Where have all the Princesses gone- and where are all the Knights??

Once upon a time there was a little Princess. She was fair and lovely and full of dreams. She hoped to grow into a beautiful young woman. To walk in grace and compassion. To be celebrated for her delicacy and gentleness. To have her very own castle one day. But above all these things the princess wanted, she wanted a life companion to share it with. A Knight in shining armor. One with a true heart and noble character. She reveled in the thoughts of how her brave and trustworthy knight would watch over her and protect her from harm while cherishing her for her loveliness.

Now the Knight wasn't in for a raw deal at all. The Princess planned to love and adore him too. She dreamed of supporting him in all his noble battles and encouraging him in times of discouragement as well as celebrating with him in his every victory. She dreamed of making their castle a warm and welcome home where he could return to and rest after a hard day of fighting goblins and slaying dragons. She could already imagine the lovely big roast she would have waiting on the table for him when he came through the castle door. He would be her hero and she would faithfully serve him.

However as the Princess grew and discovered the land around her she realised that all was not right. Something was very wrong. The land had been turned upside- down by some mysterious curse. Th princesses no longer behaved like princesses but like Kings. They wanted their own castles and to rule over their own lands and they had chased away all the brave and noble Knights! The good valiant Knights meanwhile were baffled. They could not understand why the princesses were so angry with their best efforts to cherish and protect them. It got to the point where a Knight would not even open a castle door for a princess for fear of berating.

Despite this seeming victory on behalf of the modern Princesses they became unhappy. They no longer felt that good and honorable nights were willing to put in the effort to obtain they're trust and respect. They felt increasingly resentful and questioned why the Knights of the land no longer wanted to cherish their beauty. The knights meanwhile wondered why the Princesses no longer wanted them to show that they did cherish the princesses beauty!

The Princess in distress decided to start a journal which she would circulate through the land. She got her trusty royal carrier pigeons at the ready and started to write from her truly lovely and delicate little heart an appeal to all the beautiful Princesses and noble Knights of the land.

Gracious Princesses and brave Knights of the Land,

I dispair at what I have seen come to pass in the Land. The princesses seek what they refuse to accept. The Knights refuse to offer what they know will be rejected, and yet what the Knights truly wish to give is what the princesses truly wish to receive. Noble Knight your bravery is much needed by the fair princesses of the Land. Some Princesses will not seek your love and adoration and will instead look for the pittance they can trust because they think it is all they deserve and they are too afraid to look for more, fearing that they will have their small and fragile hearts broken. Take heart brave Knights, these maidens are not yet Princesses but there time may come. Set your hearts on a Princess who wills to serve you and to be served by you.

Consider the true Princess. She is full of grace and compassion. Her words are seasoned with truth and kindness. She is known for her goodness to the people of the land. Her heart is set on higher things- her service to the Kingdom and her one and only True King. She walks the good way and her devotion to the Lord her God is her essence and her radiance. The Princess sets her own standards and commands respect and trust because of her faithfulness to all who deserve it.

She IS looking for a noble Knight and she does want castle doors opened for her! She wants to be reassured of her loveliness and told she is beautiful in appearance and Spirit! She wants you to offer her your jacket when it's cold. She would like you to take the time to get to know about her and learn how she feels about things- especially her hopes and dreams- and every princess has them! She wants you to make the effort to spend time with her whether it's a walk along the beach or galloping over to her castle on your mighty steed just to say hi.She desires to be looked after and cherished by a brave knight who she can trust to come to her rescue!

A word to the Princesses now. Know that your are fair and lovely. Your beauty is unparalleled and you are of the finest design. Be discerning in picking your Knight. Choose the one of true and noble character The one who can always be trusted to support you and protect your fragile loveliness. Consider only the honorable Knight who knows your worth is greater than rubies and be convicted that your Spirit cannot be trusted to moral paupers, but a Knight rich in Spirit. Cast not your pearls before swine! When a brave Knight is gracious and considerate to you in all of his ways and open in his persuit, then he is indeed a noble knight. Be good to him in all your ways and be sure that you can say he is good to you in all of his.

Grace to you all my Fair Princesses and Noble Knights. Twill not be many sunrises before I write to you of this again.

Princess Grace

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katiem2 profile image

katiem2 6 years ago from I'm outta here

gracefaith, What a beauty of a hub, I LOVE IT! Thanks and Peace :)

gracefaith profile image

gracefaith 6 years ago from United Kingdom Author

Thank- you very much for your kind words and encouragement Katie. Bless you! :)


RevLady profile image

RevLady 6 years ago from Lantana, Florida

God has given you have such a wonderful creative gift. I enjoyed reading this hub. The pictures added to the flavor of the story as well. Thank you.

