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You've obviously found the person of your dreams. Now comes the time when you want to seal the deal with the token of your undying love, but the question on your mind is, how, when, and where? Coming up with a unique idea can be a challenge, because an idea for the proposal can be complicated, because everyone's individual situation is completely different. I'm not going to go on and on about where to go, because you can just type in the phrase "Marriage Proposals" in a search engine and get linked to multiple websites with their spin on the same old ideas that other people that have rehashed over and over through the years. What I want to do is have you reflect on yourself and your partner to find the answer. What works for one person may not work for you and your loved one. This takes research and dedication. By no means should a memorable proposal be done hastily. For the perfect idea, only you will know the answer to this puzzle, so you might as well have fun with it.

So, you need a location to pop that question in memorable fashion. In order to figure out the right location, think hard of where your sweetheart has always wanted to go. Perhaps, go to a location where you first met or the location where you went on for your first date. If it was a movie theater, it wouldn't be impossible to create a romantic atmosphere, but it might be a challenge. Even though it may not be the most romantic place you want to go, YOU can make romantic if you really wanted it to be. Create an Ad spot in a local theater before a romantic movie. Of course, this idea isn't something just anyone is willing to try. You may want to stick with a more traditional setting.

To create the ideal setting, my advice to you is to postpone the proposal for a month or so out, and take this time to take notes. Carry a note pad or use the note pad feature on your trusty cell phone. Have several leading conversations with your loved one and "prob" and "prod" for info that you are looking for.

Other possible ideas; if you aren't the kind of person that does not like public attention in a theater or restaurant, try something at home that's subtle and private. For instance, send your sweetheart on a mini-treasure hunt. Send your sweetheart flowers to her/his work with a small reminder of your love and affection with an instruction to meet you somewhere. When she gets to the location, have a gift or letter waiting for her/him. Make sure the location has a receptionist or attendant that is willing to work with you on this endeavor. This is why it is so important to plan ahead. When she/her retrieves the package and opens it, have her meet you in another location and repeat. If you want to skip to the good part, instruct her/him to head home. When she/he gets home, she will open the door to a darkened room with candle lights, soft music playing, and a trail of rose pedals that leads to the bedroom or the back yard (you pick). At which point, the rose pedals lead to the box with the ring inside and maybe a candle light dinner to follow the mood. As she sees the box, surprise her and make your proposal.

If want to make your proposal at a restaurant, the most important thing to do is make reservations (at least one week in advance). Some classy restaurants may require you to make your reservation weeks in advance, but this is no trouble for you. This is a once in a life time proposal. Time is not an issue when it comes to the love of your life on the big day of your wedding proposal. If you need to locate a nice restaurant and have no idea where to start, download www.earth.google.com and perform a restaurant search. The map will pinpoint each corresponding location. Once you've found the perfect location, call and make your reservation. If money is not an issue, propose at a private resort, phone the manager. Most managers at spa resorts, museums, amusement parks, zoo's (yes, I said the zoo) will also work with you. You may not want to make a scene on the weekend due to the overcrowding, so schedule a time during the week and take the day off.

Roses seem to get to soft center of anyone. If your sweetheart loves roses, buy a rose a day and put it on her pillow every night beginning Monday and the final rose on Friday evening, but place your ring on the pillow this time. Make sure the room and the entire house is clean, so when she/he comes home, it will be a surprise. Have her/his favorite meal prepared or ordered in. Of course have as many candles as possible to set the mood.

When making your proposal, always set the mood. Don't try to only focus on the proposal. Make sure you prepare a note and talk about why you want to spend the rest of your life with her/him. Reminisce about how you felt when you first laid eyes on her/him. Maybe, write a poem to help organize your thoughts. If you aren't a poet, you don't have to be one. Just write what ever your feelings are and have been since you two met. If it's on paper, it will have more meaning once you say it out aloud. You can even take passages directly from a love song. It might be kind of cheesy, but if your loved one is a hopeless romantic, the more cheese the better. A marriage proposal doesn't have to be expensive or over dramatic as long as you both know you are meant for each other.

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BJ 7 years ago

To Tell you the truth this makes perfect sense! I am propsoing to my girlfriend of wow almost 3 years on November 30, 2008 at a resteruant in Juneau, AK. We met becuase of my sister and we are both meeting there to spend the holiday with her so I felt the trio would make it great. I have 2 music boxes one for my sister that plays Amazing Grace and the other for my hopefully soon to be fiance that play "You light up my Life!" I am going to meet her at the airport since I come a day earlier with a dozen roses and a yellow daisy (since that is her favortie flower)!

Thanks for the advice and wish me luck!


Jaramillo profile image

Jaramillo 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA Author

I am glad that my article was helpful for you. Most guys feel that they don't need any ideas or help when coming up with the perfect proposal idea, but its easy for your mind to get clouded from anxiety. It can be a stressful event and your clarity becomes, not so clear. Trust me...it happened to me when I proposed to my fiancee.

It doesn't sound like you need any luck, but just the same. Good luck! May your happiness be a lifetime with you and your bride to be (Im am certain she will say "yes").

Michele 5 years ago

I am a Marriage Proposal Planner and this was very useful advice for men. Every proposal should be unique and special.

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