Top 5 Mistakes Lonely People Make


It is easy to make friends when you are not making a lot of mistakes. You have to learn that having a friendship is like having a savings account. You have to put in more than you take, otherwise, you will end up with no savings at all. And if you put in a lot of effort into your friendships, and don’t take much out of them, you will soon discover that your effort is more than worth it.

The best way to learn how to take as little as possible, and give the most possible in a friendship, is to learn which mistakes you will have to avoid.

Let’s dive in!

First mistake: Never call!

The fastest way to lose contact with your friends is to never call to make plans. I know that you expect people to love you and call you every day, but it is probably not going to happen unless you make your friends addicted to you. And even though it is easy to do that, 99% of the people don’t know about the secret. So call your friends, because you have to show them that you are willing to put effort into the friendship.

Second mistake: Act too cool!

You know those movies, where the cool dude is hanging around the bar alone not talking to anyone, just acting cool? Yeah, that doesn’t happen in real life. In real life, you have to be fun! Not cool, FUN! There are times when you want to be cool; but 99% of the time you are going to give the most value to your friendships by making your friends have a lot of fun.

Everyone loves to be around fun people; become fun and your friendships will grow.

Third mistake: Being negative!

It is hard to make friends if every time you say anything, it is a negative thought. Do you enjoy being around negative people? I don’t think so. So why would you act negative? I don’t know. So just don’t.

Imagine being negative as sucking the life out of your friendship, you are doing the complete opposite as what you should be doing.

Fourth mistake: Being insecure!

I am not asking you to become a machine, but I am asking you to stop being insecure. Don’t be afraid of looking people in the eyes. Don’t talk softly.

Be loud, and if possible, louder than everyone else! Have the most fun, tell the funniest jokes, be self-deprecating sometimes! In life, you have to show that you don’t give a **** about what anyone thinks of you! And if you do that, you will see your friendships grow tremendously!

Fifth mistake: Being afraid of life!

Don’t be afraid of every sound you hear! Don’t be afraid of talking to people! Don’t be afraid of going into the nature! Don’t be afraid of having new experiences!

Look, to become a good friend you must be open to new experiences! You have to love life with your full heart, so that you can let people want to be near you!

Would you want to live life not leaving your house?

Would you want to hang out with someone that is afraid of going to new places?

Would you want to have a friend that never meets anyone outside his comfort zone?

I don’t think so. So don’t be THAT guy!


I hope you enjoy this HubPage! I worked hard when thinking about these! Please, visit the links I recommend you so that you can learn how to make more friends, easily!

By the way, I have a guide where I give a lot more tips too! You can check it out on the link section!

See you soon…

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Gaylene 7 years ago

Just wanted to say this is an excellent article - very helpful - working with a person with social anxiety disorder - relevant and workable

Michael 7 years ago

This sounds like a really good. But it is kind of hard to do when you're the person who is feeling this way. It's kind of like when someone who is alone in the world, no family, no wife or girl/boy friend, that they know what it's like to be alone.

theenigma411 profile image

theenigma411 7 years ago from New York

This has wonderful advice. I tried many of the things this Hub suggested and made plenty of friends since then. I did not read this Hub to do it, but I've realized that I did the tips in this Hub to reverse my loneliness.

BennyTheWriter profile image

BennyTheWriter 6 years ago from Northeastern U.S.A.

Great advice. I hope you come back and publish more hubs about friendship!

Ugly 6 years ago

Everybody is different in some way or another. Some people find friends in a heartbeat, while others take long time. A real friend is very hard to find and no general rules can simplify that. It can happen just like love, when you meet someone and have a feeling like you've known that person for whole your life and if it works the other way around you got yourself a chance to have a real friend.

nicetips 4 years ago

So all you have to do is stop being negative, insecure and afraid. It's so simple. Why have I never thought of this before?

who-is-william profile image

who-is-william 3 years ago

I just to have friends in elementary school... but lost all contacts in high school. They people out there weren't really friends but more just classmates. And in College I'm just lonewolf looking for money to leave this country and start a new life.

emilynemchick profile image

emilynemchick 3 years ago from Pittsburgh, PA

This is very true! I have in the past been very guilty of sitting around waiting for friends to make plans instead of making them myself. I do much better now and as a result, have a lot more fun!

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