Three Signs Your Relationship Is Over

Relationships. From the moment we are born we begin forming them with other human beings, and though they start out simply enough, they get pretty complicated pretty quickly. Romantic relationships are some of the most difficult relationships to form and maintain, and due to the feelings that run high in such trysts, it can be difficult to maintain perspective and know when it is time to leave a relationship, or even to tell when it effectively has already ended.

They don't call, and you don't care.

Remember the days when you were all smoochy and smooshy with one another, so much so that you couldn't bear to be away from one another, and when you were you were on the phone, and when you were on the phone it was almost impossible to get you to hang up? The old "You hang up" "No, You hang up," routine was your standard routine, and some nights you didn't hang up at all and just talked all night on the phone until you fell asleep, eventually waking up to the sound of the dial tone.

Nowadays they barely call, and you barely notice. Conversations are short, and possibly filled with bile, hatred, and sniping. This is a good sign that your relationship is no longer viable, or at the very least, that you are no longer interested in communication with one another. Death of communication often heralds the death of a relationship.

Sweet, Sweet Relief

If you instantly feel better when you leave their presence, as if a weight has been lifted, it might be time to consider ending things. Often people don't even realize that they are starting to simply feel bad around the other person. There can be a complimentary effect here too, as well as feeling better when you leave the other person's presence, you may also feel worse when you do enter their presence. Do you feel fine and happy until you pick up the phone and it is them? Or they appear at your doorstep and all of a sudden you are filled with tension, or possibly anxiety, or even anger?

Your body can give you many cues, so listen to them.

Bye Bye Sex Drive

A plummeting sex drive can indicate that you are no longer interested in your relationship. Be careful here however, as it may also indicate stress at work, a medical condition, or simply changing hormone levels. A lowered sex drive in combination with other factors however (like the overwhelming desire to toss a toaster in the bath when they're in it) can be an indicator that your relationship has run its course.

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pinkydoo profile image

pinkydoo 5 years ago from New York

I am happy to be the first to comment on this hub! It's great; what you wrote is so true on so many levels....yes, yes...gut instinct will tell you when a relationship is over, but you don't often listen...this hub has humor, too, which I always appreciate.

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