How to Create the Perfect Wedding Candy Buffet

Wedding Candy Buffet

I am getting married in August, and I've decided to partake in one of the latest trends in today's weddings; the self-serve candy buffet. A candy buffet can add fun and color to your wedding reception, and bring you and your groom back to your childhood roots!

Before you begin desigining your candy buffet, an important thing to remember is that the candy buffet is an added expense and must be included in the planning of your wedding budget.

After reading a lot of articles about a great candy buffet one theme rings loud and clear, buy enough candy!! It is suggested that candy buffets work best when they are planned through the eye and not the numbers. Some articles suggest buying a certain number of ounces per guest, but the more successful candy buffets seem to be those that are planned by the size of the table and the containers that will be on the table. It is suggested to choose 5 to 10 types of candy that you want to display and purchase 15-20 pounds of each of these candies. This may seem like an overabundance of candy, but a large table overflowing with candy has a presence at your wedding and does not look like something you threw together at the last minute.

What kind of candy should you buy? Well it depends on the theme of your buffet. Do you want an all white buffet, or do you prefer that the candy buffet matches the color scheme of your wedding, or are you having a theme wedding? For example if you are having a beach theme wedding, you can serve candies from the boardwalk: saltwater taffy, caramel apples, fudge, peanut brittle. Another option is to have a retro candy buffet displaying such items as candy bracelets and necklaces on the elastic cords or the little waxed bottles filled by sugar water.

After you've decided on the types of candy that you want to display you will need to decide how you are going to display the candy. Interesting containers will change your candy buffet from ordinary to extraordinary. Use containers in different shapes and different heights. Clear containers are the best to show off your candy displays. Also use containers that are wide enough for a candy scoop to fit inside. What's the use of having cool containers if your guests can't get to the candy? A suggestion to make the whole look pop is to use displays to raise some of the containers, giving your buffet height. An old catering trick is to take a catering rack or a milk crate and turn it upside down on the table, and cover with a cloth. A finishing touch would be some flowers or candles matching your theme on the table with your candy.

Lastly, you need to think about how your guests will take the candy away from the buffet. Some brides have suggested using small cellophane bags, or classic white bags, or even take out containers matching the color theme of the wedding. Whatever type of container you use, make it fun and personalize with small stickers.

Good luck and best wishes!

Candy Buffet Examples

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RUTHIE17 8 years ago

Nice Hub--I must say that this is something I've not run into yet. Where are you from? Here in the Midwest the latest thing is a VERY small wedding cake and decorated cupcakes or cookies for the wedding guests.

Hope you have a wonderful wedding and a long and happy life together!

Decrescendo profile image

Decrescendo 8 years ago

Great food. I so want to eat something now.

stephhicks68 profile image

stephhicks68 8 years ago from Bend, Oregon

This is great - I have never heard of this concept either! You have some beautiful photos of displays. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!

In The Doghouse profile image

In The Doghouse 8 years ago from California

I have been to several weddings with a candy buffet. One of the problems you might have is if you are planning on having children attend. Unattended children seem to run a muck at the candy buffet. I do however like this idea better than the recent trend of the chocolate fountain, much less messy! Good luck with your wedding plans. Very informative HUB.

Sakari profile image

Sakari 8 years ago from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This is a cute idea! I love it! Unfortunately in Asia, candy buffets at weddings are unheard of. I'll recommend this to galpals who are about to marry =)

Katie4ever profile image

Katie4ever 8 years ago

It's so cute... You'll definitely have a wonderful wedding! I wish you the best of luck!

jaw720 8 years ago Author

Thanks for all of the wedding well wishes! I am very excited about the candy buffet. I have never been to a wedding that has one, but I have read about people having them on the knot,, etc. So I think it will be something unique for my guests to see! I am hoping to keep it a surprise from my fiancé, because he LOVES candy and I think he will be so excited to see it when he walks into our reception. I am also very excited because I should be receiving about 7 glass jars that I just ordered from e-bay!

J_Eds profile image

J_Eds 8 years ago from Blackpool

~What a good idea! My friend is getting married soon. I'll suggest it to her. Muy mouth is watering now at the sight of all those sweeties!

