Watch videos or movies together being apart (online)

"How can you watch videos together being apart?", you ask. Let me introduce you to the most amazing thing ever created: the internet. Internet makes it possible to be near everyone, makes this world we live in a global village.

So, you're in a place, your partner/friend/relative is somewhere else. But you really want to see some video with them. This seems like a crazy idea, at first. But let me tell you: it's not. And it is possible. I'll tell you how.

Watch youtube clips together

  • Via Iphone/Ipad. If you both have apple devices, this app makes it possible to watch youtube clips together totally in sync.
  • Via It works basically like the facebook app, except you don't need to have facebook. So it's quicker.

Watch movies together

This is virtually more complicated than watching youtube together. Here's the option I found to make this happen:

  • Via One computer will be playing the movie live and broadcasting it. The other one will see in real time what is being broadcasted. It's a bit complicated so I suggest you to read the help guidelines on the site. You can make it interactive by calling the person or skype.
  • Via Skype. This method doesn't work too well but it can be an option if you can't set the broadcast. One computer will be playing the movie and then screen share it on skype, so the other person will be seeing it too. You need to set the microphone to stereo mix so they can hear the movie as well. The problem about this is that, in order to talk to them, you need to call them on their mobile or on another im program because skype is already in use.

So, there you have it, my ways to watch videos together being apart. This has been very useful for my long distance relationship.

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Dale Hyde profile image

Dale Hyde 5 years ago from Tropical Paradise on Planet X

Interesting and informative. I had no idea how this could be done in the various fashions you have shared in this hub! I will have to check it out for sure. I think I like the Facebook app suggestion and the one. I have Skype, but can see some complications, as you mentioned. Thanks!

Concerned Skype User 3 years ago

Hello, I've been using skype to share screens and watch dvds in the past with great success, recently however this method has failed due to the screen share showing the dvd player as an all grey box. Do you happen to know how to fix that?


m abdullah javed profile image

m abdullah javed 18 months ago

Very interesting and informative. Thanks for sharing. Alexa

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