How To Get A Girl To Like You: 5 Easy Steps

 If your trying to find out how to get a girl to like you, look no further. Girls are gorgeous, and beauty often intimidates people, but it shouldn't. In fact the most beautiful girls are often the easiest ones to get.  Why you ask? Well it's quite simple.

You have no idea how to get this girl, and neither does anyone else. Guy's are afraid to talk to her for fear of rejection. Meanwhile, the only thing she wants is a nice guy to give her the time of day. You can do that can't you? Well okay she might want more than just the time, but I think you'd be willing to give her that as well. Follow these 5 easy steps and she won't just like you, she'll be craving you.

  1. Don't be shy. Being shy can come off as being nerdy, and a chick of this caliber has no need for a nerd. That is of course unless you are filthy rich, in which case she may have a few uses for you, but nothing you'll me.
  2. Smile. Your not going to get this girl by moping around all depressed looking. This girl already has some sort of issues that she is coping with (everybody does). Do you really think she wants to start a relationship with a manic depressant and share some of his issues? I doubt it. Besides, smiling is contagious and can really brighten up her day. Don't believe me? Try smiling at a stranger and see what happens. Now that you know how to get a stranger to smile, why not use this skill to get a girl to like you?
  3. Be Yourself. You probably hear this one all the time, but it is so true. How can you possibly get a girl to like you when you are not being you. That's impossible. If you are trying to be something other than yourself, chances are she sees right through that and thinks you are fake, which is a huge turnoff for a girl. Besides if you do get this girl under false pretenses, she will see the real you very quickly, and dump you like a bad habit. All this work to get her to like you, and now she is gone. Now you deserve to be moping around with that frown, because you just let your girl slip away. Don't let that happen. She's special, and you want to keep her or else you wouldn't be asking for my advice in the first place.
  4. Be Confident. No matter how strong she may appear on the outside, a girl wants a guy who can protect her. If you can't stand tall and look this little honey in the eye while making small talk do you think she's gonna have faith in you protecting her when real danger comes? Don't confuse confidence for cockiness. I'm not saying you should act like a badass, just look her in the eye, and don't forget to smile. If you really want to be smooth and confident, tell her how pretty her eyes are or how much you like her smile.
  5. Make Your Move. Don't be nervous now, we've already dealt with that. You really like this chick, so go get her. You should already know a few things she's into, so that makes this step a piece of cake. If she's into baseball, you can say something like: hey, we should hang out and watch a game together sometime. If music is more of her thing, maybe say: I was thinking about grabbing a couple tickets for that concert next Saturday, would you be interested?

Now you've got the girl, and you better do your best to keep her. It has been said that every guy will get one "great one" in his lifetime. If you haven't heard this you should check out "The Bronx Tale"...a great man movie with a few lessons on life and love mixed in.

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quicksand profile image

quicksand 6 years ago

LOL! Conditions apply, don't they? :)

The Savvy Saver 5 years ago

I definitely agree with your advice to smile often. If you are trying to get a girl to like you, you don't want to have a sour puss on your face. A smile is a good signal of happiness and confidence. Chicks don't want to date some depressed loser who is afraid of his own shadow.

Barkley Rosehill profile image

Barkley Rosehill 5 years ago from Philadelphia Author

Josh I have to disagree with most people if that's the case. I'm not a great looking guy by any stretch, and I've had mad success with beautiful women using these tactics. I actually think it's easier done than said. It sounds like you may be lacking confidence, and that's a drag. Don't be afraid of rejection, just be yourself, be honest, and most of all confident. I think you (and she) will be pleased with the results.

patrick 5 years ago

I always am so nervous about asking a girl out, but I haven't tried this stuff yet. It's probably a good piece of advice. I'm printing it off and keeping it in my pocket to help me.

josh 4 years ago

whatch her find it

Barkley Rosehill profile image

Barkley Rosehill 4 years ago from Philadelphia Author

Congrats Cambell,

I'm glad to hear that you've sealed the deal! I'm not trying to be prudish, just wish you would have used a word other than the eff bomb. HubPages is a family friendly site, and they reserve the right to terminate me as a contributing writer if my articles are offensive to their potential audience.

Let's try using terms like made love, did the deed, went all the way, etc. But seriously I'm happy to hear that my tips helped you finally nail Holly.

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