Weddings: How to save money by using the library!

Get free music at your library!

Your library has CDs and downloadable music. Use this instead of spending your entire paycheck with itunes.
Your library has CDs and downloadable music. Use this instead of spending your entire paycheck with itunes.

Save money for your wedding at your library!

All those library books can save you money for your wedding!
All those library books can save you money for your wedding!

How much can your library save you for your wedding expenses?

When you think of a library, maybe you think of really bad romance novels and a cranky old women loudly "whispering" to tell you to be quiet. It’s time to get that idea out of your mind and time to check out a library!

Libraries are no longer stuck in the past. You will probably be surprised at all they have to offer! While each library is different, libraries are keeping up with the times and offering more than ever. Check out some the categories below that libraries have!

Books- Of course libraries have books, but have you thought of all the different types of books they might have that can save you money? Here are some categories that apply to weddings:


Wedding Etiquette

Wedding Readings

Wedding planning


Crafts for the ceremony/reception


Decor instructions

Crafts for the bride/bridesmaids/other

Jewelry how to books

Crafts as presents





Other decorations


Large group cooking

Hor d’ourves

Candy making (favors)


Bridesmaid dresses

Flowergirl Dresses





Magazines- Ironically, one of the ways that many wedding magazines tell you how to save money for your wedding is to stop buying wedding magazines! (Talking about shooting yourself in the foot!) But I have to agree with that advice! Bridal magazines are usually $5 per issue! Go to the library and check it out for free! Other magazines that might be helpful are food magazines, home decorating magazines, and fitness magazines.

Music- Don’t want to spend a chunk of your budget in iTunes? Go check out your library’s music collection! These are just normal CDs that you can rip to your computer and then return. Think they have nothing but classical? Think again! Most libraries are keeping up with popular taste. Many libraries have wider music selections than even music stores.

Software- Some libraries have software you can check out to use on your home computer. Most libraries have computers that you can use and are loaded with great software. If you want to design your own invitations, many libraries have Microsoft Publisher ready to use. Can't figure something out? A library almost always has a few tech savvy people ready and waiting to help people. Don't ask them to do it for you, but they are usually more than willing to help you learn a few new things!

Other resources- Different libraries offer all sorts of resources. Many have eBooks, emagazines, and free downloadable music (and not just the old stuff either!). Many have classes so you can learn skills. I even heard of a library that checks out cake pans!

Don’t forget things like DVD’s and other books you might be interested in buying or renting and getting charged for!

So does the library really save you money? Consider this:

Bride’s magazine- 12 copies, $8 a copy- $96

ITunes downloads- 100 songs, 99 cents each- $99

Fitness DVDs- 4 DVDs, $20 apiece- $80

Various wedding planning books- 5 books, $25 apiece- $125

DVD’s rentals- Redbox- 20 rentals, $2 apiece- $40

Total savings: $440

I feel like this is a very small amount a library can save you. When you add in all the other benefits a library can give you, I suggest you hurry up and get to a library!

A few other notes about libraries!

Make sure you are aware of the library fines and due dates. The library is only free when you return your items on time!

If your hometown library really is sad, check out neighboring libraries. For all the benefits you receive, it pays to get a non-resident card at a great library.

Learn about Holds- Most libraries have a holding system- if a book you want is checked out, they’ll put you on a list and let you know when it is available.

Request materials- Many libraries will let you request materials if they don’t have them. Some libraries can get items very fast, and some do not have a large budget to do this. If it is something more rare or old, most libraries also participate in the Interlibrary Loan program (ILL). A library can ask other libraries from around the country (and even the world) for a material. Some libraries offer this service for free while others have a small fee for the service.

Using the library to save you money!

Have you ever thought of using the library to save money for your wedding?

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