Understanding Your Mate

Keeping the romance alive

I have to admit I don't always understand my wife. Sometimes I think I have her nailed and she throws me for a loop. But I do know how to keep her guessing on what I am going to do next when it comes to romance.

With times as these, money is a huge issue. I have found some great ways to say "I love you" without breaking the bank. I am lucky cause my wife doesn't like jewelry as much as most girls do. So I have found great ways to show my love. One way is to make a craft project for her. I have gone to the local crafting store and have gotten great ideas. Some of them are expensive and technical to put together. But if you are creative enough you can do something very cheap. Walmart used to have a great craft area that was very reasonable in price. Some of the bigger stores like Michaels are very expensive. So I usually go there and get an idea of what I want to do then look elsewhere for the supplies. 99 cent stores are the best for that.

Some of my ideas for my wife have been making a wooden photo album that I painted and glued stars on. (She loves stars) I have made photo frames with our kids in them with different shapes on the frame. There is no limit to what you can do in regards to crafts. It is very personal and takes love from you to make.

The best way to sweep them off their feet is to listen to what their favorite things are. I know my wife loves stars. So I had a star named after her. This is a great idea for a personal gift. It is under 100 dollars to do, depending on what package you get. It comes with a packet of information and a certificate that I had them put a cute saying on. This can be really cool especially if you have a telescope and you present it to her when you are out in a park looking up at the stars.

You don't have to buy things for your spouse to be romantic. Sending the kids to a relatives and cooking dinner for your spouse can be very romantic. Set up some candles, put on some soft music, dim the lights and you have the makings of a very intimate time. I have found these simple things done regulary have helped us grow together more. We have time for just us. With how we live our lives now, time is precious and we do not have much of it. So taking a break to spend with your mate is a huge investment that pays big dividends.

Time is so precious to us that we don't invest it right. We spend our time focused on ourselves instead of on our mate. Our mate should be a very high priority. It should be higher than our kids, jobs and eveything else in our lives except for our God. We were designed to be one unit. Our need to be loved is huge. Understanding that we can simply just love our mates and that could be enough to strengthen our relationship. Cuddling is an amazing time for my wife and I. We feel each other deeply and connect. The cares of the world melt away and all I have is her. It is relaxing and refreshing.

If you show your mate how important they are to you instead of how dissappointed you are the romance meter will rise. We tend to dwell on the negative sometimes and forget that we fail too. We are not perfect and need to quit thinking that we are. Look past the faults and look deep into your mate. Praising your mate instead of dergrading them will boost the meter. It will create a new being in your relationship. We all strive for exceptance and as partners sometimes we have to humble ourselves and let go of the hurts to see the beauty of our mate. We married them for a reason. We can choose every day to love them or not. Try choosing to love them and see what happens. Romance will build when we actively seek to love someone.

Love is not something that just happens. It is an emotion we actively give and receive. You choose to love your spouse. Or you choose not too. Pain will come hurt will come but what you choose to do with it will determine your romance level. Hurts make your spouse look uglier and uglier. But if you look past the hurts to the ultimate emotion of love you will over come your hurts and learn to forgive.

Forgiveness is the ultimate romantic tool. I can't count the times I have had to ask for it or give it and then the most amazing thing happens, my wife becomes so beautiful to me. She becomes my everything again. Learn this act and perfect it and you will have an amazing marriage.

Well don't have all the answers but these are things that have helped me through the years with my wife. I hope they can be a blessing to you as well. Please leave comments on what works for you so we can help others understand their mate better.

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ratcliffe07 profile image

ratcliffe07 7 years ago

this is great! You made me realize some things for sure about myself. Love is something we actively choose to receive and give.

I love receiving handmade gifts and giving handmade gifts. They are very special to me. I prefer them before any store bought things any day! Your wife is blessed :)

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