What It's Like To DJ A Wedding

A DJ's Point Of View

Couples taking the big leap from single to engagement to marriage take great care in planning their wedding. Couples will search high and low for the right venue, the right officiant, florist, wedding cake specialist, photographer and wedding DJ. Hours are spent researching these topics, talking to family and friends for referrals, then making a decision.

Wedding DJs take pride in seeing couples start their new lives together and join in eternal romance. But to make the big day truly special, there are some things couples can do. The reception can be made a success if the couple observes a few things.

Corral Your Dirty Dancers

The bride and groom want everyone to have a good time. But as a DJ, let it be known the music often suffers from poor planning. Set aside a distinct area for dancing. That includes room for the DJ and his equipment. The DJ's speakers should be about 5 feet away from the nearest table.

Respect Your Elders

Though it might be a joy to have your grandparents at your wedding, the reception is going to get loud. Arrange for grandparents to sit comfortably away from the speakers. Older guests will have difficulty hearing each other when trying to carry on a conversation. So, seat the younger guests closest to the speakers.

Get Multicultural

You and your spouse probably like the same music. Or, both the bride and groom can agree on a particular type of music. But remember, the wedding ceremony and reception are for the guests--why else invite them? The honeymoon is for the bride and groom. Include several different types of music to make all your guests feel welcome.

Schmooze Your Guests

As stated above, the reception is for your guests. So accommodate your guests. Don't leave early and do not rush your dinner. The dinner is when a bride and groom can mingle. Give yourselves an extra half hour or so to enjoy your meal and be able to visit each table. If you don't leave enough time or leave the reception early to get started on your honeymoon, you'll make guests feel unwelcome--particularly those that have traveled from far away.

Prepare Your Vendors

Speak with your officiant, photographer, videographer, florist and DJ a day or two before the big event. Go over your "orders" and reiterate schedule times.

With these tidbits ok knowledge regarding wedding dj preparation in hand, a little luck (and some considerable skill) your experience being the wedding dj will be one of joy, and the knowledge that you provided the soundtrack to a happy and long lasting successful union.

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April Reynolds profile image

April Reynolds 5 years ago from Arizona

Good advice! Many hurt feelings and uncomfortable situations can be avoided with these considerations!

DJBudd profile image

DJBudd 4 years ago from Gilbert, Arizona USA

I love the Video. The article was very good but more geared for the bride and groom than the DJ. Definitely worth voting up, but a title change might be nice.

Web World Watcher profile image

Web World Watcher 4 years ago Author

Thanks, I used to DJ in high school and part of college...but these days I do much less DJ'ing and much more writing (obviously)

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