Decrescendo profile image

Decrescendo 8 years ago

Do you have any more to recommend?

Amy_Roberts 8 years ago

What a good idea! It looks great! Hope you have a great wedding! :)

Patty 8 years ago

I live in the Midwest (Illinois) and Candy Buffets are alive and well! I'm Patty and I own and we are booked months in advance for our candy buffets. They are truly the highlight of any of life's celebrations. People talk about them long after the event is over and they are just as popular with the adults as with the kids!

jaw720 8 years ago Author

I just had my wedding, and my candy buffet was a huge success. Everyone, young and old enjoyed the candy and thought it was such a neat idea. The cost of the candy does add up very quickly. If you are getting married after a holiday, check out the stores for clearance sales!! I also found some really good jars at T.J. Maxx and Tuesday Morning as well as Hobby Lobby!

Jim 8 years ago

We had a candy buffet at our wedding and it was a huge hit! We thought about doing it ourselves, but ended up going with a company that specializes in it. It looked amazing and my wife even had the chocolate fountain she wanted. We used a company called My Candy Buffet ( - highly recommended if you're in southern california.

Best Man Speech 8 years ago

Very nicely done hubpages. Hope everybody enjoyed your Wedding Candy Buffet a lot. as a concept it is fantastic and probably would find more and more takers. Although my site is about best man wedding speeches, I couldn't help commenting.

Penny 7 years ago

Great Idea -- My nephew had this at his wedding and it was a big hit! I'm doing one for my cousin's 25th Anniversary party. To avoid the children "running amok" we are putting ours out towards the end of the evening and people will fill pretty bags to take home.

Lisa burkez profile image

Lisa burkez 7 years ago from Mechanicsburg

I have a weding site I will be mentioning that there as this is definitely something worth trying out and I hopeful that vsiitors to my site will definitely love it .

I will definitley link to your hub for the source and let the viitiors know.

Wedding Ideas 7 years ago

I love Candy Buffets. Thanks for the tips on how much candy to buy for each container. Candy can be pretty costly if you don't find it on sale locally or can't get it online in time for your wedding.

RKM14 7 years ago

Please contact me if you are looking for wedding candy jars. I currently have 13 candy jars to get rid of. Pictures of all. Thanks!

Angela  7 years ago

The Pink orange and green candy buffet pictured above was one I set up - it was a total hit! I think every wedding can use a candy buffet! Check out for some more!

Betsy Baywatch profile image

Betsy Baywatch 7 years ago

great hub!thanks for sharing this:) I feel like a kid in a candy store!

shannon89 7 years ago

We are planning my daughters wedding and are trying to understand candy buffet she wants , first is it the dessert , the whole buffet or did you plan a meal . we are trying to work this out and still not sure .

jaw720 7 years ago Author

I had the candy buffet in place of favors. I had a cookie table, passed out cake, had a full meal, and then I just provided the candy buffet with personalized bags for the guests to take home as they please. Hope this helps.

ScrappinJess profile image

ScrappinJess 7 years ago from CA

This is such a fun idea! I've seen it at a few weddings.

Daphane 7 years ago

I love the pics, I have an awesome candy buffet display on my blog that I am sure all of you will love.

Kaden Maddox Events 7 years ago

This past weekend we planned an awesome engagement party that featured this super sheek-chic-sophisticated candy/dessert buffet. We carried a chandelier,chocolate and rasberry theme throughtout the event and the buffet and it came out awesome. We had cute little boxes with the monogram on the top for guests to take home with a cupcake and and of the sweets they liked. Check it out on my blog, it is unbelieveable. Kaden Maddox Events, Raleigh, NC

Gina Wilson 7 years ago

We just did a candy buffet for our wedding. Everyone loved it, I looked around at a ton of sites for the candy. Ended up getting the best deal using They have flat rate shipping for 10 bucks.

Gina Wilson 7 years ago

We just did a candy buffet for our wedding. Everyone loved it, I looked around at a ton of sites for the candy. Ended up getting the best deal using They have flat rate shipping for 10 bucks.

FavorsInTheCity profile image

FavorsInTheCity 7 years ago

Great Article! You have some very helpful info! I just love candy buffets!

febriedethan profile image

febriedethan 7 years ago from Indonesia

Wow..sweet candy buffets! I seldom find the candy buffets on Indonesian wedding party, but it give a bright idea to treat the guests especially for children, thank you for sharing!

