I am aware of your eagerness to know- why men cheat. Before I continue, I want to assure you that I am going to be honest in every word I put down here, not minding the fact that I am a guy, and I am equally convinced that by the time you finish reading this hub, you won’t be confused again as to why men cheat.

Are you a victim of a cheating lover, husband or fiancé even when you are very sure that you have giving him your best and in most cases your all? Then wipe your tears and read this hub carefully.

A man cheating on his romantic partner, has nothing to do with the woman’s appearance (beauty), financial or social status, this is a trait which every man inherited from birth, don’t jump into conclusion yet, read on.

Men are polygamous in nature; it has nothing to do with personality. What am I trying to say? Every man or boy has the potential of cheating when in a romantic relationship with a woman, but not every man in a romantic relationship cheats, why? Read on.

Like I said earlier, men are born adventurers, always seeking for something new to explore, sometimes they even end up indulging with a woman of lower social status or even uglier than their current date (whom they are cheating on). With this in mind, you don’t need to bury yourself as a lady who falls victim to a cheating boyfriend because, it has nothing to do with you not being beautiful or whatever he may claim.

A cheating man will always find an excuse

In most situations where men are caught cheating or being rather, unfaithful to their partners, they always claim that they were lured into it or tempted as a result of the second woman’s beauty and attractiveness, but I bet you, he doesn’t really know why he did what he did. Give a cheating man a Miss Earth, he will still cheat on her, give him the most influential lady, he will equally do the same. Men have an ounce trait of a dog in them; they are ready to go to bed with anything in skirt that attracts their sexual instincts. If you wish to confirm this as a lady or a girl, try this: dress up cool and attractive, find a place where so many guys are, for the sake of your research, walk up to at least ten different guys asking them to please come make love to you that you are horny and lonely. Your result should reveal 99% of them accepting your sex offer.

On the contrary, get a cool looking guy, tell him about your research, then ask him to do just the same thing you did to the same number of women. The result should show less than 15% accepting the offer. I tried this on different locations and time, and my result was a bit similar to the above. I remember three different girls that gave me a similar response, “guy, go and get yourself a girlfriend, what you are doing will never work because I have a boyfriend that I love, and I can only do what you are asking for with him and him alone, goodbye!” while two more replied, “I am not a dog, I only do such with my man alone!”

On the other hand, none of the men the girl I used for the research approached, ever made mention of the fact that they had a girlfriend, they only went straight to ‘okay, how do we go about it’, ‘when do you actually want it’, ‘are you sure you are not up to something funny, if not, I am all yours’ etc. for Chrissake, where is their girlfriends? Have they all forgotten that they have a girl they love or what? This is the reason I told you earlier today that men act like dogs at times, when it comes to anything relating to sex.

Haven carried out the research, you don’t need to be told again that all men are cheats by nature, but remember, not all men cheat, why? I am gradually coming to it.


This is another important question that you may be compelled to ask, which I am actually going to answer in steps or numbers.

Reason number one: if you are not his dream girl

A man may cheat on you if he only came to you to while away his time, while waiting to connect with his dream woman. Why must he do such? Majority of men find it so difficult to connect with their dream woman, but they really desire the company of a female, so most end up going for the woman below their dreams and desires just to kill their loneliness while waiting to connect with their dream woman, I know that this would sound unfair to you, but that’s the truth about men. So how do you know if you are his dream woman? Watch out for his characters and actions towards you, better still, you can get a copy of my comprehensive e-book: secret exposure for single ladies at lulu.com, for more explanations on this.

Reason number two: if he lacks self-control

Every man like I said earlier is unfaithful by nature, but the reasonable and good ones reject this abnormal nature by what we call, ‘self-control’. We all are humans, with blood running through our veins, we do, I do also, come across beautiful, sexy and attractive women, all I do is appreciate God and nature for making out time to design such wonders, and that’s it, I move on with my life and business. But when a man has no self-control, he freaks out at the sight of any beautiful looking woman, and he starts imagining the odd things about her; being with her in the same bed, kissing her lips, touching her good looking body, etc, and before you know it, he is craving to have her- the chase begins. Such a man is called, a freak, and entering into a relationship with him, will only hurt you day after day until he eventually changes, God alone knows when. Make the right choice, prevention is better than cure, test before you start trusting.

