How to Use Cake Pillars to Create an Elegant Wedding Cake

Use Cake Pillars for Height and Elegance

 Cake Pillars add height and elegance to a cake. They can turn a 3 tier cake into a stunning tower, or be used to accentuate the top tier by creating space between it and the tiers below.

When looking for wedding cake pillars you want something that will complement your cake and its design. You need to consider the overall height of the cake - after all theres no point having a beautiful wedding cake topper atop your cake if the cake is to tall for anyone to see it.

Colour is also another factor to consider. White pillars are the traditional choice, but clear cake pillars are also available and within that sector are those pillars that can be filled, perhaps with rose petals or ribbons or even brightly coloured sweets - the possibilities are almost endless.

White Cake Pillars with Red Sugar Roses
White Cake Pillars with Red Sugar Roses

Using cake pillars gives you additional decoration space on a wedding cake which can be used to a multitude of things.

Sugar flowers are a popular decoration to put between the tiers of a cake, or how about a crystal clear bowl of rose petals, or of fairy lights to give a magical feel to the wedding.

The range of wedding cake pillars available means there is almost no end to the creative options you have available to you. Search the Internet and wedding magazines for inspiration so you can create the wedding cake of your dreams.

Wedding Cake with Silver Pillars and Glass Bowl filled with Rose Petals
Wedding Cake with Silver Pillars and Glass Bowl filled with Rose Petals

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