Candy Girl 7 years ago

CANDY BUFFETS ROCK! The premier candy buffet & candy catering company in Southern California is Custom Candy Buffet Bars. They service Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Palm Springs, Las Vegas & Ventura County. They create the most beautiful candy buffets and wedding candy bars and candy stations.

Betty Reid profile image

Betty Reid 7 years ago from Texas

Interesting ideas. I don't think I've seen any candy at wedding receptions.

With This Favor 7 years ago

Great ideas for candy buffets! I enjoyed all the colorful photos.

Monica Gray 6 years ago

Awesome tips! I use candy buffets for many occasions... from birthday parties to baby showers... and my own upcoming wedding! ;) I have actually found to be an awesome resource for candy buffets. They let you browse by color, theme, etc. And you can't beat flat rate shipping. Hint: I also know that if you follow them on Twitter or Facebook, they sometimes release exclusive discount codes. Enjoy!

Jennifer Herweyer 6 years ago

I was just informed by my venue that the candy I use must be individually wrapped due to public health department rules, so there goes my skittles, M&M's, Jelly beans and so on as far a color goes. You can still find some candy that is individually wraped but it does take away from the overall presentation. Be sure to check with your venue before you go out and by all of your candy....

sweets in bulk 6 years ago

I love this idea. I know that no one really can't stand the seduction of candies. This is perfect for my cousin's upcoming wedding. I'll suggest this.

Amy Madigan 6 years ago

Great ideas for the Perfect Wedding Candy Buffet,I very like it.Thank you so much

Rachel Cochran 6 years ago

Couture Candy Co is an exclusive provider of customized dessert tables and chic candy buffets in Arizona . Let Couture Candy Co create something unforgettably sweet for you and your guests!

We will design a fashionable dessert table or candy buffet for any event or budget. Let us help you create the sweet soiree of the season. Find out why we're the most sought after addition for any event!

Crabtree Confectionery Ltd 6 years ago

Crabtree Confectionery provide candy buffets in the form of traditional carts and stands. We also provide personalised favours!

Best man speeches 6 years ago

Just reading about a candy buffet is making me feel like a child all over again. I have been to many weddings and never seen anything quite like this, it would be a superb addition to any wedding. (now I am off to my local candy store :)

jaw720 6 years ago Author

If you are getting married, check out one of my other hubs for a great offer to get a free canvas print of your favorite wedding photo.

Jaime 6 years ago

If you live in the New Jersey area, you should hire the candy bar girls 609-576-9498

chocolate gifts 5 years ago

my auntie will be getting married soon.. I will recommend this to her..

chocolate gifts 5 years ago


Wedding Planning Guide 5 years ago

Carefully planned wedding flowers arrangement would add elegance to the wedding even if the flower used aren’t that expensive. Great article!

Matt Bill 5 years ago

A great candy buffet can really be a focal point for a wedding reception. I work for a candy company in San Diego and the last candy buffet that we helped creat had a chocolate fountain that was decorated with guittard mint candies. They also had candy jars with rock candy and sour belts. People were swarming!!

Pete 5 years ago

Nice hub. I found a site that had these large Chocolate Champagne Bottles at They were almost full size and we also place them on each table. Our Candy buffet was all all white candy we also got from online.

Candy Buffet Candy 5 years ago

Really useful article! candy buffets can be such an amazing addition to your wedding or event. my guests loved my candy buffet and complimented me for months after the wedding. i recently did another candy buffet for my son's birthday party.

Kara 5 years ago

Scatter personalized wedding candy bars on your candy buffet table at your wedding for that extra special touch. Im sure your guests will love the custom candy wrappers and the special thank you on the back. has alot of trendy wedding candy bars for your special day!

Bill 5 years ago

I think the best candy buffet company in Chicagoland area is Fancy Candies. They have some really high end candy buffets and they were at this year's candy expo in Chicago. Check out their work.

ccorrig profile image

ccorrig 5 years ago

Very useful hub!

Futamarka 3 years ago

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Jonathan Edward 3 years ago

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