Reason number three: immaturity

Most men cheat because they are yet to attain emotional and spiritual maturity. Permit me to say that some men are boys. Boys love exploring, they enjoy glancing at pretty high school girls, etc, and they are always having a hard on. When a man is still a boy, he is out for anything in skirt. So what do you do? Avoid entering into a romantic relationship with boys if you are out for something serious that may lead to marriage.

Reason number four: selfish desires

Some men have particular selfish desires they want from women: abnormal sexual demand and competence, class, lifestyle, money, etc. such men will always cheat on their partners unless they change, and it is on rare cases that a woman changed a man’s attitude towards other women.

I shall stop here for now, until then, I wish you the best of luck in your relationship with men. Watch out for ‘why do men cheat, part two’ coming very soon!

Do you believe that men are unfaithful in nature and have you been cheated before?

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Ms. Butterfly profile image

Ms. Butterfly 5 years ago

Is it based on your personal experience? :)

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@ms butterfly, whatever i wrote here, was a result of a well structured research and analysis plus, i am a guy...and i have a lot of em...you know what i mean? many were screaming at me not to publish this, even as i shared it on my facebook wall, most guys confirmed that it is true: men are adventurous in nature...but with SELF-CONTROL and discipline, it can be avoided. so what do you think? are you thinking otherwise, feel free to criticize of contribute, its a free world...by the way, thanks for reading and commenting.

Ms. Butterfly profile image

Ms. Butterfly 5 years ago

it's always very interesting to hear a man's perspective on this topic. It's good that you have published this, looking forward to part 2. Some reasons can be applied to female cheaters as well, I guess. However "adventurous" type of personality traditionally thought to be more often among men.

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@ms butterfly, yes i ventured into relationship counselling out of passion and desire to assist ladies encountering relationship challenges with men, and in doing so, i have vowed to myself to be honest without any atom of selfishness.

thanks once again for responding...i am shocked at what you said about women cheaters...i have not come to realize that to, anyway thanks for sharing. the part is still being researched.

true life 5 years ago

Found this very intresting but theres some thing you forgot a man/boy who cheats on a partner is commiting rape think about it what clean woman would have sex with a man who is sticking it in every dirty yes his dirty is not being raped because she know about the partner but if he told his partner she would say NO so he is commiting RAPE.........

Sid. profile image

Sid. 5 years ago

Wow great hub! Everything written here is true.

But there is also another thing that might make a men cheat on their lovers. That person is the woman he cheats with. We all know that a man has very strong sexual instincts ( more so then a woman) and if a woman were to dress a bit too explicit or act a bit too flirty, there is always the risk that this might slightly turn him on, therefor, if he doesn't have much selfcontol or a strong sexual personallity, forgetting half of everything ( including the fact that he has a close relationship with someone else) and then finally ending up in bed with that person.

I'm not stating that a woman is totally at fault, but only pressing on the fact that a man is weak when it comes to be being seduced in comparison to a woman.

Anyway I'll be following you in hoping to soon read your sequel to this article.

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@true life, lol...you are so funny, anyway, it may not be called rape, but its bad and horrible...thanks for contributing.

@sid, you are right, men of low self control do melt at the site of a voluptous woman or a sexy body: nude female body, etc, but thats no excuse for a man to cheat on his lover if he is prestigious...think of it. as regards the next serious, i will soon publish it too...thanks for read and finding time to contribute immensely, cheers!

Modi Venat profile image

Modi Venat 5 years ago

Good post. I think the reasons you suggest about how a man can avoid cheating are good, but here's an important consideration about finding "dream girl". Problem is that many men don't have a lot of choice (like your research showed, less then 15% of women wanted to take the sex offer from the guy). So, men naturally, jump to a relationship when it presents itself, to maintain a "continuity" of sex while continuing their exploration. Therefore, my approach has been to figure out how men can become more appealing to women, and therefore, create choice for themselves. If they have choices because they are loved by women, they are more likely to find their 'dream girl', and then not be compelled to cheat. Read my article about "Desperately Seeking Susan Men" http://hubpages.com/relationships/I-want-to-have-a... and i also suggest a blog Get a Woman to Love you http://www.womantoloveyou.com for more info on this topic.

