What Handsome Men, guys Like To Hear. What women can tell a man that they want

by SheilaTostes
by SheilaTostes

Handsome Men are vain, perhaps a wee bit vainer than beautiful women.

When you want to approach them, know that they are already aware that they are handsome. They have been told that a million times already (most of them would have heard it from women around their own house) and hence dont need someone walking by just to tell them that.

They want to know, you notice the finer details.

They want to know you have a good choice and hence by extension they should choose you.

If you are a woman who is trying to get the attention of a handsome man, know this, he does not like to be ignored.  The pride is too much for such a rejection.  We (I am one, I should know) do not respond well to a shrug or worse a rejection.

Gone are the days when you could create in us a challenge to have you. It is not so, anymore.

So when you come to speak to a handsome man, speak to him with words that are not only kind but ring true.

Talk about the shoes, the hair, the little triceps bulging menacingly.

Tell him why you find him different than the rest and more importantly, tell him you mean it.

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Webmatron profile image

Webmatron 6 years ago from Haifa, Israel

Puh leaze...

This is really bad advice. The first thing a woman should do when she is considering speaking to a man who is conventionally handsome is consider her own SMV (sexual market value). If he considers himself higher than her, the best she'll ever be to him is a pump and dump. If she looks conventionally beautiful and has high social value, then she might have a snowball's chance of getting somewhere positive with him.

There are exceptions, but that's the general rule. She shouldn't mention his looks at all, unless she can find something wrong with him. A woman noticing something wrong with a hot guy is unusual and more likely to get his attention than flattery.

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