their lives.

The joy of creating something out of nothing keeps them going all the way.

Why not we join them for in" life we don't get a second chance".

great saying of steve jobs


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Julie A. Johnson profile image

Julie A. Johnson 8 years ago from Duluth, MN


I love the last quote you use in "life we don't get a second chance." Very inspirational and thoughtful! I invite you to read my hub "Important lessons I Learned from Children". I think you will appreciate ie. Nice hub, keep writing! Julie

eswar profile image

eswar 8 years ago from India Author

Thanks a lot for your comments.

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