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@modi, i went through your hub, you were absolutely right, and i also love your addition here, those are the real truth.

thanks for reading and dropping a vital point and link...thank you.

speedbird profile image

speedbird 5 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

Another reason I believe why men cheat is because they sometime feel unappreciated by their partners.

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@speedbird, you are right, but that is more of an inferiority complex...don't you think so? anyway, thanks for the wonderful contribution, thank you.

crystolite profile image

crystolite 5 years ago from Houston TX

Nice topic here.Well i think men cheat in every relationship because is in there nature to do that.That is how they created by their creator.

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@crystolite, yes men are polygamous in nature, but not all men allow this nature to rule over their relationship with women, it can be avoided through self discipline and SELF-CONTROL. Honest religious men do also overcome this nature...thank you for the great contribution, i am glad.

my boyfriend ignores me 5 years ago

why men cheat? because the girl can't give what he want..

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@my boy friend ignores me, is that what you think? of course its not necessarily why men cheat. anyway, thanks for sharing your opinion, thank you.

Sinamar 5 years ago

I Like your article. I agree with you 100%!

amymarie_5 profile image

amymarie_5 5 years ago from Chicago IL

I'm not sure I understand why men seek out relationships if the majority cheat. That said, I cannot be in a relationship. I don't trust men. I've even gone to therapy to get help with this but I still can't bring myself to be in a relationship. I am beginning to think I'm happier than my married friends. And no I'm not a man hater, just can't commit :)

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@sinamar, thanks for making out time to read through, and i am equally glad you found the information useful and meaningful, thank you.

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@amymarie, my dear there are lots of trustful men that would make you feel like a queen, i can proudly say i am one of them...please give one man a chance and see what becomes the outcome, are you telling me you want to remain single for life?? please take a chance, think about your decision again, i would have loved to communicate with you further, anyway, thanks for finding out to read and contribute.

amymarie_5 profile image

amymarie_5 5 years ago from Chicago IL

Thank you, I know in my heart you are right, but unfortunately I've been on both ends: being cheated on and then having been lead on by a married man when I was young. I've still got a lot of work to do before I start trusting again.

mojefballa profile image

mojefballa 5 years ago from Nigeria

Interesting and very informative article in here.I don't believe that men are self disciplined once it comes to issues like this because as you earlier said that they are born adventures they will always want to do that as long as it makes them taste that one they have not tasted before but one will be their judgment day for all of them.

FOREX NINJA profile image

FOREX NINJA 5 years ago

Am not of the believe that men cheat in a relationship because they are polygamous in nature but because they believe that they are the head and the stronger partner in in which the other partner has nothing to do about it.But this is total madness for there side which they actually have to do something about before the ladies will take some drastic measures which will affect them for life.

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@amymarie, okay, you are highly welcomed, i pray you work on it faster and take a better stand soon!! goodluck and thanks for responding.

@mojefballa, all said and done, there are some good men with good self-control, so it will do every lady good to investigate a guy first before saying yes i do....anyway, thanks for finding out time to read and comment, i am so glad, thank you.

@FOREX NINJA, You are somewhat right too, but they are naturally adventurers, only definite self-control and certain factors can make them stay put...but i quite understand your stand and point too, thank you for bringing out your precious time to read and contribute....i appreciate.

fearful 5 years ago

I have just found out that my husband has cheated on me throughtout our marriage.....and he has been violent . He recently hurt me when he flew into a rage when i got angry about his affairs. Something about that rage scared him and he told me about all the other times ( i thought it was a one off ) and he is behaving so differently now...he is accepting responsibility for all his actions and tells me he is sorry all the time and he is very different to what i am used to...loving and kind which he has not been but i am scared to trust. He is my true beloved one ...always has been and i will always love him no matter what. He tells me that he now knows that i am The One and that he will prove it to me for the rest of our lives. Do you think i can trust him ?. I have not seen this loving behavior in him before...he has been so callous, but i am so afraid. Please tell me what you think,,,,i am so lost.

ahostagesituation profile image

ahostagesituation 5 years ago

I like that you did this! Haven't been in this situation (that I know of), but it was a brave move. Like. All men and women have the choice to cheat. Either side can have as much booty as either side chooses, but the whole idea behind a committed relationship is the commitment. Fidelity can be really tough for some, but the action of fidelity shows the depth of your love for the one you're with. You can not, male or female, in or out of a relationship, make someone a priority who only sees you as an option. This much I know.

