Three Types of Love

In the koine Greek languge, there are 3 words for love. First, you have eros love. This is a sex type love and can be emotional. The word, "erotica" comes from this word. Second, you have the Koine Greek word, "Philo". This is your "brotherly love" In the book of Revelation, one of the 7 churches mentioned is the church of Philidelpha, which is known for it's brotherly love. It means, "if you love me; I'll love you in return. It's a recipial form of love. Third, you have Agape love. Christ had this type of love. It's a love that's given and expects no return. The most effective of these three loves, in any relationship is, "Agape" love. If you try to build a relationship based on eros love; it will only last as long as you have an emotional or sexual contact. Philo love is only going to last as long as the person gives you love in return. But, Agape love will always last - because it expects nothing in return and has no conditions that come with it. What type of love is your relationship?

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Penfold 7 years ago

Just joined hub yesterday! Good stuff. I think I'll have to start my pages.

Littlechurchteen 6 years ago

I heard about this in church today, i have heard of all three types, and realised mine is philio, and agape, i love to love people, this really made me smile getting to hear something i could totally understand in church today

5 years ago

i like what little churchteen had to say.

OPEYEMI 5 years ago


Jason Joel 5 years ago

it impressed me when i read it.....that is very nice...

builty 5 years ago

i use to hear it from my lover but now i really understand it,i now know the differents

freda 5 years ago

i think my relationshp s base on agape love.

keith 5 years ago

missing storge. oh well.

Ray P Burriss profile image

Ray P Burriss 4 years ago from Chattanooga Author

OLUWATOBILOBA: A person who is a Christian, (a Christian is the only able to even try since it's really a Christ type of love, so only a Christian can try to practice it), but I've not really found a Christian who can do it 100% of the time, including me. But, at least the Christian can try, which is more than the non-Christian can do. Also keep in mind most Christians don't know the correct definition of Agape love. 4 years ago

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE OF GOD, whenever i think about this love i shear tears because this love is beyond my understanding without any condition or limit irrexpetive of who u are or who i was weather u wrong or u right, in all this we will always be HIS heart with unconditional love THKS MY LORD

Ray P Burriss profile image

Ray P Burriss 4 years ago from Chattanooga Author

Sorry to be so long in responding to your remarks, writing Hubs is just a hobby. Since I have to work, even though "retired", my time is limited. Anyway, what you are stating is really what Agape love is all about - unconditional love regardless of the circumstances.

Sarah 4 years ago

My love is very close to "Agape". He left me at a time when I most needed his companionship, we were married for 5 years, but I have forgiven him and still love him even though I'm no longer with him nor can I ever be. I'm but human, I feel pain sometimes, but for the most part I just love him and expect nothing from him in return. He doesn't even know.

elliza 4 years ago

haha wats so fuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Marko yel 4 years ago

Peaple always prefer koine love,becouse they doesn't understood it in a correct way.they have just compare it as when u work in goverment secture u gaine monthly salary,that is why the majority need it

jr. 4 years ago


learning 2 lov 3 years ago

as children of GOD all of us should strive to give agape love, but my dear i dont know if we will ever get there because trust me, its not an easy task. but he said ,i have overcome the world and he did it to show us that with GOD nothing is imposible. isnt he an awesome GOD?

moka 3 years ago

this program its gooddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

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