Think Before You Marry

Why love life and married life highly unsatisfactory.

I like to start writing with a story. A person goes to a mental hospital for a study, when he was passing through he saw a patient hanging from the roof and screaming, 'Deepa... Deepa...!' He asked the staff, why he screaming like this.? She explained, he was in deeply in love with a girl named Deepa, but she left him and married another man and he become mad.

As he moves on he saw another patient hanging from a ceiling fan and screaming 'Deepa..Deepa!', who is this..? he asked. He is the one who married that Deepa, answers staff.

Yes of course this is a good joke, but it will make us think about how unsatisfactory is our love and married life now a days. Especially married life. I think there are some reasons for this state. That i will share with you on the following capsuleSO, LETS HAVE A BREAK. HAVE A KIT KAT.

Forgetting vows on our way.

Looks Are Not Going To Work Yaarrr
Looks Are Not Going To Work Yaarrr
A game that ends before it starts!!!
A game that ends before it starts!!!

Reasons for unsatisfied Marriage.

In my view the first reason is our expectations. We all are thinking that if we got married or if we get a lover we will be happy. What a wrong thinking. Buildings are not Home. Books are not knowledge. A lamp is not light. Only when one lives lovingly in a house, it becomes a HOME. Only when we read books, we get KNOWLEDGE from it.

The same in marriage too. Happiness does not come from marrying a like minded boy or girl. And if we got married with the intution that HAPPINESS will come by marrying a particular person, we will start searching for that after marriage. And when we fail to find that we got disappointed.

Dear friends, marriage is also like a lamp.Only when husband and wife light it together it will bring illumination to your life....that is Happiness!!!

The second thing is our expression of LOVE. We try to express more through words than by our actions. We feel that saying those magical words I LOVE YOU!!! thousands times will make your partner happy. NOOOOOO!!!! Our difficulty is that we express our love too much after sometime we find that there is nothing more to express. It has emptied you. And after then even if you say OHH.... SWEET HEART HOW BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. She will feel the emptiness of those words. There begins the problem.

So beware, when love is expressed too much, it will be short lived. LOVE is like a SEED, you have to plant it and keep it under ground. You will never express it to much. Like that let your love not be over expressed through words. Then what will happen..??? Your love will blossom in your actions. In your presence they will feel that love. In any word spoken, they will feel your love.

I'm sure if you read till here... you need a break. So more about this on next hub.

Have a lovefull day!!!

A test to value your married life

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