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@fearful, yes you can trust him if he has really realized his mistakes and ready to make things right, like he has just started, but womanizing is very addictive like narcotics, it is very difficult to completely let GO...so observe him more closely but try and renew your trust...anyway, thanks for reading and sharing your experience, thank you.

@hostagasituation, you are right, fidelity is a vital part of any true relationship, so we must strive to offer that to our partner, whether male or female...thanks for the amazing contribution...

fearful 5 years ago

Thank you...it means a lot to me to have a mans opinion.

I have told him that I will leave if it happens again and i will, not because i do not love him but because there would be no point.

I will heal and i will trust again.......and everyone makes mistakes don t they?. That s how we learn.

The pain is enormous tho. I hope someday this human family( and especially the relationships between men and women,) treat each other with respect and empathy.

Thank you so much.

Spirit Whisperer profile image

Spirit Whisperer 5 years ago from Isle of Man

Your hub has sparked plenty of reaction and this in itself is a good indication of of its quality. I do not support your beliefs but you are certainly entitled to them. The only thing I would say is that you attract what you believe so if you are looking for trouble you are certainly on the right track. Thank you for a great read.

fearful 5 years ago

@ahostagesituation. Its funny that comment you made about how we cannot make a priority of someone who only sees you as an option because thats what i told my husband a few weeks ago.

Thank you.

Rudra profile image

Rudra 5 years ago

Perhaps men are designed to cheat.

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@fearful, welcome. i quite understand you, because trust is like a broken mirror, even though we can fix the broken pieces together, we still see the cracks...just try and i pray it works out fine this time.

@spiritwhisperer, thanks for reading, and i don't its just what i believe, but a well-researched work that also spoke the minds of many...so i would say the article was not selfish...anyway, thanks for reading and contributing...

@Rudra, not absolutely, but they have such as a trait in them which can be resisted, and many disciplined men do...thanks for reading.

ahostagesituation profile image

ahostagesituation 5 years ago

Fearful, hi, I'm SJ. I know I've heard that priority thing somewhere...really hoping it wasn't facebook :-). Before I got him neutered, they used to call my dog, "Stricktly dickly" at the dogpark...he was ridiculous. I refuse to believe that a grown thinking man can not function better than an animal. Especially when I've seen to many decent men do way better. It seems cheating would really mess with a partner's head, and self-esteem, and any decent man would at least consider that. I likely could forgive a cheater, or a wife-beater...but I would do so from my place as his new platonic friend. I figure in the future I have to be able to explain my actions in life to my kids and I would never want them getting the impression that it's okay for a man to treat a woman however he would like to. Not on my watch. No one deserves to be treated like an option, certainly not you. No one. I just mentally retired from a situation that was causing me unnecessary grief, when I came to the conclusion...this fool would not fret over this if the tables were turned. And I, the worrier, am strangely peaceful about it. I hope you find peace as well.


fearful 5 years ago

Hi SJ, Thank you for your message.....and i know exactly what you mean about facebook..chortle.

Actually i don t feel so fearful now....don t feel so hopeless ....thats because i know there are people like yourself in the world.

Hope springs eternal eh?

Thank you.

Hopeful (formally known as fearful(roar) 5 years ago

Accofranco...I will try and i known he has changed cos he has never been this way before .....he seems to have woke up. I know this is the last chance tho....this far and no more .

So glad i found this site....you are a grand bunch of people.

