True Love and Losing True Love Equals: Get Over It (Here is the Math)

The Lover's Embrace
The Lover's Embrace | Source

     So you have found your one true love. For a time everything was great, ideal. Then at some point the cracks in the porcelain (yours, or your partners) begin to show. Things aren't so great. You might find yourself bickering, yelling, fighting, but you still love each other. You hold on to that. They will change. It will get better. Things will be what they were. I will love you no matter what.
     Then you find yourself all alone. Your world is gone. You have no taste for food, it's pointless. Your best friend, at least from your point of view, is gone. If you are lucky? They didn't say, "Pretend like I am dead." As though that would smooth things over. What do you do? You never had many friends before anyway. Now the one thing that filled the void in your life, encouraged you to get out of bed, made things shine bright enough to endure, is non-existent.

You may have taken things too seriously. You may think that if they think you are worthless (at least not worth being with), and at this point you mind is causing you to think that you are worthless, since he/she isn't in this world (remember the "Pretend like I am dead" comment) therefore you shouldn't be in this world either. You think suicide may alleviate all your pain. Where do you turn when you can't trust the person closest to you? When you feel you can't trust anyone?
The Math Man, the numbers won't lie to you!

You are 1 individual in 6,928,198,253, according to the US Census.

Are you seriously telling me that you think that you found your "one true love" of all time and you will never recover? How are you to ever find love again? Take a deep breath.

You are 1 in 6,928,198,253.
The World's Land Surface is 57,510,000 Sq. miles.
That's 120.47 people per Sq. Mile

How many pseudo-relationships did you have before you met you true love? If less the 120.47 (never mind the grossness of relatives for this argument) how do you know you didn't miss someone? Someone a little better, more like you, more into you? Moving on: Let's say life expectancy is 78 years. 6,928,198,253 divided by 78 equals 88,823,054.53 That is how many people you would have to meet in a year to make sure that you didn't miss your "one true love".

88,928,198,253/365days = 243,350.834 people a day

Tell me, Does your facebook page have that many friends? Can you keep up? I am not saying love doesn't exist. I have it on good authority that it does. I once ran came across a man who had been married 65 years. Jealous, I asked him, "How did you make it through the hard times"? He said, "There weren't any!" I was furious at the thought that this man had something that I would never find. That is of course till I realized that it was bullshit. He was a farmer. There were hard times and then some. The difference was his attitude. This man took his ego out of the equation, kept working and never stopped loving. There will always be problems. If the problems get to the point that your "true love" dissolves. It probably means that you both didn't have the same concept of love. Your concepts will change with time. It doesn't mean that that person didn't love you, but it may mean that by the time that person figures out that they needed growth more than change. It may be too late, in their minds, to come home.

Go fish! Life is short. Enjoy what you have, while you have it.

There is plenty to love. The best revenge for a past relationship is to be the better than the best you have ever been. You aren't the only one to suffer a broken heart.

You aren't that special and that is a very good thing.

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HattieMattieMae profile image

HattieMattieMae 5 years ago from Limburg, Netherlands

Think the secret is you create the every moment with you partner. You get to create something negative or positive, or both of you do. It just depends on whether you want to focus on love, or anger, and if you want to have a good relationship or bad one. It seems so simple, but most of the time we always choose the negative out of habit,fears, or not ready for it, and end up sabotaging it. There are many people out there yet, ever since I discovered the internet, talked to I don't know how many guys in the last four years, but I can tell you most of them I told go take a hike. I'm sure they were nice and all, but onely found one that wasn't always thinking about negativity, arguing, cheating with other girls, and always sabotaging his own life. I think it's healthy and helpful to talk to as many of the opposite sex as you can, because you really do get a sense of what kind of person you'd like, and who is definitely not it. I can usually tell in the first 5 minutes now what a guy or girl for that matter is like why she don't get chosen. It's all in her language, her voice, her tone, how she carries herself. Vice versa you can tell the same with a man. lol I'm sorry to tell you, but even on hubpages, if you read certain peoples articles and the way they look at life, you can see there is a hint of negativity. I'm sure in moments I have the same, but if you look very carefully the story is already told if you scan through articles, blogs,open chats,instant messaging. People don't pay attention to this stuff, and I guess it depends on what your looking for. Usually if people use a lot vulgar language or sexual remarks I don't even give people the time of day. :)

Tolerable James profile image

Tolerable James 5 years ago from Indiana Author

Well aren't you a wordy birdie (meant as a compliment) I dig your tone. Thanks for the insight I can see you are a philosopher.

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