To love you

W. K. Hayes

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My desire is...

To Love You

Warmth is the color of my love

Going far beyond and above

Ever true and forever faithful

Seeking hope and ever grateful

Full of love and full of joy

Truly happy without a ploy

No games to play except in bed

Or having fun but without dread

Love is listening to my angelic song

Guide me straight and never wrong

Happy is the day of my long life

To hold her close to make her my wife

Not simply just a passing phase

To spend together all our days

Laughing and sharing our dreams

In a world where all is as seems

Kissing, touching, deep within the night

Moving slowly in all that’s right

My love for you shall forever stay

To love you woman, in every way

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blondey profile image

blondey 3 years ago from Boston, MA

"No games to play except in bed" Nice line! And I like the part about being married, yes, that is indeeed a good poem about love and how it's not good to play games. Playing games only makes things much complicated and worse---If only us lovers could just tell each other the truth, lol! It would make it so much simpler. But as life would have it we are all very complex people.

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W. K. Hayes profile image

W. K. Hayes 3 years ago from Bryson City, North Carolina Author

Thanks Blondey....I'm really glad you enjoyed this.

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