Best wishes to you all and many many thanks.

divacratus profile image

divacratus 5 years ago from India

Excellent hub! Couldn't agree more ;) And glad that a guy himself admitted this fact. Usually they get so defensive! Way to go accofranco! :)

Terry.Hirneisen profile image

Terry.Hirneisen 5 years ago from Shenandoah Valley

"Cheat" is a charged word. I do not think man evolved to be a monogamous creature. My stallion has a favorite mare but he would not turn down other opportunities. Men are similar. I think life is more rewarding and easier when a man does remain monogamous. That is not necessarily an easy task for a young man. And I don't think anyone has the absolute answer on this. It is part of the human struggle. Our culture works best with monogamy, but exciting sex is always depicted as outside of marriage. Anyway, men "cheat" because when they are young the temptation is difficult and there are women that want to "cheat" as well. So the question might be, why do people cheat.

antoinettelew08 profile image

antoinettelew08 5 years ago from Dallas, TX

Well This is the hub I've been looking for, it is really amazing to hear a man's perspective about this issue for women find it hard to understand why the man of their life cheats.

fucsia profile image

fucsia 5 years ago

I know this is the truth. And I know also that a betrayal ( or what we common call "betrayal") non always ruins the love relationship. I think that he more important point, as you too wrote, is the maturity.

Great page!

Mamelody profile image

Mamelody 5 years ago

Its nice to hear a man's view on this subject and you're quiet right.. especially the maturity part.. that was interesting..

Good hub xx

Silvia.V 5 years ago

Hello, guys, i'm so glad to hear a man's perspective on this subject! I'm so grateful for that. I need your advice: i'm in a very long relationship, it lasts for more than 16 years, but i recently found out that my bf had other women in his life. He claim that there was no sex, but since he lied about lots of things, it's hard for me to trust him again. My heart is broken, maybe he didn't have an affair, but he sure was one step away from it. He's so defensive when i try to talk to him about all of this, he wont even admit that he liked those girls...I'd appreciate some honesty from him, i know very well what happened, i saw his mails, his photos...but he continue to deny all, saying that i'm the only one for him. So, should i believe him even though i know about the other girls, or should i leave him because he's being dishonest and a liar?! Can my love beats the hurt or my self-esteem must be bigger and stronger that my feelings? Oh, i'm so confused...

ZulemaAnn profile image

ZulemaAnn 5 years ago from Corpus Christi, Texas

Ive been with my husband 3 years and so far he has not cheated and I do not suspect him of cheating. I asked him if a he was out and a lonely horny girl came up to him asking for sex would he sleep with her his reaction... Hell Yeah! but ofcourse it ended in laughter and a just kidding... I find all this information to be true though, as all of my exes did cheat on me. But I trust my husband and really do not think he would cheat on me for any of the reasons listed other than not being his dream girl... I may be his dream girl at the moment but may not be in 5 or 10 years, who knows I just may always be (hopefully for my sake lol) Anyways... I do agree with your point of view. Guys will sleep with anything and I have come to terms with that. I am sure if a hot young girl wanted to sleep with him and he knew he would never get caught he would probably do it. If I found out I would leave his ass but then he would have to live with that for the rest of his life and he would loose his family. Anyways... great article. Its great to finaly hear the truth coming strait from a guys mind.

Packers and Movers in Mumbai 5 years ago

Hmmm.Thanks for this insight article on men.Learned much facts about men and their nature.I never knew all these facts on men.Never.

acaetnna profile image

acaetnna 5 years ago from Guildford

I found his completely fascinating, particularly as it was written from the male perspective. It always amazes me that mistresses have no understanding of this! Great hub and voting up and useful.

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@divacratus, thanks for reading and for the positive comment, thank you.

@hopeful, we are here for you...your success is our joy. i am glad you are optimistic now, thank you.

@terry, your idea also makes sense, but this particular hub is mainly written to address the reasons why men cheat in a relationship. thank you for finding out time to read through and to also contribute immensely. thank you.

@antoinettelew08, I am so glad you found the information useful, i wish you the best, thank you.

@fucsia, thanks for the encouraging statement, glad you enjoyed the hub and addition, oh yes we need maturity in every relationship.

@Mamelody, thank you, i was motivated by the passion to assist ladies encountering relationship challenges and to make life less-hectic. thanks for the contribution.

