Valentines day- How to make the romance last all year

Valentines day comes but once a year but the idea of romance in your life should last all year.

I see Valentines day as a reminder of the importance of feeling loved and valued by our partners all of the time. I was reading a blog comment recently and it the respondent rather boastfully claimed that her husband didn't need one day to be romantic when he could (note not did but could) choose any day for romance. Although I doubt the sincerity of the respondant the sentiment is correct. Below are some ideas that you can use to rekindle and remember the romance with your partner.

  • Invite them home/to a hotel for a sexy lunch date that will burn energy!
  • Write love notes and hide them where your partner is sure to find them sometime during their day eg wallet, briefcase
  • Send loving smses when ever you can
  • Take your partner out to a place you know they love but perhaps you love less e.g. a restaurant, the movies, a football game
  • Do something new with your honey eg join a class together, go walking
  • Plan a holiday together to a place you would both love to go, do some research and plan what to do when you get there.
  • Visit places from your/their childhood together to share your past
  • Celebrate the date you got together
  • Make a date night once a week/once a month
  • Plan a surprise getaway
  • Organise a massage for your partner or massage your partner
  • Produce a book of lovely things that you can do for your partner that you don't normally do eg bath the kids, make dinner, mow the lawn. Create vouchers they can cash in ( this will not work if you are not actually willing to do these things!)
  • Draw a bath with expensive or lovely bath products for your partner
  • Sincerely compliment your partner
  • Spend time with your partner doing things you enjoy together
  • Attempt to write a love letter/poem for your partner
  • Hug and kiss your partner before you leave them and when they return
  • Hold hands

To be happy you need three things Some one to love, something to do and something to look forward to.  By adding more romance to your life you might do all three:)

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faithfulpen 6 years ago

I am a sucker for romance...thanks for the tips and sharing.

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