Forever His,

gracefaith profile image

gracefaith 6 years ago from United Kingdom Author

Thanks RevLady. Your encouragement is really edifying for me. Keep me in your prayers as I keep you in mine.

Grace and peace sister,

Fiona :)

Chaotic Chica profile image

Chaotic Chica 6 years ago

I loved this hub! Absolutely adored it! My husband (number two unfortunately) I have nicknamed my Knight in Shining Armour because he embodies what you have just written about! I am so happy to see that there are other women out there that are scratching their heads in wonder at what happened to us! Brava!

gracefaith profile image

gracefaith 6 years ago from United Kingdom Author


Thanks Chaotic Chica! Us sisters have to make a noise about these our need for Knights in shining armor as much as men need to make a noise about their need for a fair princess!

I am pleased to hear you have your Knight and I hope the 2 of you are blessed and happy together. Hope to hear from you when I write the Princesses next letter to the Land :P

Grace and peace to you,

Fiona :)

thevoice profile image

thevoice 6 years ago from carthage ill

beautiful story thanks

gracefaith profile image

gracefaith 6 years ago from United Kingdom Author

Thank- you thevoice,

Hope you keep reading the Princesses letters as they come.

Grace and peace to you,

Fiona :)

Aiysha17 profile image

Aiysha17 6 years ago from UK

Yet again fantastic Fi! I really loved it and it has such a moral to the story. It is something that every woman can utterly relate to! Fantasic job! Btw have you deleted your facebook? Coz it doesn't come up anymore hun :S


gracefaith profile image

gracefaith 6 years ago from United Kingdom Author

Hi Aiysha, hows it goin? Thanks for your kind and encouraging feedback. I honestly don't know where my writing comes from. I think God just tells me to start typing and I'm completely surprised at what comes up on the screen when I do :O

Grace indeed! I love my God :)

Yeah I gave facebook the boot as it takes up too much of my time. I still have a facebook but it will be off until exams are done at the end of June :)

I still have those books for you. Send me an email if I can meet you with them.

Grace and peace sister,

Fi :) xxx

Cat Love 6 years ago

hey- I like it :-D

Having just spent 3 days training with a large number of 16-18 year old lads I have noticed that they have a lot to learn. I was the only girl and they were incredibly crude, constantly effing and blinding and making jokes (thankfully not aimed at me) that still made me feel incredibly disturbed and degraded as a woman. Those 3 days are amongst the most unpleasant I have ever had. Men need to learn exactly what you described Fi... how to respect women and how to behave around them. The young people of today have very poor role models and I fear they will suffer for it.


Gavin Hunter 6 years ago

Hey - don't know if i should comment on this being a bloke - but here we go. I think the problem some men may say this image sounds 'idealistic' i.e the whole princess image. But my crit which i agree with on is this 'is idealism always wrong? in this case i don't think it is. Girls need to be cherish encouraged adored , built up as you say. Any guy who doesn't do that - needs to have a hard look inside themselves! But i think the biggest travesty is when you see girls who want to act up to the ladette culture who try to act like blokes, drink like blokes- that makes me so sad! Sorry for rant :(

gracefaith profile image

gracefaith 6 years ago from United Kingdom Author

Hi Gavin!

Thanks for taking the time to read this article. I appreciate some feedback from a bloke! I've actually had a lot of interest in it from guys! :P turns out every guy wants a Princess of his own I think?

Yeah it is idealist. So was Eden. So is Heaven. I don't know about others but I like to keep my eyes on that ideal! :)Christian living is always referred to as (attemtedly) ideal, and it is- an attempt at living God's way in a fallen world.

I completely agree with your views on the behaviors of women. The sad thing is, women often feel under pressure from men to be more independent and tougher. It's a difficulty I had before I became a Christian and realised I could be soft, gentle and delicate because God made me this way! :)

Please rant on more of my articles if you get a moment! I love to read it! :P

Grace and peace brother,

Fiona :)

Gavin Hunter 6 years ago

Thanks for your response. Do most guys want a princess? mostly Yes for me but also a small 'no' for me i - I couldn't be with someone who was a constant yes person to my opion that would irritate me! but you can be a princess and disagree nicely. But do i want a women who is opionated dogmatic and arrogant - that sounds a nightmare!

I find your response interesting about men making women want to become more tougher and ndependent interesting - cant say I have found that but i aint a women! - your probably right though. But i also feel there is pressure too not just from guys but pressure to conform to please other women.

Internetwriter62 profile image

Internetwriter62 6 years ago from Marco Island, Florida

That is beautiful and true Fiona, I really loved it.

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