@Silvia.V, a man can be in love with a woman or a particular lady and still cheat with other women, oh yes it happens, like i said earlier in the hub, men are adventurous in nature, but they still love. you can believe the fact that he loves you, but don't believe the other fact that he didn't have an affair with those other women, he may have, but it doesn't always depict that he doesn't love you, its just a general problem with men, which they need lots of strength to overcome. and remember, you guys were far apart for a long time, that might have also played a role in his present situation, so check him out, find out if he truly loves you, if he does, move on with him, and pray for a change, he will at the set-time. read some other of my hubs and discover more about men that will help you analyze him the more. Good luck for now.

@ZulemaAnn, thanks for sharing the humorous story, i enjoyed the story, and i am glad your hubby was honest and open to you, most would lie, "honey you know i can't do that!!" don't mind them, if you doubt it, set a trap for them and you will see them get trapped...lol, anyway, thanks for the wonderful comment, i am glad you found it useful and informative, keep reading.

@Packers and Movers in Mumbai, thank you, so so glad you found the hub useful.

@acaetnna, hmmmm.....speechless, i wrote the hub with great inspiration to unveil the truth, though most of my friends said no no!! don't put this out there, what's your problem guy??...lol, finally, i did...i am so glad you guys found the hub useful, interesting, helpful and all of em....i am encouraged now to do more....thank you guys, i am so so glad with all of your contributions and comments, thank you.

mattie 5 years ago

i have been cheated by a guy i dreamt to spend my life with,two years have passed but i still think of him almost everyday.i hope your article will help me forget him

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@mattie, i am so sorry to hear that sad news, it hurts me a lot hear about ladies being heart broken, please re-organize your life again, any man that leaves you, doesn't worth sharing in your future, in fact he doesn't worth having you in the first time, so let the past go and forge ahead with life because better is not good enough for i know that your best is yet to come! thanks mattie for reading and finding out time to comment, thank you, i appreciate, good luck dear.

Sun-Girl profile image

Sun-Girl 5 years ago from Nigeria

Interesting article you actually shared in here and i so much love the way you listed your points. Yea, i totally believe with you that reason why most men cheat is lack of self control whereas some of them think is a sign of big boyism or big guy.

christalluna1124 profile image

christalluna1124 5 years ago from Dallas Texas

Excellent article. i totally agree with you. Waithing on part two.

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@Sun-girl, thanks for the comment.

@christalluna1124, thanks for commenting.....

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@Sun-girl, thanks for the comment.

@christalluna1124, thanks for commenting.....

stacy-lea 5 years ago

So everyone knows a man or men are pigs period.. A woman can satisfy morning noon and night and still they are never pleased... No woman derserves to used especially if the woman that is in there life is actually very loyall.. Men if you know your an asshole and your a whore dont waste a good womans time and goto to the the hole in the wall where u will find your match of being the whore that you are.... Women can be the same thats for sure but come on guys do you really have to screw every woman you see or drewl ... what the fuck ever... You me suck and so you all know you will one day get your karma and when you do dont freaking cry like a little b..ch cause your getting what you deserve.... Worthless Asses.....I cant stand men who are pigs and have no respect........

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@stacy-lea, i feel your pains...its nature..we can only preach for a change and let the wise hear...thanks for contributing your opinion.

frank 5 years ago

I think stacy needs help, but then again that is another issue. I want to say that I read your article, and that you are very accurate. I am am a man currently in a relationship, this would be my second relationship, was married before, not separated, but still have a great respect for my X, and "no" it was not because of infidelity, she was my first love and I was fully committed in our relationship. it was in-law issues that broke up our marriage. In my current relationship, I have cheated, and continue to cheat, I started cheating cause I felt something was missing, I got bored, I guess you could say that this is an excuse to be a dog. I am a very confident man, but now I find myself seeking more attention from the woman I am with, and I guess I feel I am not getting the attention, so I cheat, dunno ?? Anyway just wanted to share. By the way, this has made me very unhappy with myself and my life. Its been a struggle, I want to break this habit, so I am now seeking advice form a therapist... I feel my current relationship is destine for failure, and I don't think I can ever bring myself to telling my girlfriend that I have cheated more than once.. I guess I am pretty messed up..

