Things aren't as hard as they seem

Things aren't as hard as they seem


I am trying to remind myself that the world is not out to get me. Everything is always more complicated when your husband is deployed, but it does not mean the world is out to get you. Things I always thought were easy, and would remain easy, get a whole new degree of difficult. For example, the insurance needs to be paid. Usually, I can just sign in under his account and pay it without thinking about it twice, but this month, the first month he is not here to help out if I need it, the password is coming up as incorrect. Calling the insurance company was useless at first. I haven't had a chance to mail in the power of attorney that would give me unquestionable access to his account, so they can't help me and actually froze the account until he talks to them (fat chance from Afghanistan) or I mail in the paperwork to unlock it. Normally, mailing in the power of attorney wouldn't be a problem, but I am still visiting my parents in NH and the paperwork is in KY, I have no interest in driving home two weeks early because they do not have a way to help me out. After hanging up the phone, it dawned on me that I probably didn't get the help I needed because I had the attitude that they did not want to help me. I should have remembered from last time that explaining the situation, and what exactly it is I want to do (give them money), usually gets me the help I need to do the bare minimum and then paperwork can be dealt with at a later time. It worked of course. To pay them, you don't actually need access to the account, just a policy number, name, social security number, birthday, and a DNA sample. Okay, not a DNA sample, but close enough. Either way, if you know all the answers, which thankfully I did, you can pay them over the phone, set up an account (linked to your husband's) under your own name, and pay bills over that account. The only thing not on mine is the checking and saving accounts we do not use, no loss there. At least now I can pay my auto insurance bill without hacking his account and unlock his account when I get home in a couple weeks. It is amazing what you can accomplish when you realize that people generally do want to help you and if you can keep yourself patient enough to get around to the answers that you need things are generally easier than they might initially seem.

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