The Beastly Lust

The Beastly Lust

The most powerful thing driving man to beastly things is lust. The sin in the world credits to its account plus points, if it takes help of lust. The inferior behaviour, the humiliation of self and the hate of others is related with lust. And there is no way to control the lust, but not to go near to it.

Imagine a world where the mind is kept shut not to let thoughts channelize towards lust. There will be no sin, and this beast will be chained and held chained, and piety will advance to engulf the holder, and virtue will kiss his apron.

And God says in Aayet 3.14: ‘Their wives, daughters, the hoards of gold and silver and horses and cattle and fields of harvest are but a few benefits of this world. The best abode is only in the God’s stay house......’

So it can be imagined the abode created in the heavens to the God’s standards must be a world of abode free of lust; a place of far greater blessings that had its origin and end in heaven and was beyond the lust infested world on earth and the difference between heaven and the world was the absence or the presence of lust. In one place there was the inundation and the infestation of lust and in the other place it was void and filled with other manifestations.

And God encourages being of chaste and free of lust by alluring; ‘there are clean and tidy wives in the paradise for the chaste, in Aayet 3.15 of the Holy Quran. Meaning lust free days on earth are to be converted into pleasant days in paradise.

But further to it the man has to be considerate, there must be some freedom given to and enjoyed by those chaste Hoors in the God’s created paradise which breathes and senses and protests and aspires. The Hoors cannot be an automated Robot to be allocated and tagged as a property of a chaste and his degree of chasteness must be the criteria for limiting the choice on the Hoors. And they aught are a creation that deployed feelings and judgments to choose and discard less chaste of the world when they reached to the Paradise. However they were there in the service of the chaste. And in spite of God’s promises of wives and His approvals of wives escorting the chaste in the Paradise there are contradictions on their numbers and their allocations in the world on the chaste.

There are some religions which do not permit marriage with more than one woman and this may be in an endeavour to control lust and concentrate on love for the wife under bond. But it was a higher goal than attainable by the average virtue prevailing in and ruling the world of the average virtue. So God sent religion that which permitted marriage with more than one wives. Was this compromising with lust and letting it creep in, in the nature of man through the back door of laxity. Or was it that a necessity was obliged by the wizardly society and God approved of it. Or was it that keeping the average talent in mind the law in higher goal was relaxed and lust allowed in, enter in, but not treading with the massive boot, thumping the ground. And was it not that it did help in the ultimate in the case of the average man with one wife, when venues were sought by him.

And sin was a comparative thing. The act of marrying more than one wife was sin and a violation of the first degree, breaking the society norm and law in the Christian world and it was not permitted. But the Muslim jurisprudence and the law of Sharia permitted that. And if the intention of marrying more than one wife was the production of the children of virtue, that was noble indeed, and it was to be hailed. But if the intention was to creating a Harem, that was impermissible, but the religion generously looked the other way and it was not rated a debacle. And God exonerated Him for this accord to the general world by saying in Aayet 2.284.

“.....................and whatever is in your hearts whether you reveal it or hide it God will make you accountable for it, He may forgive whoever He likes and send punishment on whoever He likes and God is all capable of all things.”

So lust which is a hidden ill is known in lengths to God and He is warning to punish for even harbouring this ill in the hearts. And there is no good intentioned lust; lust is evil end to end. And the industry making pills for deriving long pleasure, flooding the market with them is little service to humanity; they only give birth to vices and sin. And it was better man naturally relied on his health and physique and in the set limitations and remained contended.

But lust had other faces. Lust for power stimulated the Jamat-e Islami in Pakistan to manoeuvre for power and they sent their men to join the army and the bureaucracy. It was not Islam in danger, but they raised the slogan of Islam in danger and there arose the Lal Masjid and the store house of arms in it built up and suicide bombers reared and joined them and they issued warnings to the state of its takeover and Fatwa from there blared to run the country and then came the guise of the Sunni Tehreek of the Sipah-e Sahaba; a disguised Wahabi Tehreek to control Pakistan and purge it of the Shias. And all that lust was financed and backed by the Saudi and the Saddami finances, channelling through that evil notion dictator; General Ziaul Haque, who was their extended arm.

And it was the lust for power that there were so many political parties in the country and the only factor common between them was the hate for each other. Though all having the same mandate of grab, howl and shout and run in the race for power and none Godly and none to raise the voice of reason to protect the ideology of truth. They were captives of their own created fallacy in making the stringent law of blasphemy. Under these harsh laws those who were accused of blasphemy even if acquitted, of which chances were rare, were forced to hide or leave Pakistan since they were to be lynched and killed.

And if Shias were so righteous and claimed they raised their party to protect Law of Sublimity, why did not their party raise voice against this stringent law destroying life on weak evidences and premises of accusations. This anti blasphemy law has given rise to harassment and persecution and why this party was so politically and socially dormant as to be nonexistent. Is Karbala not in front of them? Their alliance should not be made for convenience with the Islamists, but for arousing others to deal in arduous and remove injustice. Aayat 25: 27 to 29 determine punishment by God and Aayet 5.33 is about outright rebellion which mode determines their killing or banishment, but these are interpreted anti blasphemous and killing of the accused is determined imperative and it was the lust for power of the political parties and they hang on to it.

Imagine a world where mind was kept so pure, so clear of lust and desire that its chemistry was at the far end of the extremity where there was only innocence and piety. This was a world where pleasure was on automation to reach to the mind and that world was so pure that only relaxation of self and devotion towards prayer was pleasure and strange power came to follow the practicing of this cult. He became so pure that many dimensional worlds began revealing its aspects. He could fly in space and reach places in dream unseen of and unheard of, but they a reality. The vastness of Paradise with men angelic in their abodes and the lush green trees sending their cool, and the cell world of Hell with its sky and its earth and men turned creatures shaped in their sins all these were revealed to that fortunate for his gnosis and awareness.

And to the purest in piety - the lush non-materilisticlight - the Prophet of Islam, it was more than a dream that he encountered. It was a physical reality and he SAWW travelled beyond the edges of universe perceivable to the sidratul Muntaha and beyond that to the Qaba Qausaain. And in physical realities the Wali-ay Azam Hazrat Ali Als in his purities was that other light whose aid God was taking to to converese in his voice with the Prophet and it was his light which was filling spaces with his presence in the real world in more than 40 places simultaneously .This extent was possible for them since lust was naught and nonexistent in their existence where even its fibrous cardage could not reach. And for men of average ability the extent that was theirs and was possible, was by controlling the mind and relaxing the body and contentment made the vehicle to ride on. What a bliss this physical world was for the average man when that happening and he practicing that.


Sayed Athar Husain

Afkar-e Shia (Shia Thought)



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Aliabbas H. Syed 5 years ago

Lust is Evil, end to end. Amen to that. Two biggest evil: Money and Power.


SayedAthar Husain profile image

SayedAthar Husain 5 years ago from London Author

Dear Ali,

There is no chioce for us but to endorse the write up. Thank you for your wishes. I think the Shias have a greater duty in the world to the farther display of the control of lust and its issuing evils.

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