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@Frank, thanks for reading and sticking to your name, 'frank' because you shared your experience and view frankly...no mincing words, i thank you for that.

concerning what you asked for, you truly need assistance, and i believe i can help, so feel free to get in touch with me personally anytime you are chanced. for now, i wish you all the best, try and stay away from cheating further.

apples 5 years ago

yeah some men are dogs but there are some good ones out there in the world somewhere but what makes this article even more interesting is that it is coming from a man's point of view so thank you very much for that!!!!

my question however, is what about women????!!!!

are women more skilled at cheating than men??!!


cuckholddon 5 years ago

Well--I would say that men are more likly to cheat because they are away from home-family& friends more & believe themselves smart enough to get away with it!

However--To Balance thing out a little

Women seem to be able to shut thier desirers down more effectivly& PRETEND that thier marrages are just fine!

I believe that it's rarely the FAULT of just ONE person--Rather than just complain& blame-More folks(M&F)should work at improving things at home!

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@apples, thanks for stopping by...sure women do cheat too, but their potential is low when compared to that of men. men are born with a special trait that makes them desire to have encounter with so many women besides the person they love. so they need a greater force to overpower that desire. Thanks for commenting...and @cuckholddon you are equally correct.

thanks @cuckholddon for the honest confession. i am glad you guys guys found the hub informative.

rose@41 5 years ago

i really like this article.. and i wish i read the part two.. more power to you.. i really love it.. ^_^

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@rose@417, thanks for the encouragement....i appreciate...and thanks for stopping by, glad you enjoyed it! Thank you and do pass it along.

CathyB 5 years ago

Sadly....I believe they can think with the wrong head most times. I love adventure and even as a female I could indulge, but loyalty, respect and a promised committment means more to me than 1 minute of pleasure.

Christinermt 5 years ago

I am in a long distance relationship and I have been cheated by my guy during those times. Could it be because of the distance?

naturalsolutions 5 years ago

I can't believe it this hub really elaborates the reason why men cheats in a relationship. In over all sex is the most involved thing on this. Nowadays except from men are acting like dog like what you said the ratio of men to women is 1:2 and almost 30% of the men are gays. So what is? i think women are aware on that thing.

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@cathy, thanks for the honest and open contribution...i appreciate your comment in no small measure.

@Christinermt, yes...men are greatly affected by distance, and it takes lots of work, passion and commitment for a man to be faithful to a woman staying far away from him...it is possible for a man to be faithful in that regard, but its very hard and rare. so it might be possible that he cheated because of your absence which created void and emptiness that he needed filled...and he may be using that as an excuse to make lure you away from his promiscuous lifestyle.

@naturalsolutions, hmmmm....nice thought natural...thanks for stopping by...and what do you think is the solution?

jociel 5 years ago

My fiance is distant away from me. Years before we could see each other again but never fails to communicate and check me. Were bound by faith in God that's why I know myself he never ever did cheating on me and he never will do. For us, put God in between you relationship and you will be blessed. :)

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@jociel, i am so glad to hear that...and coupled with your strong faith, that's amazing...good luck and thanks for stopping by to drop a great word...please pass the message along! Cheers!

Shailla 5 years ago

ahaha..LmAO.! Men,appearently Aren't doqs Thay Aree Humanns , duh ! LoL ....Helleh Trippinq !Probably Drunnk Or SomeThinq Like Thaat (=

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@Shailla....your so so funny...what's cropping????...lolz...

Lola Lala 5 years ago

Cheating is a choice. Everybody experiences temptation. Sin is when you give into temptation. When you cheat, you choose to sin. You can bet your life will become a mess at some point if you find yourself trapped in the devil's snare. Satan knows your weaknesses and seeks to devour you. Choose freedom in Christ and be free from this perpetual cycle of empty living. Fill your void with the Holy Spirit and be ready for a transformation. Respect yourself and honor your Creator by treating your body like the temple that it is. Amen.

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@Lola lala, thanks for the counseling comment...i hope the wise ones would strive to do as you have directed, thank you and please do pass the article to friends too. Thanks!

angel 5 years ago

hey, i really luv reading your article.It kinda inspires me.Actually recently i brokeup with my boyfriend and i find it really difficult to moveon whereas he already seems ok. i really need your help!!!

