Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her and it's Under $50

Everyone knows Valentine's Day is on February 14th, but for many men, this occasion always seems to take them by surprise and then there's a mad scramble to get a gift like a heart pendant necklace or a chain bracelet for their lady. Inevitably, men are stumped when it comes to buying a gift for women on this day because they are faced with so many choices. They've been paying attention to playoffs and the Super Bowl instead of this special holiday for women. And this holiday is for women; I'm convinced that this holiday evolved because it's the only time that men can show their romantic side towards their loved one and it's really unfortunate because a little of that goes a long way with women. Let's face it, courtship as a skill is nowhere to be seen, so men give a little thought to courting your lady on this one day. No matter how long you've been together...especially if you've long been together, map out a strategy to show your lady some romantic loving.

Consider making reservations for dinner at a nice, not Chili's or Red Lobster or (God Forbid!) Hooters. Taker her to a romantic restaurant, the one with the candlelight and ambient lighting (that means it's slightly dark inside) and white tablecloths; this does not mean it has to be expensive or French. There are many restaurants all across this nation who have a Valentine's Day menu to make it easy for you to order. If price is a consideration, then consider setting up a romantic dinner at home and replicate the restaurant experience. Order a whole meal on take out, have a nice white tablecloth, dim the lighting, buy candlesticks and use the nice plates, cutlery, glasses, and cloth napkins, a small bouquet of flowers on the table ,and don't forget the music. Voila! A romantic, intimate setting and a nice meal for two.

Now when it comes to a gift, you should know your fair lady pretty well but if not, you can't go wrong with jewelry. I would suggest that you stick to necklaces and bracelets, it's a lot easier to put on and can go with any outfit.

When it comes to necklaces, traditional is the way to go. You want to be able to have her link the memory to the jewelry which is why heart-shaped necklaces are such popular gifts on Valentine's Day.

Bracelets don't have to be as traditional, but you still want to link the romantic heart-shaped theme to the occasion. This chain bracelet is a classic favorite.


If you are thinking of buying perfume for your girl, it's an important that you find out what her favorite scent(s) are. It shouldn't be that hard, it's what keeps you nuzzling her neck because she smells so good. If you don't know the name, just ask her while you're nuzzling her neck. Most perfumes have come in one ounce bottles and should be under $50.

Digital Frames

For a modern gift, consider getting her a digital frame filled with pictures of your times together.

Beautiful Journals

If your lady likes to keep a diary or journals (shout out to Oprah), then a beautiful notebook makes for a very thoughtful gift and needless to say, she will think of you while she is writing her most intimate thoughts.

Chocolate Rose Bouquet

If you really don't know what she likes, you can't fail to be appreciated with chocolate as a gift. These are a little bit different in that they are shaped and packaged as a bunch of red roses, something that tells her that you just didn't buy this from chocolate from the corner drug store.

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