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Physical beauty plays a vital part in making a man feel attracted to you when he is in love with you. Each and every action of yours makes him feel even more engrossed in you and it makes you feel happy to see him admiring your beautiful assets. But what makes you bewildered is his attitude after marriage. You feel your husband is overlooking your beauty and seems to seek something else in you .You sense that he is a totally changed person, no longer the easily satisfied lover, but an ever demanding husband. You see, a man always bow to care and attention and when he feels this aspect lacking in his wife he feels lost and befuddled.

Care is the most important aspect that your husband seeks after marriage. He seeks a mother in you and if you are able to satisfy his yearning of a maternal love, he feels satisfied and secure in his marriage. You should cook his favorite dish and you will get reciprocal feedback of pleased love from him. If you cook an indifferent meal, you get an apathetic and resentful silence from him. A man always feels cared for if his wife takes efforts to cook food which appeals to him and feels unloved when he is served an indifferent food.

You should understand that a man never bows for nagging. When you feel your husband doing something which you do not like, you start telling him where he is wrong .You do not stop there, you keep repeating it and your husband gets irritated by your constant nagging and that is when your husband starts hiding things from you as he fears your lashing tongue. When you feel you should say something about what he has done, do not tell your husband when he is off mood. He will retaliate in a vicious manner and you will be embedded in his mind as a perpetual nag, something you will not want to be.

Tenderness and softness in your attitude is something which your husband will never tire of .If you talk in a loud voice and behave in a manly manner, it will put him off. If you are utterly feminine in your behavior and have the capacity to boost his ego, then he becomes totally obsessed by you .Today the modern woman overlook this most important characteristic of marriage and go on about equality and women’s right. You are of course equal and more than equal to your husband ,but what is the point in being in loggerheads with your husband about your rights when he will more than give it to you if you can enter his heart as a woman who understands him fully.

Lending him a warm shoulder when he is in a problem and lifting his sagging morale will make your husband completely fixated about you. A man always feels lost when he is caught in a problem and if you aggravate it by pointing your fingers at him; he will shut his problem within himself and become morose and bewildered. If your husband thinks only of you when he is in difficulty and feels you are the only one with whom he can confidently share his feeling, and then you can be proud that you have an essential quality of a perfect wife.

Physical intimacy leads to mental intimacy also. Do not be mechanical in the bedroom and you should be able to satisfy his male needs. You should know the tricks to completely satisfy him. You should not be sweaty and be shabbily dressed and if you are like that he will be averse to be close to you and everything becomes routine and without fire. It is you who should instigate the fire in him by being neat and smelling good. A physically satisfied man is always a content husband.

The list is endless and when you get involved in being a good wife, you will understand the tricks to become your husband’s cherished partner .A man is easily satisfied when his woman takes care of him in a motherly way and controls his life, not by authority, but by ever giving love and affection.

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KoraleeP profile image

KoraleeP 5 years ago from Vernon British Columbia Canada

Hi Mathira! Welcome to Hubpages. Excellent article, great advice - love and affection is often missing in marriages because people seem to get too tied up with other less important things.

mathira profile image

mathira 5 years ago from chennai Author

Thanks Koralee! You are right. It's we who complicate relationship by demanding too much and giving less.

Brandon E Newman profile image

Brandon E Newman 5 years ago from North Texas

Where is this woman? My (ex) wife of ten years never did any of those things. She did complain a lot though. She was attractive, but that's really all that I liked about her. I grew to love her over time, and once I did, she broke my heart. It must take some degree of wealth, to land a wife that makes a man feel loved and respected. I have had too many relationships with women who pretend to not care about money and success. These women just want to be the queen in the castle for awhile. No man wants a wife who is condescending, and emasculating. Situations like you write about here require a successful provider type of husband. When both husband and wife have work related stress, they can resent each other for not doing their duty as a spouse. I WANT A WIFE LIKE THAT!

mathira profile image

mathira 5 years ago from chennai Author

Well Brandon, you cannot categorize all women as what you see woman as. It is true that women have changed a lot and it is also sad that marriages suffer because of this changed attitude of women. The financial independence of women should just give them financial security and not become a gateway to do things that destroy marriage.

simran randhawa 5 years ago

soneone who truly luves sm body wil find this hub very useful there r crtain things about which we have some misconceptions like authority and control so it gives quite clear view

mathira profile image

mathira 5 years ago from chennai Author

Thank you simran for your good comments.

