Wedding candles,for a cheap and beautiful effect

The Wedding Day

A Wedding day can be one of the most significant and special days in couple’s life. It symbolises the coming together of two people in the unity of marriage. Everybody wants their wedding to be as special and romantic as it possibly can be, for the money they have at their disposal. The church, or registry office can usually take care of its self and is not where the cost lies. The most expensive part of a wedding day is the reception, it can cost a great deal and there can be a lot of work involved in organising it. You have to organise seating arrangements, decorate each table with Wedding Centrepieces, the choosing of  menus as well as the general decoration of the function room or wherever you decide to have it.

Wedding Candles

Unity Candle

Wedding Candles

For me the most important part in decorating a wedding reception is Wedding Candles. As well as having their traditional roles in the reception such as the Unity Candle, used widely is the U.S.A, or the Memorial Candle they can also be part of the wedding centrepieces as well as general decoration throughout the room.

Unity Candle’s, which are often used in the U.S, are usually a white pillar candle that is lit to signify the coming together of two families or also two individuals. Two tapered candles are lit, by two elected members chosen by the bride and groom, these two candles are then used by the bride and groom to light the unity candle together. This lighting of the unity candle ceremony can take place while a song special to the couple is played. It is a custom to save the unity candle and to light it on the couples anniversary each year.

Memorial Candles are often lit at wedding receptions to symbolise the remembrance of a member or members of the family that have passed away. These candles are often placed on the same table as the unity candle and are mentioned in the ceremony as to the importance of the passed loved ones place in either family, which are now joined together.

Candle Decoration, candles at a wedding reception can make it look spectacular. Candles are always associated with romance and what better day to use this than on the wedding day. Wedding Candles can give the whole room a very elegant, romantic and warm ambience and can be visually stunning.
There are so many candles that are available now in stores, on the internet, or at any wedding suppliers. They come in an unlimited amount of shapes and sizes as well as many different types. Wedding Centrepieces can often use candles as the main design or to accentuate another piece, floating candles can be used in glass bowls filled with water and are a very special effect. Wedding candles come in an expansive range of colours and can reflect the personality of the married couple. They can also feature different finishes and shapes as well as a great deal of varying scents. They can be placed on ledges around the room, or with candelabrum, which are candleholders that can hold a group of candles. They can be used as a main centrepiece with candles of varying heights to give a visually layered look too.
The beauty of Wedding candles is that it is hard to overuse them as decoration and most importantly they are low costing for something so beautiful.

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wordscribe41 7 years ago

Well written, informative hub. I adore candles, wedding or not!

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LViddamoy 7 years ago Author

Thanks wordscribe,my first comment,i am glad you like it.

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