Wedding Reception Invitations - How to Write?

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table card
table card
wedding invitation
wedding invitation
wedding reception invitation
wedding reception invitation

The Wedding Reception Invitation

Wedding Reception Invitations are specifically written to inform your guests about the important details of the reception, this includes the venue, time and date in particular. Wordings for the wedding reception invitations can be formal or informal in style. It is a good practice to mention a landmark in the address of the venue; this is helpful for those who are not familiar to the location.

There is no reason to use traditional wedding invitation wording if you are having a non-traditional wedding, just make sure to include all the important details. For casual or romantic wedding, you can use a line or two of poetry.

Sample Wedding Invitation:

Please Join Us!
For the celebration of love, friendship, laughter and family as
Izra Aldemita
Francis Noah Aragon
Join their hands in holy matrimony
Saturday, June 16, 2010
4 o’clock in the afternoon
St. Luke’s Church
Martinsverg, Virginia
Redhorse and dessert reception to follow

Tips in Writing a Wedding Reception Invitation

The wedding reception invitation is the first taste your guest will get in your wedding.  If it is sub-standard, then they will have already conceptualized about what your wedding will be like.  Don’t ever let that happen and get your wedding invitation wording right the first time…

Tips on How to Write Your Wedding Reception Invitations

-          Purchase nice wedding cards stock, if you have two wedding invitations: one for the wedding and one for the reception, make sure that they match in style.

-          The first sentence of the wedding invitation should state who is inviting the guests to celebrate.  Always begin with the parent’s name of the bride and groom, if the couple is paying for the reception then spell out the couple’s full name.

-          Clearly print that you want your guests to celebrate at the reception.

-          Place a sentence at the bottom of the invitation that reads “A private wedding will precede the reception”

-          Never tell reception guests where the wedding will be held, they don’t need the information. 

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