What Burns My Goat PT XI

What Burns My Goat PT XI

I was watching the Maury show and I couldn't believe the people who were on it. These guys treat women like slaves and lock them up,put them outside in the cold in underwear,beat them. What is wrong with these jerks? Is that the way their father treated their mother ? Why do women allow themselves to be treated that way ? There are laws against that. Slavery died years ago. There was a story in the paper about a month ago where this woman ran away and hide from her husband and after talking with the police he was arrested and is waiting for trial. I think this woman was smart and brave for finally leaving and going to the police. I know this happens in other countries but this is America,land of the brave,home of the free. The guys who do this are cowards and don't deserve to be to running around free. The older I get the more I swear this world has gone crazier. There is no one in this world who deserves to be treated like that. I feel the same way about people who abuse children and animals also,they need to be locked up for life. The Police are suppose to protect the citizens but they are also guilty of abuse,like the officer who kicked a lady in the head while she was sitting on the curb handcuffed. After investigating,he was fired and charged with assault. Abusive people in this world is What Burns My Goat.

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Sandy 4 years ago

I agree dear but the women or men who are being abused need to stand up for themselves and not take it like the woman who finally left but this is also for men they dont have to take abuse from women either whether it be pyhsical or emotional or verbal especially when kids are involved.

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