Wedding Rings, Cake, Bride and Groom: Wedding ASCII Text Art

The ASCII Art I created for my own wedding.
The ASCII Art I created for my own wedding. | Source

Today a young couple I know were married. This Autumn I attended weddings for my brother and my little sister as well. My own wedding was... awhile ago. I'm glad to see the last wedding finished but happy to have been included and see the start of a new family for three couples.

My family weddings were for older couples, established people with homes, careers, etc. There is a different feeling to a wedding when it's younger people. Like today, the newlyweds really do look new, fresh and very young. I was still that fresh and young for my own wedding and I well remember how it felt to be a bride and a new wife. It was exciting, powerful, romantic and a bit scary to be at the start of something so big, life changing.

So I got the idea to make an ASCII art image for the new and happy couple. I haven't done one for another wedding since my own. I've got several ideas floating around in my head. When I get it done I will post it here, along with other wedding ASCII art for other happy couples to share and make use of.

Bride and Groom in a Snowglobe

Bride and Groom in ASCII Art

Wedding Rings in ASCII Art

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