Venus Between The Sheets - a radical Astrology of Love, Sex and Relationships

Where's the Planet Venus in Your Man's Astrological Birth Chart?

VENUS BETWEEN THE SHEETS - Love, Sex and Relationships

I’m writing this with the permission of my client of five years who I am using for the following case study. The article also looks at Venus in all natal charts. Venus is very much to do with love and sex so I’ve always enjoyed gathering information about natives relevant to this position – I do enjoy discussing people’s scandals!

Introduction Venus in Astrology

The position of Venus speaks about how we love – emotionally, physically, mentally and practically. Venus rules Taurus and Libra and this position can be a blessing . . . eventually, if the natives learn its lesson. The problem is these people, particularly the child in love (Venus in Taurus), have so much love to give – emotionally, physically, mentally and practically that some people (usually men in my experience) take savage advantage of it. This position is therefore associated with men and women who become “doormat partners” – the one’s that do everything – cook, clean, parent, earn, build, organise, etceteras - for no reward or any appreciation. In addition to this lack of reward and appreciation these natives (my studies have revealed) are often victims of domestic violence.

Take heart if you have Venus in Taurus. Once you learn your lesson and leave it behind or see the problem before it happens, you will have the knowledge of how to love – emotionally, physically, mentally and practically – including how to love yourself. You will be able to channel this knowledge into a really worthwhile life. Witness my client of five years.

Venus in Taurus natives understand and enjoy deep emotional love. For them it is never fleeting and can be sustained throughout a lifetime. They feel emotional love in waves when they recall all those who they love. How do they do this? It seems they have places somewhere in their hearts or minds, dedicated to all those they love. Their parents, children and siblings; friends, colleagues, associates, all have their place and none is ever neglected. They soon realise (unless something else in their chart conflicts this) that love is the way they care for people and treat them with respect. They have a practical approach to loving too. This can be anything from helping their children with homework to always being polite and appreciative of their bus driver – pleases and thank yous are sincere and never forgotten. They really enjoy sex with a monogamous long term partner – in bed they probably enjoy giving more than receiving.

Venus is the most beautiful planet in the sky in my opinion. My client’s eyes lit up when she recalled reciting “Twinkle, twinkle little star . . ." to the glittering night’s skyscape when she was a child. Seeing such joy is a wonderful perk in my job, particularly seeing it where once events and circumstances had conspired to banish it - but I digress. Below I have listed some key words and phrases I have come to associate with each Venus position from Aries to Pisces. I hope they will be of help to you in analysing yourself and others.

Please note: It is possible to find your Venus position, and that of your friends and associates, on most good astrology websites.

Venus in Aries

The energetic lover! I’d think the character Casanova has this position. Whether the native will be able to cope with this position is dependent on other elements of the natal chart. Sometimes they actually become bored of sex – no matter its quality. These natives need to learn to respect themselves and their sexual partners or it ca be problematic for them and many around them. If they do this they are equipped well to succeed in relationships. They actually enjoy being monogamous. If both partners shared the same Venus this would be an excellent basis for a long term, rewarding marriage.

Venus in Taurus

See my article above. Loyal, trustworthy, joyous, understanding, never neglectful of all the people they love. Capable of giving the best sex in the Milky Way!

Venus in Gemini

Love, hate relationships. These natives need to learn how not to take it out on the people they love, yet stay perfectly courteous to those they don’t even know. I’d say this position bestows beautiful faces and – if nothing conflicts in the chart which leads to overeating or under exercise – beautiful bodies too.

Venus in Cancer

Tearful lovers. You’ll notice they cry more often and more in depth at slushy, sad movies and will feel the need for such entertainment more often than other Venus positions. They really enjoy emotional love and it is great when they find a partner appreciative of their deep felt emotional love. In sex they tend to be passive and need their partner to make the first move. I’d say this position could either work really well or not take off at all in matters relating to relationships. For instance, this position with a partner with Aquarius Sun could be brilliant but it would be very unlikely.

