Wedding Warning Signs

Disney Weddings


Run Away!!!

Are you searching around for your dream come true? I discovered some things you have to be aware of to find a trustworthy service.

  1. Do they have a web site? If they are so perfect they don't have the time or need to have a site that can be a plus.
  2. How is their web site? Simple blog, video, and/or flash interaction?
  3. What is the focus of their mission?

First, if a service is so popular via word of mouth that they do not have time or need for a web presence this is usually a great sign. Of course it isn't a guarantee for may be they just have a huge church in a big city, captives are always the easiest sale.

So they have a web site. How does that web site make you feel? Is it super simple and seem too much like a door hanger or car flyer? Does it use every effort to show happy clients and do their best to join you team? Or, like some (a beautiful are they completely stuck on the one track of telling you how much their shit does not stink. This is a site that I recently found and was amazed that anyone would pay these boasting hypocrites. They have all the goodies on the site like videos, nice pictures, etc. But the videos are of themselves, a couple slideshows of clients, and more pictures of themselves. I know that an arrogance can be created by chest pounding from the pulpit. These guys are not spiritual team mates giving you the very best dream day. They are blatantly money grubbing asses, in any another decade they would be tent healers scamming good people.

What and were is their mission statement? Is it in the titles of the site like, "Your Dream Day come True", or is it hidden way down the page? Are the reviews prominent, or buried in the bottom edge of the site for they're so few?

As you might have guessed I am very disgusted by these arrogant people that put this business together. Why? They are on Disney's preferred list?!? I love Disney, so does my daughter. We understand that it is a huge company, but come on guys get some quality control.

Let Your Voice Cry Out

Leave a comment on your wedding disaster, or dream come true. Let others know who can be trusted to deliver great services.

As always thank you for reading my rants, I wish you all the best.


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