Top 4 Things Women Want The Most From A Guy Pt. 2

1. Someone with a clean appearance. Women love a man who cares about his appearance and know how to maintain good hygiene. Keep your nails short, hair neat, shoes clean, etc. Women do look at every detail. So if you're thinking that you have a nice clean outfit on but your nails are dirty, then you can lose many points for that in her book. Give a lot of consideration to your physical image.


2. Someone who can show flattery. Compliment her on her eyes, hair, smile, personality, etc. Tell her how beautiful she looks. This is how you show flattery. Make her feel noticed and important. She will definitely appreciate it.

3. Someone who's intelligent. I don't think I need to explain to you guys how intelligence is important to a woman. You don't have to be a modern day Albert Einstein, but you should be able to have an intellectual conversation with her. Being a good decision maker and street smart is also a plus.

4. Someone who's romantic. Set up a candlelit dinner, set up a nice warm bubble bath with rose peddles, etc. Be creative. Your partner will appreciate your creativity.


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