Venus in Leo

The bedroom exhibitionist. If conflicted this could be the position of the mooners – i.e. people who like to expose themselves in public. I knew one who had taught himself to drive his automatic car with his bare arse exposed from the driver’s window. Be careful with this – “it’s not clever and it’s not funny” as they say. Obviously this can work very well for Taurus, Capricorn or Pisces Sun sign partners of this native who usually have strong visual needs and can have an unfortunate overwhelming desire for pornography. I think that most porn stars end up with problems in their lives due to their past activity – all accept this Venus position that is who could have problems in later life with an opportunity missed (as they see it).

Venus in Virgo

Everything a place and everything in its place best describes this Venus position. They will not appreciate any show of love in public. This person would never end up having sex on a park bench so that could be reassuring to some of my readers. I imagine that high achieving executive couples share this position. On Sunday mornings – their scheduled lie in day – they have breakfast in bed, listen to The Archers and then have their main sexual happening for the week during Dessert Island Discs. They will not thank you for interrupting their “window of opportunity” by ringing between 11:15 and 12:30 – they’re always finished by Just A Minute. It works very well for them.

Venus in Libra

Bingo! Venus Rules! Without taking countless lovers during the course of this research I can’t say for sure, but I have been led to believe that this is the best position for the enjoyment of all types of love and relationships. I’ve come to believe that this advantage stems from the intellectual approach of this native to all matters of the heart. They won’t be as warm as Venus in Taurus natives but they’ll be far more in control of their destiny and will never suffer fools.

Venus in Scorpio

Naughty and exciting on one hand but loyal and determined on the other. Overall good but problems could arise after the initial wooing and winning. They can be neglectful and even pursue extra marital affairs. Normally, I’d bet, the affair is never actually started – it’s more in their mind – and they will become depressed at the thought of their disloyalty. Once over this they become dependable partners and wonderful parents.

Venus in Sagittarius

Completely wild at some point in their lives. They discover sex and really go for it. This can be damaging in the wrong environment – it’s the sort of thing that rich kids can cope with but most will have problems with. This is all down to the perspective of these natives and unfortunately I don’t have sufficient research about it. (Please add a comment if this is you). It seems they end up doing some kind of penance and staying with a partner who loves them but they cannot return this feeling. Instead they turn to other means to work their penance out.

Venus in Capricorn

These are the natives who discover sex in their 40s. They can’t see what all the fuss is about up until then. I’ve seen this so often and it always cheers me up. Those marriages that seem somehow reborn, those women that improve with age, those people for whom life begins (forgive the clichés) are most likely to have this position.

Venus in Aquarius

Marry early, divorce. Marry again before 30 divorce. Marry in their 40s and sometimes divorce. This position would greatly benefit the polygamist male. They are more likely to end up single but that’s because they never learn to share. This is a shame because when they do they can have wonderful worthwhile lives full of fun and laughter. They have a problem though and this is they are afraid of people who tell them that they love them. It’s like they have a script programmed and unless their ideal partner can find it and rip it up – I don’t know how – they’ll have to find another.

Venus in Pisces

Frantic to find the one and only. This can be a sad Venus position. They seem destined to find true love and lose it through tragedy unless they realise a few things, which considering the lives they have, you’d think they would. Any planets in Pisces need to be worked out – I’m still debating why – but I see this all the time. These natives need to remember all physical life is temporary as soon as possible so they can address their belief systems and start celebrating the temporary nature of physical life. Anything Pisces needs spirituality in my experience. Another thing to remember is that tears can isolate them. I’ll be frank, people often find them tearful embarrassing, hard work or both. What is natural, particularly for those with Pisces Sun, Moon or Venus is difficult for those without these positions to understand or even relate to. Saying that, natives with this position sorted are sensitive, empathetic and good at seeing outcomes. They make the best friends for all of us.

PLEASE COMMENT: If you find this article informative or if you dismiss it out of hand please share your thoughts about it in the comments section below.

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