Wedding Veils How To Choose

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History Of Wedding Veils

Veils have remained an important part of wedding attire for centuries and date as far back as the ancient Greeks and Romans, who used them to fend of evil spirits and demons. The thinking was that the evil spirits would not be able to get to the person behind the veil.

Remarkably in the late eighteenth century in America, veils became quite popular. Aides to George Washington had seen his step-granddaughter sitting by a lace-curtained window and had made a comment about how beautful she was. She in turn recreated the scene at her wedding by making a veil of white lace.


Selection of Veils

Veils come in many lengths, designs, and styles and normally match the color of the gown. Some may prefer a simple tiara with a short veil, others may prefer a longer length with exquisite detail or many may choose the more traditional veil. From simple and understated to extravagant and elegantly detailed, whatever you may prefer, choosing the perfect veil for that special day can be exhausting if you haven't any idea where you need to begin.

Here are a few simple tips , to make your selection of a veil a little more easier for that special day. Remember it is your wedding , your gown and you want to look absolutely dreamy when you walk down that isle.

1. Before selecting that special veil , it certainly does help if you have a 5x7 picture of the gown and or if you have already purchased the gown bring it with you so that you can try them both on at the same time.

2. When choosing your veil always take your gown into consideration as the veil is meant to compliment you and your beauty, not take away from it. With a simple gown a fancy veil would be quite complimentary. With a more detailed gown, a more simple veil is recommended as the veil will appear to be to heavy and that glow you will have will not stand out on that special day.

3. When admiring yourself in the mirror ,observe yourself in the veil , try it on in front of a full -length mirror, check yourself out from every angle. A veil may look beautiful from the front but may not compliment the backside , so pay close attention to the detail and the flow of the veil.

While veils are absolutely beautiful , do keep in mind for the woman of today, veils are always optional for the bride, as there are many other headpieces and accessories available if your choice is not a veil, don't get frustrated you will have plenty of time to make the right choice.

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HairStyles and Make-up

There is nothing like a bride who is demanding. Your hairstylist is your artist when it comes to how the hair should be worn with the veil. If an up sweep is chosen, or loose curls let her build on your beauty. He/she is the one who has gone to school to become an expert in their field not you. What you may have for a look with your veil, may not look good at all. Dark make-up and shaggy hair is not what your groom or anybody else wants to see on your special day. You are there to be complimented upon, not gossiped about!

1.Make an appointment with your hairstylist prior to your wedding day, bring with you the veil or hairpiece you have chosen, and any other jeweled accessories that you may be wearing with the gown and veil.

2.Include the 5x7 picture so that he or she may get an idea of what the gown and veil look like together.

3.Bring your own digital camera so that both of you can remember the style that you chose as well as the make-up color pallettes that blended perfectly for your special day.

4.Takes notes especially on the color pallettes as your hairsytlist and make-up artist are not psychics nor memory banks.

5.Make the appointment several weeks before the wedding reducing stress prior to the wedding day.

6. Always thank your hairstylist and make-up artist and never ever forget to leave them a tip.

A snooty bride is the worse bride to have, and believe me the entire town will end up knowing about your nasty little escapade when all is said and done. Focus on your beauty and strength, not the evil step-sister attitude.

This is your special day and your moment , organization, being prepared and timing is the key. Always allow yourself time without getting over anxious and stressed. All the cameras will be on you, on your wedding day.

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This is a good hub. You may want to look at the Veil in Eastern Cultures like India and China. It would possibly broaden the potential viewer of this great hub.

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