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@Angel, thanks for stopping by...but please, what's is exactly making you not able to cope with it? Is it the physical, emotional, mental attachments or what in particular please?

Till i hear from you, stay calm and remain blessed!

Cultural Industry 5 years ago

I blame it always on the Cultural Industry... clothing, music videos... etc... all equal to infidelity in my opinion... read Plato... enough said... marriage 100 years ago was from sheer necessity... raise up heirs etc... infidelity today seems more like lots of sex but ... no breeding.. meaning meaningful family relationships which last your whole lifetime... someone to care for you, just you alone ... should be the way of this world.. not so much into infidelity.. regardless of what money etc they have or material possessions.. life is really too short ...

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@Cultural Industry, honestly, you are 100% correct...all these boils down to cultural disintegration...thanks for that great reminder...thank you.

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@Cultural Industry, honestly, you are 100% correct...all these boils down to cultural disintegration...thanks for that great reminder...thank you.

Dedmoroz 5 years ago

Hi Accofranco,

Great and detailed hub, although I'm not sure you need to write the title in capitals. It's a bit hard on the eyes, expecially when reading from a computer.

Having read your hub, I remember reading an article which conducted a research on this sort of topic. Turns out women cheat just as much as men, if not more, than men.

Women are just able to hide it better

Queeen 5 years ago

I have boyfriend that break my vagnity but he have left me i dont know why pls i need your suggestion

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@Dedmoroz, i am so so sorry for late replies, i lost a bosom brother this january, and it is really weighing me down as he is yet to be buried. anyway, i quite agree with you because we all are humans born with imperfections...thanks for contributing.

@Queeen, it is so sad, i am very sorry about that. Meanwhile, you should have waited...or better still, test before you trust. anyway, since the deed has been done, all you need to do now is wipe the memory away (even though its difficult), and move on with your life. you are a virgin again the moment you accept Jesus Christ back into your life, everything in you becomes new and your past ceases to exist. so accept Jesus, accept your mistake before Him, and ask Him to give you the grace to forget, forgive and forge ahead happily again, life doesn't end after a heart break. Honestly, any guy that does that to you doesn't deserve your love or trust, and you should be thanking God for rescuing you from his hands now that it is early. cheers my dear, and see a brighter day ahead of you. Good luck and stop worrying he has achieved his desire and he is gone for real, please do accept that simple truth. Good luck dear.

hafsa 4 years ago

all the signs to tell if a man truly loves u.. my boyfriend has all that but i am still insecure in the relationship

accofranco profile image

accofranco 4 years ago from L Island Author

@hafsa, you must strive to find out why you're feeling insecure or not having trust with your boyfriend, until then....good luck for now...and thanks for dropping a word, i will be pleased to be of assistance to you. Thank you.

vidhi arya 4 years ago

Its awsome!It helped me alott! But i still have questions to ask! Will you go a Q and A round with me?? and can i add you on facebook please(please)!

shami 4 years ago

men cheat. they are biologically made that way. think of it this way - if women has sex with random person, she might have to go through pregnancy. But if a man does that, he does not have anything to lose or does not have to suffer. it all depends on individual choice. a man will cheat if he wants to, he will remain faithful if he wants to.

accofranco profile image

accofranco 4 years ago from L Island Author

@vidhi arya, glad you enjoyed the write-up, no problem as regards to asking questions, I am here at your service, and I did accepted your friend request on facebook.

@shami,hmmmm....nice comment anyway, but certain factors expose men to cheating....thanks for stopping by.

MichelleMyBelle7 4 years ago


Great article. Even though many women hate men who cheat, women cheat too! (Though honestly, few will admit that). Granted, I believe women's motives for cheating are quite different from most men, cheating is cheating no matter what sex is doing it.

That being said, I have had men cheat on me, and on the flip side, I have cheated before as well. I agree with your comment on maturity. We are creatures of sexual curiosity and adventure. What allows us to stay true to our significant other IS that self-control and maturity that others have not yet achieved.

accofranco profile image

accofranco 4 years ago from L Island Author

@MichelleMyBelle7, yeah you are very correct, maturity is all we need to stay faithful to our loved ones...thanks for the amazing contribution...cheers!

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