LisaMarie724 profile image

LisaMarie724 5 years ago from Pittsburgh PA

I think you have a great understanding of what makes a marriage work. I agree with everything you are saying and this is a great article for someone entering marriage to read. Great hub!

mathira profile image

mathira 5 years ago from chennai Author

Lisa, marriage can be made a heaven by the input of love you give to marriage and it is sad no one takes marriage seriously.

lupine profile image

lupine 5 years ago from Southern California (USA)

Mathira, you are right about how men like to have everything done for them at home. Some women are not willing to do it because they don't want to be their husband's "maid". It's not about all the work you do, but why you do it! They need to look at it differently...if you do everything for your husband...he will be more willing to do what you want too. Please see my hub,

C.V.Rajan profile image

C.V.Rajan 4 years ago from Kerala, India

You are down to earth and practical. I liked your words: "You are of course equal and more than equal to your husband ,but what is the point in being in loggerheads with your husband about your rights when he will more than give it to you if you can enter his heart as a woman who understands him fully." - sound common sense! I only wish the present day girls understand this!

mathira profile image

mathira 4 years ago from chennai Author

Thank you C.V.Rajan.

lupine profile image

lupine 4 years ago from Southern California (USA)

If more women (and men) thought this way, relationships and marriage would be much happier and fulfilling. I also wish present day young men and women could see this. Kindness and thoughtfullness is always appreciated.

iguidenetwork profile image

iguidenetwork 4 years ago from Austin, TX

Physical beauty is just a plus factor for some men, while to many more guys it's a priority. To me, if I feel intense chemistry with a woman -- even if her beauty fades with age I will still see her as beautiful. And chemistry and compatibility are two important things if you want genuine and loving companionship, not just physical intimacy.

I like reading your blog, very interesting. :)

mathira 4 years ago

lupine, marriage is serious work and if only there is more of giving and less of asking , most marriages will succeed. Thank you for your comments.

mathira 4 years ago

iguidenetwork, you are true when you say that compatibility is very important and thank you for visiting.

Tallo Amporo profile image

Tallo Amporo 4 years ago from Indonesia

Inner Beauty is more important than physical beauty. If woman has good attitude then man will adore her

mathira profile image

mathira 4 years ago from chennai Author

You are right, Tallo Amporo.

Neha Sadana profile image

Neha Sadana 4 years ago from India

Excellent Hub Mathira!! It makes me realize what actually femininity is? I like this line the most. It is like the summary of your hub. "what is the point in being at loggerheads with your husband about your rights when he will more than give it to you if you can enter his heart as a woman who understands him fully"

Thanks for sharing this awesome hub!

mathira profile image

mathira 4 years ago from chennai Author

cleo,I am not in anyway specifying that all men are right and all women are wrong. This hub actually deals of what a man expects in his wife. I will write another hub of what woman expects from her man and in it you will find the woman's angle to marriage. Hope I will write the article soon and you might share your thoughts.Thank you for giving the knot for another hub.

Venkat 3 years ago

Hi Mathira...

I was searching something but I ended up here. But I felt like why I read this blog. Because, I always love my wife to the core and I lost my mother when I was just 18 and now I'm 33. We've married 2 yrs & 9 mths before. Everything is perfect with my wife from toe to bottom except one thing which is physical intimacy. She sleeps with me just for that few minutes, but even I've told her n number of times how to behave in bedroom, how to dress, what to do and what not to do etc., etc., Still she is in the same fashion who she was on day one. I gave counselling and even one of our close family friend also gave counselling. She listens to everything but she is not following anything. I'm tired of that. And I'm not completely satisfied by her (only on physical intimacy) at the same time I don't want to go behind other girls too. Also, when I see other girls in the road I used to think how she dressed up and all, but why se is not having interest to do so? Also, I never ask her to go out in that mmaner only inside the ofur walls that too in our bedroom. Am I wrong? Now my mind is asking me to go behind some other girl. No idea what to do.

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